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  1. The Paranormal Activity Movies...
  2. Last House on the Left vs. I Spit on Your Grave
  3. The Rite
  4. Can anybody identify these stills?
  5. Wes Craven's My Soul To Take
  6. Let me in (2010)
  7. Nolando's FROZEN review..........
  8. S.F. Brownrigg
  9. Far be it from me to promote Evil, but...
  10. The joy of being a collector...
  11. B-Movie Bonanza (includes DTV tripe)!!!
  12. Brian Trenchard Smith is back with.... Arctic Blast?
  13. The Soylent Green Appreciation Thread
  14. The Crater Lake Monster is AWESOME!
  15. The new crop of Hammer films....
  16. Milligan's TORTURE DUNGEON on HULU.com
  17. Blood Night - The Legend Of Mary Hatchet
  19. Nicholson & Karloff in... The Terror!
  20. MONSTER DOG and OCTAMAN on Netflix streaming...in HD?
  21. The Horrors Of Rock And Roll!
  22. Vincent Price.... And you!
  23. Slaughter High and The Funhouse coming from Arrow
  24. The Severin Films Thread
  25. Sledgehammer is AWESOME
  26. The Secret Life Of Jeffrey Dahmer
  27. The Scorpion Releasing/Katarina's Nightmare Theater Thread
  28. Essential Shot On Video Horror Movies
  29. Riddick 3: Dead Man Stalking (or, if you prefer, Just Riddick)
  30. The Hammer Films That Got Away
  31. The Human Centipede Films
  32. Image Entertainment's Midnight Madness Series - Anchor Bay reissues?
  33. Maniac Cop on Blu-ray
  34. Black Devil Doll
  35. Dawn of the Dead (and zombies in general: just for fun)
  36. Zombi Holocaust: The Aussie DVD
  37. Crazy old horror titles we'd love to see in digital...
  38. MIMIC: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (Blu-Ray) DVD Details
  39. THE THING (Remake/Prequel) Teaser Poster Revealed
  40. The Howling Films
  41. THE MILLENNIUM BUG (Trailer): Inbreds & Giant Bugs!
  42. The Incredible Melting Man & Master Of The World Coming To MGM's MOD Program
  43. MESSIAH OF EVIL (Willard Huyck, 1973)
  44. Paranormal Activity 3
  45. SCANNERS To Become A TV Series (Sound Off Below)
  46. Upcoming Friday The 13th Blu-Rays
  47. Night Of Dark Shadows (Director's Cut) Confirmed!
  48. SCREAM: 5 FILM SET Coming In September
  49. EVIL DEAD 2 (25th Anniversary Special Edition) Blu-Ray (Lionsgate)
  50. More Brains! A Return of the Living Dead Retrospective Coming Soon!
  51. The Final Destination Films - Big Dumb Fun OR Just Dumb?
  52. Creepshow on BD
  53. Dark Angel & The Quatermass Xperiment Finally Hit DVD (MGM's MOD Program)
  54. Well...this was low-key...
  55. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1973) Remastered Special Edition Hits DVD!
  56. AWE releasing some Olaf Ittenbach movies...
  57. The Deadly Spawn Goes Blu In November
  58. DEADLY BLESSING (Arrow Video) Hits DVD
  59. MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (1961) & FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) Go Blu (Press Release)
