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  1. What are you watching?
  2. Blu-Ray question - on a specific movie
  3. Already all over the intarwebs..
  4. So what'd you get lately?
  5. Movies That Impacted Mass Behavior...
  6. Desperado
  7. And now the bad news: RIP Anne & Pete
  8. Bronson. Marvin. Weathers. DEATH HUNT.
  9. New Criterion Titles....
  10. Re-remakes remaking me sad
  11. Does anyone have...???
  12. Taxi Driver On Blu-ray
  13. Oscars, anyone?
  14. Blue Velvet on blu-ray to include lost scenes?
  15. Some good Paramount titles out of print...
  16. The Matador... Pierce Brosnan is rad?
  17. Rolling Thunder
  18. Nerdiest Thread Ever? Post Your Comic Adaptation Casting Ideas!
  19. More awesome new prints from Mondo
  20. The Captain America Movie...
  21. The Werner Herzog Thread
  22. Paul Haggis Defects From Scientology
  23. Two Lane Blacktop
  24. Another one down: Kenneth Mars
  25. Kansas City Confidential blu-ray!
  26. Downer thought for the day!
  27. The Wait Is Over! Seagal's Born To Raise Hell On DVD 4/19/2011
  28. Only in the UK: Crassest, most tasteless DVD sleeve ever!
  29. www.fatspyfilms.com
  30. Roller Boogie Observations...
  31. Lemmy
  32. Criterion Top 10 Lists
  33. Blue Thunder (1983)
  34. The name is Bond...James Bond!
  35. Rififi Coming To Blu-ray From Arrow
  36. Clockwork Orange 40th Anniversary
  37. CHUD reviews cult hit indie film WALDO THE DOG
  38. Henry Silva - had forgotten about this one...
  39. Changing Tastes in Cinema as You Grow Older
  40. Paramont Bringing Once Upon A Time In The West and other Westerns to Blu-ray 5/31
  41. Black Swan
  42. Finally watched Avatar...
  43. The curse of the cheap Blu-ray
  44. Excuse me, I'll get my coat...
  45. Karate Kids USA
  46. Amazon saves us from a nightmare of owning crap Kubrick films
  47. Every movie forum needs a Ken Russell thread...
  48. Green Lantern
  49. Favorite Animated Features
  50. Lord Love A Duck
  51. Program my holiday viewing on the projector!
  52. It's time to talk Stallone.
  53. The Germans know how to do Leone right!
  54. Spot the Coors!
  55. Family Honor
  56. Star Wars Blu-ray specs announced
  57. CROSS OF IRON due on UK Blu-ray
  58. Where Oh Where is the Uwe Boll thread?
  59. So, that American Graffiti Blu-ray?
  60. The Criterion Collection Thread
  61. Lars Von Trier Loves Hitler
  62. Jan Micheal Vincent - Superstar
  63. CONAN goes Blu!
  64. Shout! Factory - The Hits Just Keep On Coming!
  65. Kentucky Fried Movie coming to UK DVD
  66. Alex Lifeson - guitar god, Oscar-contender?
  67. Citizen Kane BD - finally!
  68. DVD/Blu-ray's I don't Ever Want.
  69. Heavenly Creatures on Blu-ray 9/12...
  70. IMDb: If you ever need a good laugh...
  71. The Eco-Box
  72. Summer Movie List...
  73. Iron Sky
  74. Classics of British Cinema
  75. The Collected DTV Works of Cuba Gooding Jr
