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  1. Extras - Ricky Gervais
  2. Deadwood is rad.
  3. The Dexter season finale
  4. Pee Wee Herman is coming back to HBO
  5. Sons of Anarchy
  6. Breaking Bad
  7. Futurama Season Five
  8. The Discovery Channel Appreciation Thread
  9. Hawaii 5-0
  10. The Family Guy Thread
  11. Wildboyz...
  12. Justified Season Two starts tonight
  13. Every season of SNL now streaming on Netflix.
  14. W...T...F...?
  15. Portlandia
  16. Another one down: Nicholas Courtney RIP
  17. Dave Alvin on Justified
  18. The Twilight Zone (Original Series)
  19. A thread about Doctor Who
  20. How much TV do you watch?
  21. Batman: The Brave And The Bold
  22. Bob's Burgers
  23. Kids In The Hall - Death Comes To Town
  24. What Are You Watching on TV?...
  25. Unfortunate Commercial Song Choices
  26. You can keep your Transformers... give me GO-BOTS!
  27. Chuck Norris And His Karate Kommandos
  28. Sitcom Inconsistencies...
  29. Seth McFarlane to bring The Flintstones back to TV in 2013
  30. Supernatural
  31. MULHOLLAND DRIVE 90-minute "Lost" Pilot!
  32. The guys behind GWAR bring you.... The Blood Vomits?
  33. Ryan Dunn from Jackass killed in car crash
  34. RIP Peter Falk
  35. Trojan Vibrations...
  36. Rare Movie Alert: Piranha 2: The Spawning (LBX) On Cable!
  37. Alien Opponent... Coming Soon on SyFy...
  39. Black Dynamite on Adult Swim
  40. The Monkees S1 & S2 coming to DVD 9/27
  41. Pee-Wee's Playhouse
  42. Wow... New Luvs Commercial...
  43. TCM October/Halloween Schedule (2011)
  44. True Blood
  45. What do you think about Ghost Shows?
  46. Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling
  47. Vote for the best :
  49. Hooray! Arrested Development is coming back!
  50. THE INVISIBLE MAN (1975 Series) Coming Soon To DVD & Blu-Ray
  51. The Official TCM Thread
  52. Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil
  53. The Official Walking Dead Thread
  54. Celebrity Deathmatch: The Knockout Collection
  55. Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon Series Hitting FOX
  56. A Christmas Carol
  57. Deal of the Day - Twilight Zone Complete Series
  58. Animal Cops/Animal Planet
  59. DARK SHADOWS TV Series Comes To DVD (Entire Series Set)
  60. Channel Rot Sets In On The Fox Movie Channel
  61. Pac-Man Season One Coming From Warner Archive!
  62. Brian Keene's GHOUL Coming To The Chiller Channel
  63. Office Spin Off - Dwight Schrute To Get His Own Show?
  64. In Search Of... coming this year?
  65. Steven Seagal's True Justice
  66. Favorite FOX Sunday Night Cartoon...
  67. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century re-released, but why?!?
  68. Hellraiser: The Series
  69. "Holliston"
  70. Emmanuelle Through Time
  71. Archer
  72. The Dexter Thread
  73. The Exorcist - Coming To A Small Screen Near You?
  74. Toonami Returns To Cartoon Network
  75. Jewel To Play June Carter Cash In Lifetime TV Movie!
  77. Walker: Texas Ranger (CBS, 1993-2001) love-in
  78. Joe Lansdale's Hap & Leonard Coming To TV?
  79. The Monster Squad & The Red Hand Gang - Complete Series DVD Sets Coming From VCI
  80. Game Of Thrones - The Complete First Season Blu-ray Set Coming From HBO 11/20/12
  81. Not a big fan of TV...Anything I NEED to see?
  82. Hannibal Coming To A Small Screen Near You!
  83. my early influences and yours?
