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  1. Satan's Children
  2. Sting of Death
  3. Shocking Videos
  5. Distribpix / Video-X-Pix Updates
  6. Favorite Softcore Directors....
  7. The Official TINTO BRASS Thread...
  8. What I learned at the AVN 2011 Awards show...
  9. Poor Pretty Eddie on DVD/Blu-ray From HD Cinema Classics 3/29/2011
  10. An interesting find re: Leonard Kirtman's Carnival Of Blood
  11. God's Bloody Acre DVD Pulled
  12. Gritty 70s NYC-type Films...
  13. Severin Releasing The Baby
  14. Let's Talk Bigfoot and Sasquatch Films!
  15. Rest In Peace, Tura.
  16. The OFFICIAL Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Movie Watch Thread...
  17. Pam Grier boxset (NSFW)
  18. David Friedman, Rest In Peace
  19. Weird Modern Porn (NSFW)
  20. Miami Connection
  21. Caged Heat...
  22. Sleazy Linda Blair Movies
  23. Bat Pussy UNApreciation Thread... (Merged)
  24. Abby...
  25. Roger Ebert's 1st Interview With Russ Meyer From 1969
  26. The Rene Bond Thead
  27. Helping identifying a weird porno movie with Lisa DeLeeuw & Jamie gillis in it.
  28. The Radley Metzger/Henry Paris Love Thread
  29. Joe Sarno's Marcy from Code Red
  30. Midgetsploitation
  31. Bad Girls Dormitory
  32. Fantasm...
  33. Blue Underground: Blu-ray and DVD legends
  34. Chained Heat/Red Heat/Jungle Warriors
  35. Vintage Smut From After Hours Cinema
  36. Welcome Home Brother Charles a.k.a. Soul Vengeance...any love for this?
  37. Patricia Rhomberg
  38. The Synapse Films Thread
  39. Taxi Driver A XXX Parody
  40. Emmanuelle in HD
  41. The Code Red DVD Thread
  42. Pornographers who went straight with Horror
  43. Pigkeeper's Daughter
  44. Are movies just movies? (or - where does XXX fit in your collection!)
  45. Beetlejuice XXX porn parody
  46. Dear God, No! (Red Band Trailer)
  47. Please Don't Eat My Mother (Something Weird Video)
  48. Great stip tease scenes from the 50s-70s
  49. Cinema Sewer's Vintage Adult Magazine Store!
  50. Female directors of classic smut movies
  51. Laura Gemser
  53. ENTER THE NINJA (MGM MOD Program) Hits Region 1 DVD
  54. Bikersploitation!
  55. The Official Vintage Girlie Mag Thread
  56. Jewel Shepard is in trouble (Cancer)
  57. Reflections... co-edited by Scorsese!
  58. RIP Cynthia Myers
  59. Ten Little Maidens (1985)
  60. Road Of Death
  61. What is this from (NSFW link)?
  62. What was the first hard X movie you saw?
  63. Andy Milligan to hit Blu-ray from the BFI!
  64. In need of some ancient, public domain smut.
  65. Penitentiary Double Feature Coming From Arrow
  66. Manos In HD?
  68. The XXX films of Lasse Braun
  69. Condoms to be required in porn?
  70. found a collection of vintage porn mags.