  76. Comedy: The Forgotten Genre!
  77. Jean-Claude Van Damme's beer adverts for UK television
  78. Batman - The Dark Knight Rises
  80. The Eureka / Masters Of Cinema Thread
  81. New Conan film
  82. Straw Dogs coming to Blu-ray?
  83. THE ISLAND (1981) (Universal's Vault Series MOD Program)
  84. Red Band Trailer for THE SITTER
  85. Elvis at the Movies!
  86. Fuck you Warner Bros.
  87. Spoilers!!!
  88. Toy Masters (2012)
  89. Blue Velvet coming to BD from MGM in November
  90. Blade Runner sequel / Blade Runner 2049 (merged)
  91. First film that seriously piqued your interest in the opposite sex.
  92. COBRA blu-ray North America
  93. An Old Fashioned Top Ten List
  94. THE VETERAN (Matthew Hope, 2011)
  95. The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
  96. Support your local video store!
  97. What the world needs now is a Charles Bronson thread.
  98. The awesome documentary thread
  99. Hey you. Yeah you. I think you should watch a ZARDOZ/STAR CRASH double bill tonight
  100. The Official M.O.D. THREAD (Coming Soon Releases)
  101. Big, Dumb Guilty Pleasures!
  102. Movie's with changed dialogue when on tv...
  103. Why Does Amazon.Com Even Bother?
  104. Kevin Smith's Red State
  105. THE EXPENDABLES (Extended Director's Cut) Blu-Ray
  106. Olive Films Might Be Releasing These Movies On DVD & Blu-Ray (Rumor Status, For Now)
  107. Famous People like movies too
  108. The Great Trailer Comp Thread
  109. DRIVE (2011)
  111. And Now For Something Completely Different... A Monty Python Thread....
  112. Sleeping Beauty (2011)
  113. Steelbook Editions
  114. What separates Exploitation/Horror films from Arthouse films?
  115. Perfect movies to watch with Insomnia?
  117. New Cannon Films Documentary - Electric Boogaloo!
  118. I love coincidences in watching films
  119. What do you watch around Xmas?
  120. G.I. JOE: RETALIATION (Trailer)
  121. Death Race 3 In production!
  123. Maybe physical media isn't as dead as some people think.
  124. NEMESIS (Director's Cut) Coming In January
  125. The Skin I Live In (2011)
  126. A discussion with Tony Marsiglia
  127. FOX MOVIE CHANNEL (Some Notable Movies)
  128. Bond 50: Blu Ray Collection
  129. Olive Films Titles Coming Soon...
  130. Twilight Time Upcoming Releases
  132. LOCK-OUT (Trailer)
  133. American film ratings
  134. Disney Going MOD with The Generations Collection
  135. William Friedkin's Killer Joe
  136. R.I.P. Zalman King!
  137. Ben Gazzara Passes away at 81
  138. ADRENALIN: FEAR THE RUSH (Director's Cut) Is In The Works
  140. Abel Ferrera to make Dominique Strauss-Kahn Bio Pic with Gerard Depardieu
  141. Dolph Lundgren In Battle Of The Damned
  142. David DeFalco and Bautista are back in House Of The Rising Sun!
  143. Awesome VHS Art That Didn't Make It To DVD
  144. Stone Cold Steve Austin & Steven Seagal In... MAXIMUM CONVICTION!
  145. 'Splain it!