  84. American Horror Story
  85. New Dracula TV Series Coming To NBC
  86. Creepy Commercial!
  87. Shout! Factory releasing Peter Gunn The Complete Series On DVD 10/23/2012
  88. Defenders Of The Earth - The Complete Series Coming To Blu-ray In Germany!
  89. The Transporter TV Series!?!
  90. September TV Set Releases From Mill Creek
  92. Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series pilot greenlit
  93. THE CAPE
  94. A&E Bringing The Bates Motel To TV!
  95. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe 30th Anniversary Collection
  96. Mike Judge's "The Goode Family: The Complete Series" To Be Release January 8 By Shout
  97. The NEW Munsters.....
  98. Britcoms Through the Ages
  99. Ultra Seven: The Complete Series Collector's Edition 6-DVD set hits December 11, 2012
  100. Lionsgate Releasing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Classic Series Collect
  101. Smells Like Teen Spirit - The TV Show?
  102. Image Releasing Ghost Hunters Academy On DVD 1/15/2012
  103. SHAZAM!
  104. Shout! Factory picks up MAD TV & Beetlejuice The Animated Series!
  105. New Italian DIABOLIK TV show... (Merged)
  106. Beverly Hills Cop-TV series
  107. Jackson Five: The Completed Animated Series
  108. Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove
  109. Anger Management: Season One Arriving January 8 From Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  110. Book 'em Crazy Guy: It's The Classic Detective/Cop Show Thread
  111. The Saint Coming Back To TV
  112. Shout! Factory Releasing Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot!
  113. MST3K, Joel Or Mike?
  114. Television's (Current) Hidden Treasures
  115. Twin Peaks Coming Back To TV?
  116. SNL Through the Years...
  117. Zombieland Coming To A Small Screen Near You
  118. Oliver Stone's 'Untold History of the USA'
  119. The Powerpuff Girls Are Back!
  120. Archie's TV Funnies
  121. Battlestar Galactica 2003-2009 reboot
  122. space operas
  123. CGI Thunderbirds are go!!!!!
  124. Father Ted Reissues Out In The UK?
  125. Naked City
  126. Shout! Factory To Release K9: The Complete Series 5/7/13
  127. A Haunting: The 2012 Season Debuts on DVD April 23rd from Timeless Media Group
  128. In The Flesh - The BBC Getting In On The Zombie Game?
  129. horse operas
  130. Banshee
  131. The Shout! Factory Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thread
  132. Stephen King's Under The Dome
  133. Axe Cop
  134. Five Senses Of Fear
  135. 'Ring Of Fire' Lifetime Original Movie
  136. Space: 1999
  137. AMC's Better Call Saul - Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Spin-Off
  138. Strange Paradise
  139. Rectify...
  140. Scream - The TV Series
  141. The Life After Death Project
  142. Twin Peaks Coming To Blu-ray?
  143. Shout! Factory Releasing Ultra Q: The Complete Series
  144. Plot ID thread - lil' help?
  145. From Dusk Till Dawn - The TV Series
  146. Behind The Candelabra
  147. Shout! Factory Releasing The Best Of Fridays!
  148. SNL departures, 2013 edition
  149. Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind closed doors
  150. Dolph Lundgren's Race To the Scene
  151. Mel Brooks' When Things Were Rotten
  152. Black Devil Doll - The TV Series
  153. The X-Files On Blu-ray
  154. Col. March of Scotland Yard
  155. Bruce Lee Lives Again... In A Johnny Walker Commercial?
  156. Devilman TV Series Coming To DVD From Discotek
  157. is Batman 1966 imminent?