  61. House Of Seven Corpses Coming To DVD 11/29/11
  62. DEF-CON 4/HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN (Double Feature) Comes To DVD
  63. THE PACK (1977) COMES TO DVD-R (Warner Archives)
  64. A slew of horror titles from Warner Archive... including Nightbreed.
  65. Horror Icons: Where did they all go?
  66. The most useless catch-phrase/label in modern horror...
  67. DINO WOLF Rips Its Way Onto DVD!
  68. Cronenberg working on sequel to The Fly?
  69. INTRUDER (Director's Cut): Cover Art & Specs
  71. John Carpenter's first student film found!
  72. Full Moon Direct Halloween Sale
  73. Ti West's THE INNKEEPERS (Trailer)
  74. Elijah Wood Is The Killer In MANIAC Remake!
  75. Brain Damage Might Get A Blu-Ray Release
  76. THE THING (2011) Hits DVD & Blu-Ray
  77. Red - Werewolf Hunter
  78. CHOPPING MALL Getting Remade!
  79. Shriek Of The Sasquatch (Cover Art/Trailer/Review)
  80. Fred Olen Ray Strikes Again With SUPERSHARK (Trailer/DVD Cover)
  81. Game Of Werewolves (Poster/Photos)
  82. Ridlely Scott's PROMETHEUS (Leaked Trailer)
  83. The Official KILLER BIGFOOT MOVIE Thread
  84. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (Teaser Poster)
  86. THE SLEEPER (Faux 80s Slasher Flick) Comes To DVD & VHS Combo
  87. [REC] 3 - Genesis
  88. MONSTERS IN THE WOODS (Trailer/Poster/Review)
  89. That Night of the Living Dead remake (1990)
  90. DEATH SHIP (1980) Coming To DVD!
  91. JAWS Movies & The Universal Monsters Coming To Blu-Ray In 2012 (merged!)
  92. Manos - The Search For Valley Lodge
  93. Legend of Hell House coming to Blu-ray in March
  94. PIRANHA 3DD Hitting DVD Instead Of Theaters
  95. Tales from the Crypt on Australian Blu-ray
  96. UNDERWORLD...2? 5?
  97. DON'T GO IN THE WOODS 2012
  98. Zaat! Coming To Blu-ray from Film Chest/Cultra 2/21!
  99. THE UNINVITED (1944) Finally Hits DVD (UK Only, though)
  100. MORTUARY (1983) Coming To DVD (Scorpion Releasing)
  101. The Killing Game - A Barry J. Gillis Film
  102. The People Under the Stairs
  103. Full Moon 2012 Valentine's Day Sale (50% EVERYTHING!!!)
  104. F the end of QUEEN OF BLOOD in the A!
  105. BLOOD BEACH: Director, Jeffrey Bloom Wants To Find The Negative!
  106. SHOCK STOCK 2012 - London, Ontario
  107. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  108. Hammer's The Woman In Black (Merged)
  109. Mimic 3 Film Set Coming to Blu-ray from Lionsgate
  111. Frankenweenie (2012)
  112. Sam Raimi's Day Of The Triffids?
  113. THE DARK (1979)
  114. The Silent House
  115. Sleepaway Camp IV - it's been finished?
  116. Lionsgate 8 Movie Horror Collection
  117. BLOOD DINER Came Out On DVD?!
  118. PARASITIC & BIO-SLIME (Creature Features) Set To Hit DVD
  120. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (German Import Blu-Ray)
  121. THE KEEP (1983) Might Be Coming To DVD
  122. The Final Terror (aka Carnivore) PAL MOD DVD
  123. INTENSITY & SOLE SURVIVOR (Dean Koontz Mini-Series)
  124. Steve Niles' Remains Coming To DVD/Blu-ray from Shout! Factory
  125. Silent Night Deadly Night Remake Coming in 2012
  126. Cabin in the Woods
  127. A new MANIAC COP movie in the works!
  128. Time Outs Top 100
  129. ARMY OF DARKNESS (w/Director's Cut) Australian Blu-Ray
  130. Society
  131. Zaat!
  132. THE ENTITY (Blu-Ray) Hits DVD On July 3rd!
  133. BFI to Release BBC's Ghost Stories On DVD
  134. Corman's 60's gothic horrors
  135. Richard Stanley & Nacho Cerde To Bring I Am Legion To The Screen
  136. Halloween 4 & 5 coming to Blu-ray from Anchor Bay
  137. Eli Roth Announces The Green Inferno - a new cannibal movie?
  138. Rob Zombie's Lords Of Salem
  139. Shout! Factory to unleash... Scream Factory!
  140. Image Entertainment - Horror Collection Extravaganza 6 Film Set
  141. The Real Reason Troma's Mother's Day Blu-ray never came out?
  142. Al Adamson's Dracula Vs. Frankenstein Coming To Blu-ray?
  143. Troma Releasing Where Evil Lives
  144. Chillers Coming To DVD 9/11/2012
  145. Mad Monster Party Coming To Blu-ray From Lionsgate 9/4/12
  146. Dracula Prince Of Darkness
  147. The Franchise That Will Not Die - Wrong Turn!
  148. Invasion(s) Of The Body Snatchers
  150. S.F. Brownrigg's Keep My Grave Open
  151. The Boogens/Olive Films Release
  152. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Coming To Blu-ray 9/11/12