  146. Movies That Never Get Old...
  147. American ninja/revenge of the ninja/rage of honor dvd set
  148. Burt. Burt Reynolds.
  149. Gorgo (1961) Comes To Blu-Ray
  151. BLACK COBRA (2012) Trailer & DVD Cover
  152. Disney Bringing Back The LONE Ranger & Tonto
  153. JOHN CARTER and strange concepts in advertising.
  154. God Bless America
  155. An R-Rated GALAXY QUEST Cut Exists Somewhere?!
  156. Any Fans Of THE KING OF THE KICKBOXERS (1990)?
  157. New Garbage Pail Kids Movie in the Works...
  158. Cassavetes titles coming to Blu-ray!
  159. Titanoboa is coming for you and will probably kick your ass!
  160. A Lars von Trier Thread
  161. The Ninja Movies Appreciation Thread
  162. Game of the Year
  163. Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho
  164. Select Warner Brothers Flicks Hit Blu-Ray This Summer
  165. Stand back!!! Cannon Classics Collection coming soon on bd and dvd...in Germany
  166. David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis
  167. Underrated/overrated sequels
  168. Best Non Region A Blu-Ray's?
  169. RIP Luke Askew
  170. Chuck Norris To Kick Your Ass In High Def in June!
  171. Tarantino's Django Unchained
  172. The Official Mondo Macabro Thread
  173. The BFI To Release Black Panther on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack
  174. Netflix *Watch Instantly* Discoveries/Recommendations
  175. DRAGON EYES (John Hyams, 2012) - JCVD *and* Peter Weller!!!
  176. Rip-offs, re-uses, and visual idiocy: The art of how not to package a movie
  177. The Punisher (The Original 80s one)...
  178. Mill Creek Licenses 250 Sony Titles
  179. Seeing Hobbits at 48 frames per second
  180. Barbarella Coming To Blu-ray In July
  181. MIDNITE MOVIES (The Decision Process)
  182. Autonomy Pictures Enters The Fray!
  183. More Classic Disney On The Way - Cinderella Hits Blu-ray 10/2/2012
  184. Masters of the Universe...
  185. UPWORLD (aka The Adventures Of A Gnome Named Gnorm)
  186. Great Films You Don't Quite Get...
  187. The Film Noir Thread! Gats, dames, and cheap hooch welcome.
  188. The Avengers d. Joss Whedon (Merged)
  189. So, they redid the transfer for THE FRENCH CONNECTION?
  190. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (Merged)
  191. Cinematic team ups that should've happened
  192. Death Wish II, III & IV Coming To Blu-ray 8/14/2012
  193. Night of the Hunter (1955)
  194. Peter Weller as Batman in Dark Knight Returns Animated Feature?
  195. Amazon launches "Never on dvd before" shop
  196. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
  197. A feature film about CBGB???
  198. Women In Danger - 1950's Thrillers Coming From Universal TCM
  199. Lee Marvin, Manliest Of Men.
  200. Crazy DVD & Blu-ray Deals!
  201. Snow Crash
  202. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  203. Richard Lynch - RIP
  204. Judge Dredd (2012)
  205. Fox Cinema Archives (MOD Program) Releasing Some Interesting Catalogue Titles
  206. Raging Bull II - Now With More Heart!
  207. Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection 15 Film Blu-ray Set Coming 10/30/2012
  208. More Hitchcock On Blu-ray - Strangers On A Train & Dial M For Murder
  209. Total Recall 2012 - The Remake Vs. The Original
  210. Original Ending To Phase IV Found
  211. PUSHER (2012)-UK remake
  212. Hen's Tooth Releasing MEGAFORCE On DVD!
  213. Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures Blu-ray Release Coming 9/14/2012
  214. RZA's Man With The Iron Fists
  215. Dolph Lundgren & Cuba Gooding Jr. - Together At Last! One In The Chamber
  216. Oldest unwatched DVD in your collection
  217. R.I.P. Andy Griffith!
  218. Mad Max: Fury Road
  219. Trailers That Give Away Too Much...
  220. ROBOCOP remake(2013)
  221. R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine
  222. FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot (of the reboot)
  223. Eraserhead. Now owned by Criterion?
  224. Lords of the Street - B-action with DMX and Kris Kristofferson
  225. Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Dance of Reality
  226. Thomas Jane's PUNISHER shortfan film
  227. Arnold Schwazenegger In The Last Stand!
  228. What genre would you like to see make a comeback?
  229. Superman: The Man Of Steel
  230. Manos: The Hands of Fate - THE VIDEO GAME
  231. Denzel Washington To Star As... The Equalizer!
  232. Liam Neeson is back to kick you ass in Taken 2!
  233. New Blade Runner Blu-ray in the works!
  234. Sam Fuller on DVD from MoC!
  235. 2012 Sight And Sound poll is in.
  236. Shitty prints you still love
  237. Dolph Lundgren & JCVD Back Together Again For Universal Soldier 4: Day Of Reckoning
  238. VCI Releasing Dark Star On Blu-ray In October
  239. Kino Releasing Stanley Kubrick's Fear And Desire On Blu-ray
  240. Dark Visions - Dominick Montiglio Documentary
  241. Most of Severin's catalog now OOP?
  242. The 2012 Red Dawn Remake
  243. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson To Lead... The B-Team!
  244. The Robert Mitchum Film Collection From Fox 10/9/2012
  245. Carlo Rimbaldi RIP
  246. Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths (Merged)
  247. MGM DVD-R sale at Amazon
  248. OMG Entertainment
  249. PM Entertainment appreciation thread
  250. Ted (2012) spoilers I suppose.