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  1. Unearthed Films Streaming Channel
  2. Johnny Galecki In Cleanse!
  3. Someone's Watching Me, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, In the Mouth of Madness S Blus .
  4. Primal Scream Coming From Dark Force Entertainment
  5. Vestron Releasing Dagon On Blu-ray
  6. Vestron Releasing Beyond Re-Animator
  7. Umbrella Entertainment's Beyond Genres Line
  8. Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E.
  9. Statham Vs. Giant Shark - The Meg
  10. Dark Force Entertainment Releasing Mirror Mirror
  11. The Tingler & Strait-Jacket Blus from Scream Factory
  12. VCI S. F. Brownrigg Double Blu-ray August 14
  13. 88 Films Releasing Bad Dreams
  14. Arrow Releasing Doom Asylum
  15. Scream Factory Releasing The Unborn
  16. 88 Films Releasing Frightmare
  17. Scream Factory Releasing Return Of The Living Dead Part II
  18. Scream Factory Releasing Brainscan!
  19. The Nursery
  20. Candyman 4K restoration coming soon
  21. Pyewacket
  22. Wildling
  23. SPLIT SECOND (Tony Maylam, 1992) - from MVD Rewind Collection 2018
  24. Mill Creek Releasing Straight-Jacket / Berserk
  25. Mill Creek Releasing Flora
  26. Superstition (1982)
  27. SRS Releasing Gore Theater
  28. Killer Rat Movies - List'em All!
  29. Tom Six's The Onania Club
  30. Down A Dark Hall
  31. Doctor Sleep (sequel to the Shining)
  32. Kino Releasing Deep Rising
  33. Scream Factory Releasing The Bride
  34. Scream Factory Releasing The Seventh Sign
  35. The Screaming written & directed by Jeff Leroy.
  36. Shout! Factory Releasing The Evil
  37. Castle Freak "Reimagining"
  38. Scream Factory Releasing Texas Chainsaw Massacre" The Next Generation
  39. Scream Factory Releasing Michael Winners' Scream For Help 9.18.18
  40. Scream Factory Releasing Exorcist II: The Heretic 2-Disc Collector's Edition
  41. Mill Creek Releasing Nightwing / Shadow Of The Hawk Double Feature Blu-ray!
  42. Maniac Blu-ray Reissue In The Works
  43. James Wan Producing Arachnophobia Remake
  44. Another new Conjuring Spin Off - The Nun
  45. MVD Rewind Releasing Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder Blu-ray 8/28/18
  46. Warner Archive Releasing Village Of The Damned
  47. Sam Elliott Is The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Bigfoot
  48. Slime City write up
  49. Trailer comp movie title?
  50. Nicolas Cage Vs. A Cult - Mandy
  51. Dead Night
  52. Orion Pictures Releasing The Prodigy
  53. Scream Factory Releasing The 1999 House On Haunted Hill Remake
  54. Shout Factory Releasing Roger Corman's Wasp Woman
  55. Wicked Vision Releasing Die Monster Die
  56. Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now
  57. Scream Factory Releasing Trick 'R Treat Special Edition
  58. Dan Curtis Podcast?
  59. Lake Nowhere (2014 retro slasher wunderkind)
  60. Candyman Coming To Blu-ray
  61. Severin Films Releasing The Horror Of Party Beach On Blu-ray 8/28/18
  62. Shout! Factory Releasing The Unborn
  63. Scream Factory Releasing Brainscan
  64. Lionsgate Giving American Psycho a 4k UHD Release
  65. Bad Robot's Overlord
  66. Scream Factory's 2018 Comic Con Announcements
  67. Good source for upcoming horror releases on DVD/Blu-ray?
  68. Triggered
  69. Kino Releasing The Night Stalker / The Night Strangler Blu-ray's 10/02/18
  70. Second Sight Releasing When A Stranger Calls
  71. Need help finding a movie
  72. Evil Dead Getting a 4k UHD Release
  73. Indicator Releasing William Castle At Columbia Vol. 1
  74. The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre coming to DVD/Blu-ray From Kino
  75. Troll - The Complete Collection (Eureka!)
  76. Monkey Shines (Eureka!)
  77. Night Of The Creeps
  78. Barry J. Gillis' Tales From The Dead Zone With Bret The Hitman Hart & Corey Feldman
  79. The First Purge
