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  1. Camera Obscura Releasing San Babila Ore 20: Un Delitto Inutile
  2. La Patria Del Rata
  3. GIRL SLAVES OF MORGANA LE FEY on BD from Mondo Macabro
  4. Greek Exploitation Films on DVD from Mondo Macabro
  5. Blue Underground Releasing Argento & Fulci Blu-ray Collections
  6. Adam Chaplin - Extended Edition
  7. Death Laid An Egg
  8. The Bloodstained Shadow
  9. R.I.P. Raúl Artigot
  10. CUSTODES BESTIAE (Lorenzo Bianchini, 2004)
  11. Trepanator
  12. Eckhart Schmidt's THE FAN on BD from Mondo Macabro
  13. Phantasmagoria
  14. Arrow Releasing Bava's Blood And Black Lace?
  15. Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders
  16. Paganini Horror (1989 Lugi Cozzi supernatural slasher)
  17. The Peter Walker Collection Vol. 2
  18. The Killer is Still Among Us (1986)
  19. 88 Films Releasing Night Train Murders
  20. AWE Releasing... Grotesk
  21. Eureka Releasing Wooden Crosses [Les Croix De Bois]
  22. Euro Trash Cinema Collections from VCI (Feb. 17 2015)
  23. Full Moon Releasing Jess Franco Collection
  24. Nightmare Concert/Cat In The Brain
  25. Kickstart BLOODY FRIDAY - Restoration campaign
  26. Massacre Video Releasing Anthropophagous 2000
  27. Tell me about Krimis.
  28. The Karate Warrior series from Fabrizio De Angelis
  29. 88 Films Releasing Lenzi's Man From Deep River
  30. Eureka Releasing Fellin's Satyricon On Blu-ray
  31. Island Of Death Coming To Blu-ray
  32. Ghosthouse/Witchery double feature Blu from Scream Factory
  33. Contamination Blu from Arrow coming in June
  34. Network Releasing The Ghoul On Blu-ray.
  35. Network Releasing Deadlier Than The Male On Blu-ray!
  36. The Strange Vice of Mr. Martino, Or the All-Purpose Sergio Martino Thread
  37. Mondo Macabro Releasing Tango Of Perversion
  38. Death Squad AKA 2047 - Sights of Death
  39. Retrovision Trying To Release Shark Hunter & Blue Eyed Bandit.
  40. Cannibal Holocaust & Cannibal Ferox Getting Ltd. Ed. VHS Releases
  41. Blastfighter Coming To Blu-ray!
  42. Subkultur Releasing Crypt Of The Vampire
  43. Das finstere Tal (The Dark Valley) (2014)
  44. Blue Underground Releasing Castellari Post Nuke Films on Blu-ray!
  45. CANNIBAL MAN BD / DVD from Subkultur
  46. Inferno or Suspriria?
  47. Grindhouse Releasing Cannibal Ferox Blu-ray in April
  48. X-Rated Releasing Lamberto Bava's Body Puzzle On Blu-ray
  49. FilmArt Releasing The Night Ripper On Blu-ray
  50. 88 Films Releasing Anthrophagous On Blu-ray!
  51. Arrow Releasing Hound Of The Baskervilles
  52. Lucker the Necrophagous
  53. Emanulle And The Last Cannibals
  54. Cult Epics Releasing Stay As You Are (NSFW)
  55. Odeon Releasing Horror Hospital On Blu-ray!
  56. FilmArt working on THE MURDER CLINIC
  57. Grindhouse Releasing's Cannibal Ferox Blu-ray
  58. Joe Sarno's "Operation Wolf Cub" anyone seen it?
  59. Severin Releasing Nightmare Castle On Blu-ray
  60. Cult Epics Releasing Der Todesking
  61. Sebastian Schipper's Victoria
  62. Attack Of The Lederhosenzombies
  63. The Sleeping Room
  64. Artsploitation Films Releasing Der Samurai
  65. 88 Films Releasing Zombie 3
  66. Short Night Of The Glass Dolls
  67. The Virgin Of Nuremberg (1963) - Antonio Margheriti
  68. Artsploitation Releasing Cub
  69. Scream Factory Releasig Metamorphosis And Beyond Darkness
  70. Cult Epics Releasing Angst
  71. BFI Releasing Germany Pale Mother
  72. Arrow is releasing Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
  73. 88 Films Releasing SS Experiment Camp
  74. The Ceremony (2015) Catherine Robbe-Grillet S&M Documentary
  75. Subkultur Releasing Season For Assassins
  76. Julien Seri's Night Fare
  77. Shameless Releasing Sister Of Ursula
  78. Gasper Noe's Love
  79. Gerald Kargl’s ANGST
  80. Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  81. Spanish S certificate films
