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  1. test thread
  2. test 2
  3. Off!
  4. what is rockin your fuckin ass off right now?
  5. record reviews
  6. FAB Chorus Pedal
  7. Agrippa
  8. "But, grandfather, which Manowar DVD should I get?"
  9. the continuing saga of man-love...
  10. What'd you get, music wise?
  11. Andrew Jackson Jihad
  12. Upcoming shows?
  13. What's playing?
  14. RIP: Bobby Farrell (Boney M)
  15. Umm, Ian..?
  16. Motorhead Tour Dates...
  17. Manowar usa
  18. RIP: Gerry Rafferty
  19. New releases
  20. Songs that get stuck in your head...
  21. iTunes rAnt...
  22. embarrassing songs on your mp3 player
  23. Amusing Album Covers
  24. The GREATEST Ballads and love songs ever
  25. I keep trying to hate KISS but it's not working.
  26. Gary Moore, RIP
  27. MANOWAR sells out 2nd night in Greece! A 3rd show has been added!
  28. Radiohead's Bizarre Marketing Tactics
  29. New Stryper Album, The Covering. It's Stryper, doing covers of VH, Ozzy, Sabbath & IM
  30. Slayer's Jeff Hanneman has flesh-eating disease?
  31. Favorite Hardcore Punk Bands...
  32. Marky Ramone in Boston!
  33. The free music thread!
  34. Metal Magazines of the 80s and 90s
  35. QOTSA does QOTSA
  36. Thor: The Rock Opera Coming To Theaters, DVD & Blu-ray In 2011
  37. One Song Left For the Rest of Your Life...
  38. Let's Talk About Rad Cover Songs
  39. New York Dolls...
  40. Weird and wonderful things that happen in my music career.....
  41. discuss this 80s rock video
  42. Danko Jones - animated filmmaker
  43. Meiko Kaji: A question for all you music heads!
  44. Coincidence or Divine Intervention?
  45. Rolling Stones (Top 5 Albums)
  46. More Danko Jones
  47. Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions
  48. THIN LIZZY deluxe remastered
  49. Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto
  50. Pardon my French
  51. Anyone like Can?
  52. Canadian Reggae anyone?
  53. DURAN DURAN + DAVID LYNCH = Bicycle spokes
  54. Is there a decent and free music maker out there?
  55. The Dead Milkmen - The King In Yellow
  56. The Cramps - The Human Fly Film
  57. RIP Scott Columbus!
  58. Awesome promo spot for the new Beastie Boys album...
  59. NXNE.....Canada RULES
  60. Caledonia
  61. Smpkey and tHE Bandit sound bytes
  62. New album from Swinging Utters, streaming free
  63. Fans of The Dwarves, check this out.
  64. TWISTED SISTER's debut gets the deluxe treatment
  65. Me First And the Gimme Gimmes...
  66. RUSH - The ULTIMATE Thread
  67. Megadeth Holy Wars...Punishment Due
  68. Tolch is gonna need to take out a loan
  69. Adny Shernoff's new track...
  70. Fancy new Queen CD reissues
  71. Rock as food (not rock-ass food)
  72. Just in Case You've Got 12 Minutes....
  73. Black Flag's "Drinking & Driving"
  74. Seth Putnam, RIP
  75. Clarence Clemmons, stroke victim and...wizard?
  77. Ross the Boss
  78. Hank III releasing four new albums in September.
  79. Barry J. Gillis' On The Road To Sadness
  80. Boney M Vs. Jose Feliciano - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
  81. My friends are playing tonite at Jovita's
  82. New candidate for Worst Song of All Time?
  83. 1991 The Year Punk Broke Coming To DVD 9/6/11
  84. Queens of the Stone Age
  85. Jani Lane of Warrant Dead at 47
  86. New Misfits Album In October...
  87. Rhino handmade Twisted sister for all you headbangerz!
  88. Hooray, Black Sabbath are getting back together! Oh wait, no they're not. Huh?
  89. New Tom Waits album, Bad As Me, due 10/25
  90. Eurodisco/Eurodance
  91. New Primus album Green Naugahyde
  92. Dee Dee King - Standing In The Spotlight
  93. Good songs ruined by singing
  94. School me on IRON MAIDEN!
