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  1. Tony Scott RIP
  2. Basic Instinct
  3. Lawless (2012) Looks Pretty Rad.
  5. VIDEODROME Remake/ Update
  6. The Expendables 2
  7. Passion... New Film From Brian De Palma
  8. James Franco's Cruising - Interior. Leather Bar
  9. Total Film's 50 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Films Of All Time
  10. New MGM double features from TGG Direct
  11. The Iceman (2013?)
  12. BOUND
  13. BFI to release Julien Temple's London: The Modern Babylon on DVD in October
  14. Making of Psycho Documentary
  15. Bad Movie film school
  16. Thoughts on SITTING TARGET and VILLAIN?
  17. Better red than dead? Or live free or die? The communist/anti-communist films thread!
  18. Hardcore Logo/Hardcore Logo 2 Blu-ray Release 11/20/2012
  19. Get The Gringo
  20. Tarantino XX Boxed Set Coming From Lionsgate
  21. MANIMAL to get big screen treatment!
  22. James Gunn Re-Writing / Directing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
  23. Chan-wook Park's Stoker
  24. The Artsploitation Films Thread
  25. Hugh Jackman And His Abs Are... The Wolverine!
  26. THE MUMMY reboot
  27. Second Sight Releasing Walter Hill's Southern Comfort On DVD/Blu-ray 11/26/2012
  28. Van Damme In... Six Bullets
  29. R.I.P. Herbert Lom
  30. October & November Double Feature Blu-rays and Quadruple Feature DVD From Mill Creek!
  31. BFI Releasing Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
  32. Warner Brothers 90th Anniversary Catalogue Releases
  33. HBO Releasing Game Change On DVD/Blu-ray 1/8/13
  34. Cape Fear (1962) Coming To Blu-ray 1/8/13
  35. LOOPER
  36. Killing Them Softly
  37. Steven Seagal Knows EVERYTHING.
  38. Comic Book Confidential: 20th Anniversary Edition Coming To Blu-ray 12/4/12
  39. "Rabid Tory Gun Porn"