  82. Requiescant Coming To Blu-ray!
  83. Mill Creek Releasing Hammer Films Collection
  84. Warner Brothers Hammer Collection Blu-ray set
  85. Nucleus Films are releasing GIVE US TOMORROW (1978) DVD - JUNE 29TH, 2015
  86. Jean Rollin porn films on blu ray
  87. Irreversible on blu ray?
  88. Severin Films Bringing Nightmare Castle, Castle Of Blood & More To Blu-ray In August!
  89. The Tall Blonde Man With One Black Shoe
  90. The Amicus Films Thread
  91. Horsehead (2014)
  92. X-Rated Releasing Lamberto Bava's Macabre
  93. BFI Releasing The Roberto Rossellini Ingrid Bergman Collection
  94. RIP Sergio Sollima
  95. Shout! Factory Releasing Metamorphosis & Beyond Darkness
  96. Mondo Macabro's Grexploitation Bundle!
  97. Arrow Releasing Deep Red (4k Remaster)
  98. Arrow Releases Black Cats-Martino & Fulci's Your Vice Is A Locked Room/The Black Cat
  99. Arrow Releasing Tenderness Of The Wolves
  100. Scream Factory is releasing WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE on Blu-ray
  101. Blue Underground Releasing Get Mean!
  102. Film Art Releasing The Monk
  103. Code Red Releasing D'Amato Smut Fests?
  104. Shout! Factory Releasing The Duke Of Burgundy
  105. Network Releasing Robbery
  106. Val Guest's 80,000 Suspects Coming To Blu-ray
  107. Flicker Alley Releasing Sherlock Holmes (1916)
  108. Goodnight Mommy
  109. Artsploitation Films Releasing Cub
  110. Fredrik Hana's Sister Hell
  111. Jean-Luc Godard's Vivre Sa Vie Coming To Blu-ray From The BFI
  112. Kino Releasing The Bed Sitting Room & Other Richard Lester Films
  113. Vicente Aranda Appreciation
  114. Arrow Releasing The Jacques Rivette Collection
  115. Raiders Of The Living Dead NOT Coming To Blu-ray! Vengeance Of The Zombies Instead!
  116. Arrow Releasing Wake Up And Kill
  117. A Blade In The Dark
  118. Help Severin Films With The Sinful Dwarf Blu-ray!
  119. Der Bunker
  120. Nucleus Films Releasing Craze
  121. Play Motel - Raro blu ray
  122. The Bud Spencer & Terence Hill MEGA-SET!
  123. When Animals Dream
  124. Para Elisa
  125. Kino Releasing Murneau's Faust
  126. Beyond The Door
  127. Arrow Releasing What Have You Done To Solange?
  128. How did you get into Italian Horror
  129. 5 Disc Luigi Bazonni Set Coming To Blu-ray
  130. RIP Mario Caiano
  131. Roots Of Evil Coming To Blu-ray In 2016
  132. Bronson. Mifune. Delon. Red Sun Coming To Blu-ray
  133. Code Red Releasing Lenzi's Ironmaster?
  134. The Wonders
  135. TENEBRAE from Synapse
  136. BFI Releasing Six Film Pasolini Collection
  137. Third Wicker Man Film In The Works?
  138. Film Movement Releasing Full Moon In Paris, The Marquise Of O... And Amour Fou On Blu
  139. Mondo Macabro's Lizard In A Woman's Skin Blu-ray
  140. Hammer Films Warner Bros documentary.
  141. Soavi's The Church & The Sect Getting A Blu-ray Release
  142. Kino Releasing The Fantomas Films!
  143. FilmArt Releasing Death Walks on High Heels/Death Walks at Midnight
  144. The House That Screamed
  145. Severin Releasing Jess Franco's Count Dracula
  146. Andrzej Zulawski's La note bleue (1991) Coming Soon from Mondo Vision
  147. BFI Releasing Jean-Luc Godard’s Bande à Part
  148. Arrow Releasing Mario Bava's Five Dolls For An August Moon
  149. X-Rated Releasing The Sweet Body Of Deboarh On Blu-ray!
  150. Arrow Releasing The Rainer Werner Fassbinder Collection
  151. Zeitgeist Releasing The Quay Brothers: Collected Short Films On Blu-ray
  152. Zombi 3 / Zombie 3 & Afterdeath Blu-ray from 88 Films
  153. Camera Obscura Releasing Amuck!
  154. Kino Releasing Fritz Lang's Spies
  155. Camera Obscura releasing NO, THE CASE IS HAPPILY RESOLVED on BD
  156. Grindhouse Releasing Pieces On Blu-ray!
  157. The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave
  158. Eureka Releasing Pasolini's Hawk And Sparrows & Pigsty
  159. Network Releasing Revenge (aka Inn Of The Frightened People)
  160. Death Walks on High Heels & Death Walks At Midnight Coming From Arrow
  161. Banned Alive
  163. Blue Underground's TWO EVIL EYES Blu-ray & DVDs are going OOP
  164. X-Rated Releasing The Perfume Of The Lady In Black
  165. Cohen Releasing Godard's A Married Woman
  166. MVD Releasing Comin' At Ya 3-D!
