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  1. Retromedia Releasing The Corpse Vanishes/Bowery At Midnight Blu-ray
  2. “Root of Darkness” comes to Bluray as part of Triple Feature Release
  3. The Empire Pictures Collection
  4. Blue Underground Releasing The Shaft
  5. The Slayer Coming To Blu-ray
  6. 88 Films Releasing Luther The Geek
  7. Chupacabra Territory
  8. Severin Films Releasing The Devil's Rain
  9. The Axe Murders Of Villisca Coming From IFC/Shout Factory
  10. House blu ray release by Arrow
  11. "Frames of Fear" release, "Creepshow" like anthology SOV style
  12. The Mothman of Point Pleasant
  13. Severin Films Releasing Blackenstein
  14. Ken Foree - The Midnight Man
  15. Garden Party Massacre
  16. The Evil Within (Andre Getty, 2017)
  17. Vestron Video Releasing The Unholy
  18. American Exorcism
  19. Severin/Intervision Releasing Dark Harvest/Escapes
  20. Lionsgate Releasing The Blackcoat's Daughter
  21. Kino Releasing Rawhead Rex On Blu-ray!
  22. Blumhouse Remaking Firestarter
  23. Blood Feast Remake
  24. American Guinea Pig: The Song Of Solomon
  25. Scream Factory Releasing The Manster!
  26. Anolis Entertainment – Revenge of the Gallery of Terror
  27. The Black Gloves
  28. Eric Roberts, Dustin Diamond And Martin Kove In Joker's Poltergeist
  29. The Sublet
  30. A Knife For The Ladies
  31. Full Moon Releasing Retro Puppet Master Blu-ray
  32. Warlock Collection Coming From Vestron
  33. Scarecrowd from SRS
  34. Woodshock
  35. Marilyn Manson In Let Me Make You A Martyr
  36. 88 Films Releasing Slaughterhouse Rock / Sweet Sixteen / House On Sorority Row
  37. Crow. Not The Crow, just Crow.
  38. Living Among Us
  39. 101 Films Releasing The Mole People
  40. Slaughterhouse Rulez
  41. Fang
  42. 47 Meters Down - Sharks!
  43. George Romero's Road Of The Dead
  44. Evil Bong 666
  45. Demon Wind (1990)
  46. The Spell / Quiet Place In The Country / After Midnight / The Resurrected
  47. Awaken The Shadowman
  48. Landing Lake
  49. New Blob Film In The Works Starring Halle Barry
  50. Severin Films Releasing Bag Boy Lover On VOD
  51. 88 Films Releasing Blood Harvest On Blu-ray!
  52. Wes Craven's Summer Of Fear
  53. Uncork’d Entertainment Releasing Peelers 7/4/17
  54. The Mangler
  55. MTI Releasing Death Pool On DVD
  56. Lake Alice
  57. Arrow Releasing Children Of The Corn
  58. 21st Century Horror
  59. IT COMES AT NIGHT (2017) - post-apocalyptic survivors tale reveals little new
  60. Beyond The Sightings
  61. Scorpion Releasing Bringing Rituals To Blu-ray
  62. Synapse Films Releasing The Creeping Terror / The Creep Behind The Camera
  63. Kino Releasing Night Angel
  64. Breaking Glass Pictures Releasing The Basement
  65. Garagehouse Releasing Bringing The Blood Stalkers To Blu-ray!
  66. Kino Releasing The Maze 3-D On Blu-ray
  67. Retromedia Releasing The Mysterious Mr. Wong/The Living Ghost Double Feature
  68. Scorpion Releasing Bringing Blind Date To Blu-ray
  69. Garagehouse Releasing Brings The Intruder (1975) To Blu-ray
  70. Scream Factory Releasing The Spell
  71. Scream Factory Releasing The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  72. I bought a new copy of Brainscan from amazon.... and it's a DVD-R