  71. Roughies - who likes'em? (merged)
  72. Sleaze...who makes it better?
  73. Kandi Barbour -- deceased
  74. The Alpha France Thread!
  75. The Sinful Dwarf
  76. The Bushwhacker
  77. Jim VanBebber - Diary Of A Deadbeat
  78. Where's the 70s retro-style smut?
  79. Fans of classic beaver pictures...
  80. Zebedy Colt's 'Sharon'
  81. George Payne 'fitness video'
  82. Harry Novak DVD Re-issues coming to UK DVD
  83. The Wonderful World Of Irving Klaw & Bettie Page
  84. The Uschi Digard Appreciation Thread (NSFW)
  85. Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace
  86. Jewel Marceau XXX
  87. The Lost Films Of Herschell Gordon Lewis - FOUND!
  88. Hamilton Book/Synapse Films DVD Exclusives
  89. Rape Comedies! The thread that had to happen.
  91. Troma On Youtube
  92. Help The Opening Of Misty Beethoven Head To Blu-ray!
  93. Something Weird Video's Weird Noir Six Film Collection Coming 9/25/2012
  94. Running with the Devil
  95. The Godfather XXX
  96. Erica Gavin - The Teen Years!
  97. Rob Black
  98. RAW TALENT (1984)
  99. The Hardgore (Horror Whore) Appreciation Thread!
  100. Family films by exploitation/trash/horror directors
  101. Michael Findlay's The Ultimate Degenerate (NSFW)
  102. Sage Stallone of Grindhouse Releasing
  103. Mystery film: THE SINS OF ILSA (c. 1985)
  104. A Smell Of Honey, A Swallow Of Brine
  105. Fred Willard is old school...
  107. Sharon Kelly Is... Trinity Brown!
  108. The SCREW Magazine Cover Art Appreciation Thread!
  109. Burning Angel's Evil Head
  110. An old interview with German porn director Hans Bilian
  111. Mr. Marcus The Porn Industry's Patient Zero In Current Syphilis Outbreak
  112. Live a Little Steal a Lot / Sudden Death Double Feature Coming From... Inception?
  113. Mill Creek Entertainment releasing The Swinging 70s 50 Film Collection
  114. The Vinegar Syndrome Discussion Thread
  115. Joe Sarno's Sin You Sinners!
  116. Return To The Class Of Nuke'Em High
  117. German Ilsa Blu-ray Boxed Set Coming...
  118. The Schoolgirl Report Films
  119. The Naked Peacock
  120. Shaun Costello's Autobiography - Kickstarter campaign
  121. The Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig Coming To DVD
  122. Drafthouse Films Releasing Trailer War
  123. Beverly Hills Girls AKA The New Beverly Hills Girls (1986)
  124. ABA puts out a Richard Mahler (Roger Watkins) 3-movie collection.
  125. Teenage Hitchhikers (1975)
  126. Really dumb potential movie concepts
  127. Samurai Cop & Samurai Cop 2
  128. Astron-6's Manborg
  129. HE MADE ME DO IT!!!
  130. Sex Kittens Go To College (1960)
  131. The Filth Shop & Meet The Sex
  132. Virgins From Hell
  133. Erica Gavin Documentary In The Works!
  134. Evart Enterprises Shuts Down Shocking Videos
  135. Smut Toons
  136. R.I.P. Kirdy Stevens
  137. Linnea Quigley: Grindhouse Triple Feature Coming 1/22/13!
  138. Never Too Young To Die
  139. The Devil's Sisters
  140. Retromedia Releasing I Marquis De Sade 2/26/2013
  141. The Devil Inside Her (1975, Zebedy Colt)
  142. UNHOLY ROLLERS on the list for Shout Factory's 2013 releases
  143. Wacky Japanese/ Asian Porn Thread
  144. AWE releasing Sarno's The Devil's Plaything (NSFW)
  145. Impulse Releasing Some Of Fred J. Lincoln's Adult Films
  146. The Nazisploitation Thread
  147. Bob Chinn's Panama Red
  148. Furious!
  149. The Doris Wishman Appreciation Thread
  150. The New Adventures Of Snow White
  151. How do you feel about... NINJA TURF?
  152. An Interview With The Guy From Harlem
  153. Pope Fisters IV
  154. After Porn Ends Documentary
  155. RIP Danny Steinman?
  156. Walking Dead XXX
  157. Colour Correct My Cock
  158. Mondo and Shockumentary films
  159. Lorenzo Lamas Is... Snake Eater!
  160. Sushi Girl - Luke Skywalker & Sonny Chiba?