  167. The Modern Danish Cinema Thread: Mads Mikkelsen, Refn, Etc.
  168. Blood Spattered Bride
  169. La Bambola Di Satana / Doll Of Satan
  170. Eureka Releasing Visconti's Rocco And His Brothers On Blu-ray
  171. The Tribe
  172. BFI Releasing Emir Kusturica's Underground
  173. LA Chat Qui Fume Releasing Night Of The Devils On Blu-ray
  174. The Wave (Bølgen)
  175. Hyper Violent European Action Fims!
  176. Camera Obscura Releasing What Have They Done to Your Daughters?
  177. Mondo Macabro Releasing George Lazopoulos' Medusa
  178. The BFI Releasing Abel Gance's Napoleon (1927)
  179. NIGHT OF THE DEMON - Blu-ray/DVD Set from Anolis Entertainment
  180. Dissent & Disruption - The Complete Alan Clarke
  181. Symptoms coming to Blu-Ray
  182. BFI's Flipside Releasing Beat Girl & Express Bongo
  183. Spasmo trailer mashup
  184. Cult Epics Releasing Schramm
  185. Red Queen Kills Seven Times & Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave Coming From Arrow
  186. Blue Underground Circus Of Fear & Give Golden Dragons!
  187. X-Rated Releasing Argento's Phantom Of The Opera
  188. RIP Andrzej Zulawski
  189. Ballad in Blood (Ruggero Deodato, 2016)
  190. The Danish Girl
  191. 88 Films Releasing Alien 2 On Earth
  192. Cut-Throats Nine
  193. Martino's All the colors of the Dark, coming from X-rated
  194. X-rated Releasing Syndicate Sadists
  195. Code Red Releasing Delirium
  196. Ostermontag (aka Snuff Holocaust) Coming From Massacre Video
  197. X-Rated Releasing Argento's Trauma, Phantom Of The Opera & Sleepless
  198. Severin Releasing Roman Polanski's What?
  199. 88 Films Releasing Seven Deaths In The Cat's Eye
  200. Ben Wheatley's High-Rise
  201. Mondo Macabro Releasing Miklos Jancso's Private Vices, Public Virtues
  202. Tales That Witness Madness
  203. El Pez De Los Ojos De Oro Coming From Dorado Films/Cadicy Films
  204. Mondo Vision Releasing Andrzej Zulawski's Polish Trilogy
  205. Artsploitation Films Releasing Bunny The Killer Thing
  206. Redemption Releasing Crimson The Color Of Terror With Paul Naschy
  207. Artus Films Releasing Tomb Of Torture, The Unnaturals and Devil Doll
  208. Eureka Releasing Early Murnau - Five Films Collection On Blu-ray
  209. The BFI Releasing Beat Girl
  210. BFI Releasing Val Guest's Express Bongo
  211. Demons Being Remade In 3-D
  212. 88 Films Working on Joe D'Amato's Absurd
  213. Favorite Cushing/Hammer Frankenstein Movie?
  214. Therapy
  215. Eureka Releasing Edvard Munch
  216. 88 Films releasing Body Puzzle
  217. The BFI Releasing Alan Clarke's Penda's Fen On Blu-ray/DVD
  218. Beyond The Darkness Coming To Blu-ray
  219. Gasper Noe's Irreversible / Irreversibel
  220. The Firm + Elephant (Alan Clarke double bill)
  221. Arrow Releasing The Bloodstained Butterfly
  222. The Official Dorado Films Thread
  223. The BFI Releasing Psychomania on Blu-ray!
  224. Psychomania on Blu-ray!
  225. Ken Russell's Women In Love
  226. Delicatessen & City Of Lost Children
  227. Fantomas (1964) Blu-ray!
  228. 88 Films Releasing Absurd, Beyond The Darkness, Aenigma & Massacre In Dinosaur Valley
  229. Twilight Time Releasing Hammer's The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  230. Danger! Diabolik Coming To Blu-ray!
  231. Grindhouse Releasing Bringing Fulci's Cat In The Brain To Blu-ray & Theaters!
  232. KAMIKAZE '89/ FASSBINDER Kickstarter Project
  233. Eureka Releasing Conversation Piece
  234. Jan Švankmajer's Insects
  235. Kino Releasing Gold
  236. Reel Gore Releasing
  237. Joe D'Amato Blu-Ray
  238. Emma, puertas oscuras (José Ramón Larraz, 1974) - Spanish DVD
  239. Mill of the Stone Women coming from Subkultur
  240. THE LOBSTER (2016) Greek Crustacean comedy
  241. Does Argento just remake the same film over and over?
  242. Private Vice Public Virtues Coming To Blu-ray From Mondo Macabro
  243. Eureka Releasing Aloys
  244. Redemption Releasing The Orchard End Murder
  245. Early Murnau: Five Films 1921-1925 Coming To Blu-ray From Eureka
  246. SRS Cinema Releasing El Gore's Snuff Tape Anthology
  247. Italian Post Nuke Films!
  248. X-Rated Releasing The Sister Of Ursula On Blu-ray
  249. Artsploitation Films Releasing The Perfect Husband
  250. R.I.P Bud Spencer