  40. Documentaries (Merged)
  41. help identify a film
  42. I'm done apologizing for liking Roger Moore!
  43. PARKER - Jason Statham as Stark's antihero 2013
  44. LEGEND OF CONAN....with ARNIE!!!
  45. BFI Releasing Polanski's Tess On Blu-ray In 2013
  46. Disney Buys Lucasfilm - New Star Wars Film Announced
  47. Most Satisfying Instance Of Cinematic Comeuppance?
  48. BFI Releasing Fairy Tales - Early Color Stencil Films From Pathé
  49. Sony Releasing West Of Memphis
  50. RIP Mac Ahlberg
  51. Because YOU demanded it... CASABLANCA 2!
  52. A small SORCERER update
  53. EXPENDABLES 3....already moving forward?
  54. Mill Creek Blu-Ray Titles at Dollar Tree
  55. Cronenberg's Maps To The Stars (merged)
  56. Yes indeed it is time for the EDWARD WOODWARD thread!
  57. Source for Swedish DVD's?
  58. Sam Raimi Goes Disney! The Great And Powerful OZ
  59. New York City street films
  60. The Warner Archive Blu-ray/DVD Thread
  61. The Best Film Noirs Ever Made and My Top 30 Noirs Are the Same
  62. The Package starring Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren Coming From Anchor Bay!
  63. Harry Nilsson's The Point Re-Released On Special Edition DVD By MVD
  64. Best apocalypse movies
  65. Is Nu Image the new Canon Films?
  66. Tommy Pistol Takes On Two Mainstream Projects!
  67. Cinematic What If's?
  68. Exterminator 2 (Mark Buntzman, 1984) uncut DVD
  69. Do Horror films open us to other cultures and experiences?
  70. Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim
  71. Charlize Theron In... Sympathy For Lady Vengeance?
  72. Lossy Audio Track Dealbreakers?
  73. The Terminator Movies
  74. That new 'integral' cut of Leone's ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (Merged)
  75. Bleak! Who else loves a black-hearted flick with a cup of nihilism that runneth over?
  76. The Die Hard Movies
  77. BFI Releasing From The Sea To The Land Beyond
  78. Post random pics of what is on your tv.
  79. Clerks 3??....NOOOOoooooo!!!!!
  80. Denzel Washington + Nicolas Winding Refn = THE EQUALIZER!!
  81. OBLIVION: Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski.
  82. BBFC is to adjust sexual and sadistic violence policy
  83. M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth
  84. DUEL - original 1971 TV edit?
  85. observations on SKYFALL -- spoilers
  86. The Deadly Companions
  87. LAST DAYS HERE - Pentagram/Bobby Liebling Documentary
  88. Vin Diesel is... KOJAK?
  89. Godzilla 2014 & Godzilla: King Of The Monsters
  90. The World's End (Edgar Wright)
  91. British Crime Film Suggestions?
  92. Go on THE ASYLUM...Fight!
  93. dvd savant's Best Discs of 2012
  94. Westerns -- classic American
  95. Films that are still absent on DVD
  96. German Cassavetes Blu-ray boxed set: too cheap to be true?
  97. Bob Mitchum in Hi-Def: Robert Parrish's THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY (1959) coming to BD
  98. Ben Hur 2 / Remake
  99. Fox Catalogue Titles On Blu-ray - Voice Your Choice
  100. Jerry Lewis Is Back In... Max Rose!
  101. Small Apartments - Dolph Lundgren & Billy Crystal, together at last!
  102. In Time (2012)
  103. Now it's GREMLINS Remake / Reboot time!
  104. The Canyons (2013) Paul Schrader
  105. The mainstream studios are getting lazier and lazier
  106. Happy Valley - Pacino And De Palma Take On The Joe Paterno Story!
  107. So who actually still goes to the cinema?
  108. Gross-Out Comedy of the '70s and '80s
  109. Inside Llewyn Davis - New Coen Brothers Movie!
  110. digital projection VS film projection
  111. digital capture VS film capture
  112. Echo Bridge Releasing Bounty Hunters (DUDIKOFF ALERT!)
  113. Echo Bridge Releasing Fortress 5/7/2013
  115. END OF WATCH (2012) David Ayer
  116. Cronenberg To Star In Adaptation Of DeLillo's Body Art
  117. El Gringo - DTV Action with Scott Adkins and Christian Slater
  118. Joshua Tree/Army Of One
  119. BFI Releasing Roman Polanski's Tess on DVD/Blu-ray 3/18/13
  120. Ralph Bakshi's The Last Days Of Coney Island
  121. Rewind This!
  122. Al Pacino Is Phil Spector
  123. COMPLIANCE (2012)
  124. VCI's Spring Break Film Festival - Vintage Sex Comedy Madness!
  125. Room 237 - Documentary On Kubrick's The Shining
  126. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson Kicking People In The Face!
  127. Eric Roberts Is... A Talking Cat.
  128. Idem Paris - David Lynch Made A Short Film About A Lithograph
  129. Some things just have to be shared!
  130. Danny Boyle's Trance
  131. BBC America Releasing Alice In Wonderland (86) & Alice Through The Looking Glass (73)
  132. David Lynch on Blu?
  133. DR. NO (1962) 3-D conversion tested in Taiwan
  134. Some News On The Death Wish Remake...
  135. Mad Max Trilogy Coming To Blu-ray
  136. Thunderbeam Classic Animation
  137. Ben Wheatley's SIGHTSEERS (2012)
  138. Ninja III The Domination Coming To Blu-ray From Shout! Factory
  139. Cashtown Corners
  140. Second Sight Releasing Walter Hill's Long Riders On Blu-ray 5/13/13
  141. Steven Soderbergh's retirement.
  142. Enter The Dragon 40th Anniversary Edition Coming 6/11/13
  143. Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story Of 007
  144. No Retreat No Surrender Coming To Australian Blu-ray
  145. Hangover Part 3
  146. The Cheech & Chong Thread
  147. Best of the Best: Without Warning
  148. Electra Glide In Blue
  149. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.