  80. John Carpenter's The Fog Gets 4k Restoration And Theatrical Run
  81. Kino Releasing I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle!
  82. Shout! Factory Releasing Michael Winner's Scream For Help!
  83. Scream Factory Releasing The Seventh Sign
  84. Maximum Overdrive from Vestron Video
  85. Eureka Releasing Troll The Complete Collection
  86. Warner Archive Releasing The Swarm
  87. Brit lads on a boys weekend subgenre.
  88. Pet Sematary Remake
  89. Lionsgate Releasing Mara 11/6/18
  90. Hell Fest
  91. Giant Cronenberg Retrospective Happening In Los Angeles
  92. The Fog / Prince Of Darkness / They Live Getting 4k UHD Releases
  93. Umbrella Entertainment Releasing Day Of The Dead
  94. The Killing Gene a.k.a. w?z
  95. Deadgirl (2008)
  96. THE LITTLE STRANGER, 2018. Mild ghost story
  97. Terror Train Coming From Scorpion Releasing
  98. The Ouija House
  99. Candyman being made (directed by Jordan Peele)
  100. VCI Releasing Kiss Of The Tarantula Blu-ray
  101. Open 24 Hours
  102. Warner Archive Releasing Bad Ronald On Blu-ray
  103. Shredder Coming To Blu-ray From Scorpion Releasing
  104. 31 days of Horror part 4: Citizens on Patrol
  105. Pasquale Buba dead
  106. Arrow Releasing Bloody Birthday
  107. Student Bodies
  108. Scream Factory Releasing Sleepwalkers
  109. Martin (1978) BD release
  110. MADHOUSE (1974). Price. Cushing
  111. Umbrella Releasing Lunatics: A Love Story
  112. Lionsgate Releasing Evil Dead 2 4k UHD
  113. Umbrella Entertainment Releasing Single White Female
  114. The Possession of Hannah Grace
  115. Shout! Factory Releasing The Critters Collection 11/27/18
  116. Warner Archive Releasing The Thing From Another World On Blu-ray
  117. Scream Factory Releasing Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 Blu-ray 12/11/18
  118. Gora: Son of Devil Bliurays in stock, DVDs coming soon...
  119. The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)
  120. Pauly Shore - Sin City Psycho
  121. Tumors: Doctor Nightmare
  122. Frankenstein 1910 Version
  123. The Dead Center
  124. Massacre Video Releasing Road Meat
  125. Lionsgate Releasing Leprechaun Returns!
  126. R.I.P. Tempe Entertainment
  127. Umbrella Releasing Stephen King's Apt Pupil
  128. Night Of The Living Dead Part II
  129. Shout Select Releasing Return Of The Vampire
  130. Scream Factory Releasing The Poison Ivy Collection!
  131. Suffering Bible Limited Edition Bluray and DVD
  132. Psycho Uncut Coming To Blu-ray
  133. Arrow Video Releasing Dark August
  134. Friday the 13th Part III in 3D
  135. Strawberry Estates Bluray
  136. Kino Releasing Scream And Scream Again
  137. Massacre Video Releasing The Blood Eaters!
  138. 88 Films Releasing Night Of The Demons 2
  139. SRS Cinema Sale thru Cyber Monday, 20% off
  140. Kino Lorber Releasing Phobia (1980)
  141. Scorpion Releasing Bring Fred Olen Ray's Deep Space To Blu-ray!
  142. Shout! Factory Releasing Warning Signs
  143. Shout Select Releasing Man's Best Friend
  144. Scream Factory Releasing The Craft
  145. Shout! Factory Releasing The Body Snatcher
  146. Scream Factory Releasing The Howling III
  147. The Man Who Laughs
  148. Shout! Factory Releasing Obsession
  149. Shout! Factory Releasing Screamers
  150. Pet Sematary Blu-ray Reissue In The Works
  151. You Might Be The Killer!
  152. Warner Archive Releasing The Giant Behemoth
  153. Arrow Releasing Kolobos
  154. Jordan Peele's US
  155. BIRD BOX, 2018 (S. Bier)
  156. Horror Noire (A Shudder Original)
  157. Mark Savage's Purgatory Road
  158. Unearthed Films Releasing DIS
  159. Superstition & The Manitou Blu-ray coming from Scream in April
  160. Scream Factory Releasing The Brain
  161. Scream Factory Releasing The Universal Horror Collection
  162. Velvet Buzzsaw
  163. Massacre Video Releasing Final Stab