  161. BARBARA BROADCAST DVD & Blu-ray coming restored and uncut from Distribpix
  162. Femmes de Sade
  163. Machete / Machete Kills
  164. R.I.P. Fred Lincoln
  165. The Cheap Trashy Multipacks Thread!
  166. Cult Epics Releasing Hysteria & Massacre At Central High On Blu-ray
  167. The Andy Sidaris Thread
  168. Arrow Releasing Foxy Brown On Blu-ray 6/24/2013!
  169. SpongeKnob SquareNuts
  170. The Taint (Troma) Coming To DVD/Blu-ray!
  171. The Ron Jeremy Thread
  172. Four New Triple Features From Alpha Blue Archives
  173. Impulse Pictures Releasing... Sexcula 4/9/13!
  174. Lyle Alzado Is... The Destroyer!
  175. Blondes In Black Leather
  176. Barb Wire XXX Parody (no... seriously)
  177. New Christina Lindberg Movie - Cry For Revenge
  178. New Sexy Swedish Stuff From Klubb Super 8
  179. The Vanessa Del Rio Film Project
  180. Doctor Loo And The Phaleks
  181. Russ Meyer's Vintage Bodies Set
  182. Samurai Cop - Special Edition From Cinema Epoch
  183. Mistress Of The Apes (1979)
  184. Repligator
  185. Lionsgate Releasing Rolling Thunder Pictures Triple Feature DVD
  186. what's this ? Sexcula!
  187. Full Moon's Grindhouse collection
  188. Savage Vengeance
  189. Blu-ray porn around the world
  190. Larry Foster's WORMWOOD (200l)
  191. Johnny Wadd sequels
  192. Top porn searches around the world!
  193. She Hulk XXX
  194. The Best modern Movies with unsimulated sex and/or filmic type porn
  195. Tales Of Times Square
  196. R.I.P. Harry Reems
  197. Distribpix Releasing Fastball
  198. The Rialto Report
  199. Jeffrey Hurst interview - Rialto Report podcast
  200. Severin's Sexploitation Re-releases - The Naughty! Naughty! Naughty! Collection!
  201. Rape-revenge movies with male victims?
  202. Blood Of 1000 Virgins
  203. Marc Stevens Party Invites!
  204. This Ain't Die Hard XXX 3D
  205. Any JAV fans out there?
  206. I Spit on your Grave.....2?
  207. Rollin's Phantasmes (aka The Seduction Of Amy)
  208. From the creators of The Taint... Science Team!
  209. Joe Sarno's Fabodjantan - New Two Disc SE
  210. Ed Wood's The Young Marrieds
  211. Wolverine XXX
  212. American Swing
  213. Will Belladonna be a good mainstream actress?
  214. Grindhouse Releasing announce slate of blu-ray releases
  215. The Toxic Avenger Remake!
  216. The Devil Inside Her
  217. Swinging Sorority (NSFW)
  218. Roger Corman's Drive-In
  219. What adult films would you like to see get the HD Blu-ray treatement?
  220. H.G. Lewis' Blood Trilogy Outtakes
  221. The Bride's Initiation
  222. Brad Grinter's NEVER THE TWAIN
  223. Killing American Style
  224. An American Hippie In Isreal Coming To Blu-ray 9/10/13
  225. Through The Looking Glass
  226. That's Sexploitation!
  227. Phil Prince Avon 7 Triple Feature
  228. Alex de Renzy's History of the Blue Movie DVD
  229. The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins
  230. Cinderella: The Lost Footage (Remastered Titles on VOD and DVD)
  231. Anyone know what's up with Shaun Costello?
  232. John Holmes - Where to start?
  233. Thoughts on Metzger's MARASCHINO CHERRY?
  234. Films featuring real vintage striptease
  235. What are some good gang flicks to check out?
  236. Tempest Storm Performing In Portland!
  237. Black Devil Doll from Hell / Tales from the Quadead Zone
  238. Films that make you want to take a shower after watching it
  239. Ilsa: Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks
  240. "Dialing for Dingbats" (movie)
  241. Sin In the Suburbs
  242. The Eliminators
  243. Taboo Tales Coming From Mill Creek 8/20/13
  244. Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven
  245. RIP Haji!
  246. Ron Bonk's She Kills
  247. Favourite HENRY PARIS films
  248. Satanic Z films? Do they exist?
  249. Sarno's The Bed And How To Make It
  250. There Is No Sexual Rapport (2011)