  153. Killer Klowns From Outer Space Hits Blu-ray 9/11/12
  154. Jeepers Creepers Coming To Blu-ray 9/11/12
  155. The Raven (2012) coming to DVD/Blu-ray 10/9/12
  156. V/H/S
  157. Werewolf The Beast Amoung Us
  158. Retribution
  159. Corey Feldman In Six Degrees Of Hell!
  160. Silent Hill 2 Revelation
  161. Last House on the Left vs House on the Edge of the Park vs Night Train Murders
  162. Cockneys VS Zombies (Merged)
  163. Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral
  164. Octaman To Get A DVD Release From Retromedia In October!
  165. Hellraiser 1 - 3 Blu-ray Release From Umbrella Slated For 10/3/12
  166. The Curse Franchise!
  167. The Silent Night Deadly Night Franchise!
  168. Scanners Trilogy & The Brood Coming To Blu-ray in the UK
  169. Mill Creek Is Releasing Some Interesting Horror Titles In The Fall!
  170. The Beast Within (1982)
  171. Another World Entertainment Releasing STANLEY In October.
  172. Birdemic 2: The Resurrection
  173. Remastered Full Moon Blu-ray's Are Coming!
  174. Second Sight Releasing From Beyond On Blu-ray
  175. 4 Disc Nightmare On Elm Street Blu-ray Collection Coming In October?
  176. Texas Chainsaw 3D
  177. Art House Horror films
  178. Picnic at Hanging Rock
  179. Night Of The Bloody Apes!
  180. Curse Of Chucky - New Child's Play Movie Coming Straight To DVD
  181. Any LIFEFORCE fans out there?
  182. Shout!/Shock Factory H2 DVD
  183. the original HALLOWEEN and its sequels
  184. the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and its sequels
  185. Last House On Dead End Street/The Funhouse
  186. Del Toro Produced Horror Film MAMA
  187. Slasher Video Re-releasing Boardinghouse?
  188. After Dark Horrorfest -- volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4
  189. John Dies at the End (Don Coscarelli)
  190. The Last Broadcast VS The Blair Witch Project
  191. Snow Shark!
  192. The Legend Of Boggy Creek
  193. Scott Derrickson's SINISTER October 2
  194. Your Most Wanted --
  195. Dracula VS Spanish Dracula (1931)
  196. The Asylum Entertainment thread
  197. Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
  198. Elijah Wood's New Horror Production Company... The Woodshed!
  199. Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical
  200. The Joy of Giant Bug Flicks
  201. Kino Releasing White Zombie On Blu-ray 1/29/13
  202. Why Aren't They Out on DVD?
  203. The Prophecy complete collection on BD
  204. That Evil Dead Remake?
  205. Carrie (2013)
  206. What The World Needs Now Is... I Spit On Your Grave 2!
  207. Deafula
  208. Earl Owensby genre films available
  209. Slashers!
  210. Sam Raimi to remake POLTERGEIST????
  211. Frankenstein Vs. Bride Of Frankenstein
  212. Criminally Insane
  213. Death Nurse II Coming To DVD From Slasher Video 11/11/12
  214. Bela Lugosi: Scared to Death Collection (10 Disc DVD Box Set)
  215. Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft Coming To DVD 1/22/2013
  216. The Possession Coming To DVD/Blu-ray from Lionsgate 1/15/2013
  217. Frankenstein's Army
  218. American Nightmare!
  219. Creep! Creeping Terror Doc. Extended Cut
  220. Some More Full Moon Reissues Coming - Trancers Films & Gingerdead Man Boxed Set
  221. New Twilight Zone Feature In The Works
  222. Ansel Faraj's Doctor Mabuse
  223. Not Like Others
  224. Michael J. Ojeda's Savaged
  225. Thale (2012)
  226. Creepshow 2 Blu-ray Coming!
  227. Night of Dark Shadows -- butchered on blu-ray
  228. Five Films: Underrated Favorites
  229. Curtains
  230. NYPD Cannibal Cop Movie In The Works!
  231. Best Payoff In A Horror Flick?
  232. Mandroid!
  233. The ABCs Of Death
  234. Titan Video Releasing Petter Baiestorf’s They Eat Your Flesh
  235. V/H/S - Out Today on DVD/Blu-ray
  236. What do you want out of a slasher movie?
  237. OZOMBIE - The Axis Of Evil Dead
  238. The Hole (2009)
  239. The Millennium Bug
  240. ENTITY Remake
  241. Would A Hammer "Monster Rally" Have Worked?
  242. WAR OF THE DEAD -- Nazi Zombies!
  243. Kat Candler's Black Metal
  244. NIGHTMARES (1983)
  245. The Last Exorcism 2
  246. The Legend Of Beaver Dam
  247. VCI Releasing Gorgo On Blu-ray & Some Monster Movie Double Feature DVDs
  248. Ticks
  249. S/V/H/S (now V/H/S 2)
  250. Slasher // Video Releasing Nick Millard's Cemetery Sisters!