  150. Gangster Squad
  151. Whats the most cringeworthy most embarassingly bad film you have ever seen?
  152. Trainspotting 2
  153. Warner Releasing Classic & Contemporary Gangster Movies On Blu-ray 5/21/13
  154. That Thing You Do! Blu-Ray
  155. PORKY'S blu no longer a Walmart exclusive
  156. Kick-Ass 2
  157. Soderbergh's Side Effects
  158. Veronika Mars Kickstarter
  159. Jurassic Park 4 - Jurassic World
  160. Guilty Pleasures - The 1980s Collection
  161. Christopher Doyle is not happy about Life of Pi getting an Oscar!
  162. River Of Death Coming To German DVD!
  163. Bond 24
  164. Escape From New York Remak/reboot/prequel
  165. Universal Soldier: The Return/Second In Command Blu-ray Coming From Mill Creek
  166. One Hour Photo
  167. The Shadow
  168. Friedkin's Sorcerer coming to blu!
  169. New Avenging Force DVD In The Works! - Kino Releasing A Blu-ray
  170. Favourite DVD/BD releases of 2013
  171. The Philadelphia Experiment
  172. The Comedy
  173. The Great Escape Coming To Blu-ray!
  174. Classic British Cinema Stuff Coming from Network
  175. World War Z
  176. Single Disc Hitchcock Blu-ray's Coming From Universral
  177. is it too late to start collecting blurays? and if it's not...
  178. E. Elias Merhige's BEGOTTEN (1991)
  179. Errors Of The Human Body
  181. Gritty Realistic 70s Action/Dramas...
  182. Tommy Wiseau's The Room
  183. Karen Black On Acting
  184. Elysium
  185. Filth
  186. Cronenberg's Naked Lunch
  187. Final Round... with Lorenzo Lamas
  188. The Central Park Five
  189. R.I.P.D.
  190. where's David Lynch?
  191. Legendary lost footage
  192. Man of Tai Chi (Keanu Reeves 2013) trailer
  193. Adjust Your Tracking
  194. Thor - The Dark World
  195. World 3-D Film Expo 111 announced
  196. The Matrix 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Coming 5/7/13
  197. Arrow Releasing The Last American Virgin on Blu-ray
  198. Arrow Releasing Runaway Train on Blu-ray
  199. Arrow Releasing Time Bandits on Blu-ray
  200. Walter Hill's "Streets of Fire" coming from Second Sight
  201. Iron Man 3
  202. Red 2
  203. BFI Releasing Chronicle of a Summer on DVD/Blu-ray on 27 May
  204. Why does the IMDB not care about who did the poster art?
  205. Toxic Crusaders video game review
  206. Dan Haggerty wages a... One Man War!
  207. IMAX's Walking With Dinosaurs
  208. The Black Kung Fu Experience
  209. Hammer Of The Gods
  210. RIP Ray Harryhausen
  211. Ender's Game
  212. Sudden Death on German Blu-ray
  213. The World's End
  214. Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity
  215. Fox Releasing Niagara & Bus Stop On Blu-ray
  216. Europa Report
  217. You know you have a character actor addiction problem when...
  218. Wild Bunch remake....with Will Smith
  219. Cut Throats Nine Remake
  220. Bakshi's Heavy Traffic Coming From Shout! Factory
  221. Star Trek: Into Darkness
  222. HARD TARGET on Blu!
  223. What's the funniest movie you ever saw?
  224. Anchorman 2
  225. Barbara Loden's WANDA (1970) neo-noir
  226. Tarkovsky documentary - funding opportunity
  227. Don Jon - JGL directing debut
  228. The Act Of Killing
  229. Ummmmmm.......NO.
  230. Second Sight Releasing Quest For Fire On Blu-ray
  231. The American Ninja Series
  232. Favourite matte paintings
  233. Japanese companies have developed a way to block US region A Blu-rays
  234. Freaked Blu-ray from Anchor Bay on August 6
  235. Dolph Lundgren in... Detention!
  236. Looking for some trailers
  237. The Family
  238. Cyborg Nemesis: Dark Rift (Albert Pyun)
  239. Cinema Epoch Signs Three Matt Cimber Movies
  240. Films Like Band of Brothers/Pacific/Saving private Ryan, Recommendations?
  241. Wooyd Allen's Blue Jasmine
  242. Spook Central - Ghostbusters Documentary
  243. The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug
  244. I need a buddy! Favorite buddy cop movies!!
  245. 300: Rise Of An Empire
  246. Darren Aronofsky’s Pi 15th Anniversary Edition
  247. Spielberg & Lucas predict film industry implosion
  248. what movies should be remade?
  249. The Curious Case Of Eric Red
  250. Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street