  95. Mike Patton's Mondo Cane
  96. Make this sure :
  97. Stevie Wonder is fucking amazing live
  98. JES At Lovevolution 2011, anyone going?
  100. Record collecting
  101. FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) Soundtrack (Brad Fiedel's score) Gets "Official" Release
  102. Bizzaro Celebrity Albums!
  103. Substance Abuse feat. Tash (Tha Liks) Video "Don't Get Us Wrong" (HIP-HOP)
  104. RIP Heavy D...
  105. Worship At The Temple Of... The Cramps! (or the official R!S!P! Cramps Thread)
  106. Billy Corgan has started a wrestling league?
  107. Fugazi Live Series Launches‏
  108. Grinderman to grind no more!
  109. FEAR to re-record The Record?
  110. New Old Poison Idea stuff coming in 2012
  111. Beach Boys 50th Anniversay Tour & Releases
  112. David Byrne's Installation
  113. Van Halen Reunion Tour in 2012?
  114. 700 Thin Lizzy Tracks Found!!
  115. Motorhead Vodka?
  116. Pulp playing some US dates in 2012
  117. Bad Brains - Band In DC Documentary to premiere at SXSW
  118. Mackie DL 1608 promotional video
  119. Steve Thunderbolt wants you to join his band!
  120. Profundo Rappo!
  121. Some new recordings on my blogspot
  122. Kraftwerk NYC Residency
  123. New Melvins Album - Freak Puke - coming 6/5/12 & some weird singles too!
  124. "YA KNOW?" Unreleased Joey Ramone demos out in May
  125. My son's rock band
  126. Davy Jones of the Monkees Dead at 66
  127. Kelly Clarkson
  128. YDB's 'Son' Trailer
  129. Street Dogs...
  130. Shane MacGowan got his teeth fixed!
  131. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Reissues, Reform for 2 Shows
  132. My Bloody Valentine Fancy Reissues Coming Soon
  133. Thee Gravemen
  134. Songs that get stuck in your head that you can't stop humming...
  135. David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time Video
  136. Pussy Galore Reissues Coming Soon!
  137. The Decibel Magazine Tour!
  138. Support Brooklyn Hardcore!
  139. Our New Album
  140. Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment coming 6/13/2012
  141. RIP Adam Yach
  142. The Danzig Thread
  143. RIP Donald "Duck" Dunn
  144. RIP Donna Summer
  145. Is this one of the seven signs of the end of the world?
  146. Metal Church Backyard Super Jam!
  147. Second round of Nick Cave reissues coming...
  148. Lamb Of God Vocalist Randy Blythe Charged With Manslaughter!
  149. Suede (or London Suede if you prefer) releasing a new album
  150. Cro-Mags' Harley Flanagan Arrested For Stabbing Mike Couls
  151. Freddy Mercury's The Great Pretender Coming to DVD/Blu-ray
  152. Gravediggaz
  153. RIP Jon Lord
  154. Circle Jerks Documentary My Career As A Jerk Coming To DVD 9/25/2012
  155. Triptykon- Triumph of Death Live
  156. Huge Metal Sale At Import CDS
  157. Columbia Releasing a Giant Johnny Cash Boxed Set In October!
  158. Firewater: International Orange
  159. Albums of the year (so far)?
  160. Gainsbourg By Gainsbourg: An Intimate Self Portrait
  161. New Charles Manson Album Out!
  162. The Swans - The Seer
  163. Dr. Know/ Kyle Toucher
  164. THE BOUNTY KILLER (1967) soundtrack
  165. The Replacements - Color Me Obsessed Coming To DVD 11/20/12
  166. Zac Bagans & The Lords Of Acid To Team Up For... NecroFusion!
  167. spooky horror film scores
  168. These punker rockers need to cool it!
  169. xxx ALL AGES xxx The Boston Hardcore Film
  170. a question for dead experts
  171. G.B.H. Live 1983
  172. Goblin - Awakening limited 6CD boxset
  173. A lost HM classic gets a reissue this month!
  174. Iggy & the Stooges @ ACL
  175. Monstrous Movie Music
  176. stop listening
  177. films with no score
  178. My Spaghetti/Surf/Horror/Prog-Sploitation Musical Project...
  179. have you heard this?