  158. I have a lot of catching up to do. Suggestions?
  159. Barlow & Watt at the chalkboard
  160. Pee-Wee's Playhouse Coming To Blu-ray?
  161. The Avengers Emma Peel Megaset!
  162. Inspector Gadget
  163. Live Action Star Wars TV Show In The Works?
  164. Kindred: The Embraced
  165. Wanted: Dead Or Alive - Special Edition Reissue Coming From Mill Creek
  166. Dan Curtis's INTRUDERS (1992)
  167. Frank Darabont's Mob City
  168. TV Westerns
  169. The Untold History Of The United States
  170. Grimm
  171. Lionsgate Releasing Haunted History
  172. Farscape - The Complete Series
  173. Rambo TV Series In The Works?
  174. Reality Bites - The TV Series
  175. Del Toro's The Strain Trilogy
  176. Breaking Bad - The Last Season (Spoilers)
  177. Atlantis - Coming To The BBC
  178. Westworld Coming To HBO?
  179. Boardwalk Empire
  180. Fox's Sleepy Hollow
  181. The Bridge, an FX show
  182. SyFy Bringing Werewolves To TV With New Series Bitten In 2014
  183. Metástasis - Univision's Spanish Language Breaking Bad Remake!
  184. Guillermo Del Toro's Treehouse Of Horror Opening Is Awesome!
  185. Penny Dreadful
  186. Star Wars Rebels
  187. RIP Skinemax(?)
  188. SAF3 - Dolph does baywatch
  189. HBO Releasing Season One Of Vice
  190. BFI Releasing Supernatural 2-Disc Set
  191. The Gene Autry Show: The Complete Television Series on DVD 12/10/13
  192. The Returned
  193. Tales From The Darkside Returning To TV?!
  194. Cinemax Picks Up Robert Kirkman's Outcast
  195. Is Cable or Satellite Still Worth It?
  196. AMC Bringing Ennis & Dillon's Preacher To US TV?
  197. The Dain Curse
  198. The Eyes of Charles Sand (ABC_TV, 1972)
  199. Monsters: The Complete Series DVD set coming in February 2
  200. Restaurants Around The World - With Uwe Boll!
  201. Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain
  202. The Lost Years - Jesus Gets His Own TV Show As An Exorcist?
  203. The Mystery Science Theater Thread
  204. Lizzie Borden Took An Axe
  205. Shout! Factory Releasing Hill Street Blues - The Complete Series
  206. The BBC's Mark Gatiss-scripted M R James adaptation for 2013: 'The Tractate Middoth'
  207. Kino Releasing The Red Shoe Diaries
  208. BBCA's Intruders Coming Soon
  209. And now, the continuing story of PEYTON PLACE starring Dorothy Malone as Constance Ma
  210. MacGyver (mullets, duct tape, swiss army knives, oh my!)
  211. Mill Creek Reissuing The Tick - The Complete Series
  212. Rosemary's Baby
  213. Southland (2009-13)
  214. 1973 Made For TV Dracula With Jack Palance On Blu-ray In France!
  215. Lionsgate Releasing Big History 3/11/14
  216. The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Coming To DVD
  217. Anyone watching TRUE DETECTIVE
  218. Bret Easton Ellis + Rob Zombie = Manson Family TV Series?
  219. Killer Legends Coming To Chiller TV
  220. Orange Is The New Black Season One Coming From Lionsgate
  221. Mill Creek Releasing Godzilla The Complete Animated Series
  222. TV shows you didn't realise you missed...
  223. WGN's Salem
  224. Constantine - The TV Series
  225. Cosmos
  226. Television is the new books?
  227. Barbary Coast - Shatner Alert!
  228. Arrow Releasing Inspector De Luca 4/14/14
  229. CBS Brings Classic TV Comedies On Blu-ray - I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Andy Griffith
  230. Perry Mason: The Movie Collcetion Volume Two Coming From CBS
  231. Wormwood Animated Series In The Works
  232. Fargo
  233. HBO & Amazon Prime
  234. Amazing Terrible Commercials
  235. New Friday The 13th Series In The Works
  236. Anchor Bay Releasing IFC's The Birthday Boys Season One
  237. The Simpsons - Lego Episode This Sunday!
  238. Gotham
  239. The Professionals: Mk I Deluxe Edition (Network on Air site only Blu-ray)
  240. Shout! Factory Releasing Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series
  241. Out Of The Unknown Coming From The BFI
  242. The Flash
  243. V-War's Being Turned Into A TV Show
  244. STREETFIGHTER: Assassins Fist (2014)
  245. Arrow Films’ Noir label releasing Amber The Complete Series
  246. Bojack Horseman Coming To Netflix
  247. I SURVIVED (NHNZ/Lifetime, 2008-present)
  248. Twilight Zone - The 1980s Series Coming To DVD
  249. THE HITCHHIKER (HBO, 1983-91)
  250. The Knick - Cinemax