  73. Scream Factory Releasing Land Of The Dead Special Edition
  74. Puppet Master Axis Termination
  75. Eureka Releasing Capture Release Kill
  76. Johnny Dickie's Slaughter Tales
  77. Indicator Films Releasing See No Evil (1971)
  78. Cohen Releasing Restored Version Of James Whales Old Dark House
  79. Anchor Bay Releasing The Hatred
  80. David Cronenberg's eXistenz
  81. George Romero Between Night And Dawn Limited Edition Box set from Arrow
  82. Sony Releasing 976-EVIL Blu-ray!
  83. Sony Releasing Bram Stoker's Dracula On 4k UHD Blu-ray In October
  84. RIP George A Romero
  85. Lycan
  86. Kino Releasing Nightkill
  87. Jigsaw
  88. Penny Pinchers: The Kings of No-Budget Horror
  89. The Domicile Coming To DVD In August
  90. Scream Factory Releasing Misery
  91. Tempe Releasing Safe Inside
  92. Three Tears On Bloodstained Flesh Coming From Unearthed Films
  93. House On Rodeo Gulch
  94. Appointment With Fear
  95. Dracula and his Vampire Bride blu-ray from Snappy Video (Thunderbean)
  96. Jackals
  97. To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story
  98. Little Devils: The Birth
  99. Lionsgate Releasing The Hatred
  100. Canadian Horror/Canuxploitation...
  101. Warner Archive Releasing The Hidden
  102. Unearthed Films Releasing The Unnamable / Nightwish / Dark Side Of The Moon
  103. Ozploitation Massacre
  104. Inside
  105. Shout! Factory Releasing After Midnight
  106. Vestron Video Releasing Slaughter High On Blu-ray!
  107. Code Red Warlock Moon blu ray
  108. Andrew Divoff In Demons
  109. Retromedia Releasing Evil Toons on Blu-ray
  110. Breaking Glass Pictures Releasing The Tormenting On DVD
  111. 78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene
  112. The Kindred Blu-ray from Synapse
  113. William Friedkin's The Devil and Father Amorth
  114. 28 Screen Caps From Todd Sheets - Sheets Of Gore Vol. 1 & 2 Blu-rays
  115. Indicator Films Releasing Wolf 11/20/17
  116. Indicator Films Releasing The Eyes Of Laura Mars 11/20/17
  117. 88 Films Releasing The Toolbox Murders
  118. Gerald's Game
  119. Cold Moon - Tommy Wiseau Alert!
  120. Shout! Factory Releasing Silent Night Deadly Night Collector's Edition Blu-ray
  121. Dementia 13 Remake!
  122. Chris Alexander’s Blood Dynasty
  123. 88 Films Releasing The House On Sorority Row
  124. Watch Over Us
  125. Umbrella Releasing Stephen King's Cat'S Eye
  126. Kino Releasing The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud On Blu-ray!
  127. Shout! Factory Releasing Jackals On Blu-ray
  128. Shout! Factory Releasing American Gothic
  129. Warner Archive Releasing Night School On Blu-ray In October
  130. Dead Ant
  131. Tim Ritter's Creep Coming To Blu-ray From SRS
  132. Intervision Releasing Beyond The Seventh Door
  133. Dolph Alert! Welcome To Willets
  134. Garagehouse Releasing Brings Bloodstalkers To Blu-ray!
  135. 31 Days of Horror part 3: Dream Warriors
  136. Stephen King's 1922
  137. Haunters: The Art Of The Scare
  138. Shout! Factory Releasing Piranha II The Spawning On Blu-ray!
  139. Shout! Factory Releasing Dance Macabre
  140. Tin Can Man - A never noticed classic.
  141. Shout! Factory Releasing The Projected Man
  142. The Babysitter (Netflix/McG Horror Comedy)
  143. Umbrella Releasing Silver Bullet
  144. Buckout Road
  145. Olive Films Releasing The Ape Man & The Vampire's Ghost
  146. Happy Hunting
  147. Thoroughbreds
  148. Vampire Femmes a rare 1999 sov film
  149. Severin Films releasing The Changeling?
  150. Snake Outta Compton
  151. 88 Films Releasing Offerings
  152. Massacre Video Releasing Enter The Devil
  153. Warner Archive Releasing Delores Clairborn
  154. Snowman
  155. Severin Films Releasing Skinner
  156. Antihuman Out Now From Wild Eye Releasing
  157. Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built
  158. Devil's Rejects Prequel In The Works - Rob Zombie's Three From Hell
  159. Scream Factory Releasing The Gate II
  160. Scream Factory Releasing William Castle's The Night Walker
  161. Scream Factory Releasing Games