  164. Deep Space Coming From Scorpion Releasing!
  165. Garagehouse Pictures Releasing FOES
  166. Alien 40th Anniversary Edition 4k UHD/Blu-ray Coming
  167. Kino Releasing The Strange Door
  168. Kino Studio Classics Releasing William Castle's Let's Kill Uncle
  169. Invasion Of The Blood Farmers Coming From Severin
  170. Scream Factory Releasing The Mole People On Blu-ray!
  171. High Life
  172. Turbine Media Releasing The Thing 4 Disc Blu-ray Set
  173. Wretch
  174. Deadtime Stories (1986 anthology horror)
  175. Arrow Releasing Scared Stiff
  176. The Invisible Man Reboot In The Works
  177. Among The Shadows - The Lindsay Lohan Werewolf Movie We've All Been Waiting For
  178. Favorite Horror Movie Locations
  179. Shout! Factory Releasing When A Stranger Calls Back
  180. Kino Lorber Releasing Link On Blu-ray
  181. R.I.P. Julie Adams
  182. Shout Factory Releasing The Seduction!
  183. Shout Factory Releasing The Chosen
  184. Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark
  185. Kino Releasing Hannibal 4k UHD
  186. Child's Play 2019
  187. Kino Releasing The Strange Door
  188. Shout! Factory Releasing Warning Sign
  189. Mystery Synapse Horror Restoration In The Works
  190. Eureka Releasing Cujo Special Edition
  191. New Indie Horror Anthology - Hi-Death
  192. Shout! Factory Releasing The Body Snatcher 3/26/19
  193. Kino Releasing The Nightcomers
  194. Arrow Releasing Trapped Alive
  195. SRS Releasing Meat Market 1 & 2 On Blu-ray
  196. The Man Who Laughs
  197. Backyard Epics - The SRS Cinema Trailers
  198. Pet Graveyard
  199. Are there any horror films with a Raptor Knife?
  200. Shout! Factory Re-Releasing Piranha On Blu-ray
  201. Midsommar
  202. The Wind
  203. Kino Releasing Billy The Kid Vs Dracula!
  204. In Search Of Darkness
  205. Charlie Says - Matt Smith Plays Manson!
  206. 88 Films Releasing The Anaconda Quadrilogy
  207. SRS Releasing Tim Ritter's Wicked Games / Screaming For Sanity
  208. Garagehouse Pictures Releasing Foes
  209. Body At Brighton Rock
  210. Mimesis: Nosferatu
  211. Warner Archive Releasing Frankenstein 1970 On Blu-ray!
  212. RASEN (Spiral) vs RING 2
  213. The Turning (2020)
  214. Shout! Factory Releasing Fear No Evil
  215. R.I.P. Joe Pilato
  216. Dead Trigger - Dolph Vs. Zombies
  217. American Horror Project Volume II
  218. Arrow Releasing Double Face
  219. Shout! Factory Releasing The Chosen
  220. Kino Releasing Parasite 3D
  221. Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die (2019)
  222. Arrow Releasing The Prey
  223. Scream Factory Reissuing Humanoids From The Deep
  224. Scream Factory Releasing The Leopard Man
  225. Scream Factory Releasing Strays
  226. Shout! Factory Releasing Silent Hill Special Edition
  227. Scream Factory Releasing When A Stranger Calls Back
  228. Cherokee Creek
  229. Too Scared To Scream Coming From Scorpion Releasing
  230. Lionsgate Releasing The Haunting Of Sharon Tate
  231. Severin Releasing The Uncanny?
  232. Intervision Releasing Masked Mutilator
  233. Severin Films Releasing Saint Bernard
  234. Old Horror Movie Ads
  235. Bloodrise: Subspecies V
  236. The Dead Pit Coming From Dark Force Entertainment
  237. The Velocipastor
  238. New Salem's Lot Movie Happening
  239. S.O.V. The True Independents
  240. Arrow Releasing The Chill Factor
  241. Scorpion Releasing Bringing Mom & Moon In Scorpio To Blu-ray
  242. Trying to find out the name of this movie
  243. Scream Factory reissuing Forbidden World and Galaxy of Terror
  244. Alexandre Aja's Crawl
  245. Arrow Releasing Leif Jonkers' Darkness
  246. David S. Goyer Working On New Hellraiser Reboot
  247. Shout! Factory/IFC CReleasing I Trapped The Devil
  248. Danzig's Verotika Movie
  249. NSM Releasing Death Weekend On Blu-ray!
  250. Kino Releasing Zoltan Hound Of Dracula!