  180. U.S. goregrind band, BLOOD FREAK! (yes they're named after the movie)
  181. Music For Haunting Houses...
  182. Happy Halloween - Free Spooky Tune!
  183. New Motorhead Album For 2013
  184. Forgotten Rebels Tribute Album Coming Soon!
  185. Vintage Guitar Magazine's Review of My Latest CD!
  186. Lee Hazlewood - Trouble Is A Lonesome Town Coming From Light In The Attic
  187. INXS stop touring after 35 years..
  188. THOR: New Album 'Thunderstryke' To Be Released Next Week - Nov. 14, 2012
  189. Embarassing Metal Bands You Love!
  190. Bikini Kill to reissue early stuff.
  191. Teenage Head!
  192. Shout! Factory releasing new Pogues compilation!
  193. Embarrassing AOR that you love.
  194. WTF moments from bands you like
  195. The Pogues In Paris 30th Anniversary Concert At The Olympia CD, DVD & Blu!
  196. Musical Collaborations Good and Bad
  197. Vicious Circle, is this a rock song?
  198. Mike Scaccia, Ministry guitarist, dies at 47
  199. The Most Limited of Limited Editions
  200. Power Ballads - Who Loves Them?
  201. Bad Religion - True North 1/22/13
  202. I'm Now: The Story Of Mudhoney Documentary Coming To DVD
  203. Our Lips Are Sealed - A Tribute to THE GO GO's Coming Soon!
  204. Black Flag Reunion(s)
  205. The Stooges - Ready To Die (New Album!)
  206. Collectors Music Reviews
  207. New Guitar Wolf - Yaju Vibrator - Due 3/6/13
  208. Here's Your Chance to Own a Piece of Joey Ramone.
  209. Don't Stop Believin' - Everyman's Journey
  210. Wu-Tang Clan / Hip-Hop Thread
  211. The Marble Index
  212. Ron Asheton Tribute Concert with Iggy & the Stooges on DVD 6/4
  213. Dave Lombardo Vs. SLAYER!
  214. Eazy-E - Ruthless Memories Documentary
  215. New David Bowie - The Next Day
  216. A Band Called Death Coming From Drafthouse Films
  217. Death To All Touring In 2013
  218. A valuable lesson about life & death from Boondox
  219. Eagle Vision Remastering Dio's Finding The Sacred Heart
  220. RIP Stompin' Tom Connors
  221. Clutch - Earth Rocker
  222. American Juggalo
  223. Jokerman
  224. Stairway to Heaven
  225. The Devil Got My Woman
  226. Rest in Peace Clive Burr
  227. The Mojo Manifesto - A Documentary about Mojo Nixon
  228. Jason Molina apparently dead
  229. Guitar Wolf headphones
  230. Light In The Attic Reissuing PIL'S First Issue
  231. Richie Sambora Quits Bon Jovi!
  232. Steven Seagal Signature Acoustic Guitar!
  233. New Pixies Album In The Works?
  234. Shane Meadows- Stone Roses Doc.
  235. Judas Priest - Epitaph
  236. Leftover Crack - The Passion Of The Crust
  237. David Yow's Solo Album - Tonight You Look Like a Spider
  238. R.I.P. George Jones
  239. KRISS KROSS'll make ya.....RIP
  240. RIP Jeff Hanneman
  241. Eazy E and Ol' Dirty Bastard Are Back!
  242. FILMAGE: The Story of the Descendents/ ALL
  243. Phil Chevron's Cancer Returns
  244. Riot Fest 2013
  245. RIP Ray Manzarek
  246. Really Big Clash Boxed Set In The Works
  247. New Oblivians Album - Desperation
  248. Christopher Lee - Charlemagne: The Omens of Death
  249. Corey Feldman & Limp Bizkit - Together At Last!
  250. David Lee Roth - Assassin!