  162. Kino Releasing Trilogy Of Terror On Blu-ray!
  163. Is Arrow Video Releasing The Hitcher?
  164. Happy Death Day
  165. Soska Sisters Remaking Rabid
  166. The Strangers: Prey At Night
  167. Is it possible to make the classic Universal Monsters scary again?
  168. Arrow Video Releasing Scalpel?
  169. Funeral Home
  170. Arrow Releasing Basket Case
  171. The Temple of Lilith / Sulphur for Leviathan
  172. Horror film with paternoster lift???
  173. Scream Factory Releasing The Strangers 10th Anniversary Blu-ray
  174. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon Coming From Scream Factory
  175. Scream Factory Releasing Action-Horror Nightmare At Noon - Wings Hauser Alert!
  176. Gremlins: Recall
  177. The Ravenous
  178. Vestron Video Releasing Class Of 1999
  179. Retromedia Releasing Mako: Jaws Of Death
  180. Warner Archive Releasing Leatherface On Blu-ray
  181. Chris Alexander's Space Vampire
  182. House Of Salem To Get VOD Release Through Wild Eye Releasing
  183. Arrow Releasing Flowers In The Attic
  184. Don't Go Near the Park [1979]
  185. Swamp Thing / Return Of The Swamp Thing
  186. Day Of The Dead: Bloodline
  187. The Open House
  188. Retromedia Releasing The Ape/The Black Raven Blu-ray Double Feature
  189. Slender Man
  190. The Backlot Murders
  191. Mom and Dad (2018 Nicolas Cage killer parent movie)
  192. Scream Factory April 2018 titles - Daughters Of Satan, Superbeast, Crucible Of Horror
  193. Bad Apples
  194. New Netflix Horror - Before I Wake
  195. IFC Midnight's Ghost Stories
  196. A Quiet Place
  197. Scorpion Releasing Reissuing The Unseen
  198. Tonight She Comes
  199. Kino Releasing What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?
  200. Danielle Harris in Inoperable On DVD 2/6/18
  201. What was the last movie that genuinely scared you?
  202. Don Dohler's Fiend
  203. Dark Force Entertainment / 88 Films Both Releasing Offerings
  204. Lionsgate Releasing Children of the Corn: Runaway 3/13/18
  205. Synapse Films Releasing Unearthed & Untold: The Path To Pet Sematary 3/13/18
  206. Ted Geoghegan's Mohawk
  207. Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Adaptation In The Works
  208. Netflix Original - The Ritual
  209. Grizzly On Blu-ray
  210. ITS ALIVE Trilogy Blu-ray from Scream Factory in May
  211. Eric Stanze's In Memory Of
  212. Unsane (2018 Steven Soderbergh)
  213. New Bigfoot Movie - Primal Rage
  214. Hereditary
  215. Hell's Kitty
  216. 88 Films Releasing The Boneyard
  217. Human Experiments
  218. Soft Matter
  219. Of Unknown Origin Blu-ray coming from Scream in May
  220. Kino Releasing The Maze
  221. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile - Ted Bundy Movie
  222. MVD Rewind Releasing Abominable
  223. MVD Releasing The Violence Movie Parts 1 & 2
  224. Breaking Glass Pictures Releasing House Of Evil (A Uwe Boll Production!)
  225. Dead & Buried
  226. Last House On The Left Coming From Arrow?
  227. Warner Archive Releasing Black Scorpion
  228. Monstrosity (Atomic Brain) BD-R Release
  229. Wild Eye Releasing Don't Look!
  230. SPLIT, 2017. M.Night Shyamalan
  231. Predator World
  232. Full Moon High
  233. Scream Factory is releasing Curse of the Cat People and Night of the Lepus
  234. Alien Predators
  235. Mill Creek Releasing The Deadly Beyond 11 Movie DVD Collection
  236. AGFA Releasing Godmonster Of Indian Flats
  237. MVD Releasing My Friend Dahmer On DVD/Blu-ray 4/10/18
  238. Gareth Evans’ Apostle Coming To Netflix
  239. Vinegar Syndrome Releasing Blood Hook
  240. Vinegar Syndrome Releasing Norman J. Warren's Terror
  241. John Landis' Schlock On Blu-ray
  242. The Grudge Being Remade (Again)
  243. Leprechaun Returns (2019)
  244. Ghostland (2018)
  245. Retromedia Releasing Snow Beast, The Blancheville Monster & More...
  246. Eli Roth's The House With A Clock In Its Walls
  247. Arrow Releasing The Addiction
  248. James Wan 'Reimagining' Stephen King's The Tommyknockers
  249. Unearthed Films Streaming Channel
  250. Johnny Galecki In Cleanse!