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  1. The Horrible Doctor Hichcock- bd & dvd in Sept. from Olive
  2. Robin Hardy (Wicker Man) RIP
  3. Kino Releasing The Earth Dies Screaming On Blu-ray
  4. Euan Lloyd, RIP.
  5. Kino Releasing The Sicilian Clan
  6. RIP Emma Cohen
  7. Reel Gore Releasing Brings Masks To Blu-ray
  8. Last Survivor (Jungle Holocaust) Coming From Code Red December 2016!
  9. Code Red Releasing Blastfighter!
  10. Eloy de la Iglesia's CANNIBAL MAN (1973) - extended 'integral' cut on Spanish Blu-ray
  11. Code Red Releasing Sergio Martino's The Great Alligator
  12. Man Bites Dog
  13. Damiano Damiani on home video (HD DAMIANI COMING SOON!)
  14. 88 Films Releasing Mad Dog Killer On Blu-ray
  15. Code Red Releasing Enigma Rosso
  16. New Polish Horror Film - Demon
  17. Robert Bresson
  18. Machine Gun McCain (1969)
  19. Code Red Releasing So Sweet, So Dead (aka The Slasher Is The Sex Maniac)
  20. Severin Films Releasing Wild Beasts?
  21. Mondo Macabro Releasing The Fox With A Velvet Tail
  22. House On The Edge Of The Park - The Code Red VS Nocturno Italy Blu-ray Battle!
  23. Star Wars rip-offs
  24. Turksploitation (ie Turkish remakes/rip-offs)
  25. Vinegar Syndrome Releasing Count Dracula's Great Love
  26. Best Source for DVRs of Euro cult?
  27. Artsploitation Films Releasing Vlees On DVD 9/20/16
  28. Olive Films Releasing J'Accuse
  29. CMV Releasing Black Belly Of The Tarantula Blu-ray - No English Option - Sad Face!
  30. The Battle Of Algiers - New 4k Restoration
  31. Drafthouse Films Releasing Men & Chicken 10/25/16
  32. Code Red Releasing Monster Shark!!!!
  33. Ben Wheatley's Free Fire
  34. Severin Releasing Blood On Satan's Claws?
  35. Tom Of Finland
  36. Cannibal Apocalypse
  37. Italian conspiracy thrillers
  38. Code Red Releasing Fulci's Murder Rock!
  39. Pandorica
  40. Arrow Releasing Krzysztof Kieślowski - Dekalog And Other TV Works
  41. Miklós Jancsó's Electra, My Love (1974) Out Now from Second Run
  42. Reel Gore Releasing Brings The Curse Of Doctor Wolffenstein To Blu-ray
  43. What We Become
  44. Peelers
  45. Phenomena Blu-ray from Synapse / Arrow UK
  46. Koch Media Releasing Street People
  47. Raro Releasing Revenge Of The Blood Beast
  48. Nucleus Films: Euro Cult Project restoration
  49. Slovenia's First Horror Film, Killbillies, to be Released on DVD & VOD
  50. Massacre Video Releasing Olaf Ittenbach's Black Past
  51. EL CAMINANTE and INQUISITION (Mondo Macabro BDs)
  52. Spanish 'S' rated films.
  53. One 7 Movies Releasing Wax Mask On Blu-ray!
  54. XTRO
  55. SRS Releasing Cannibal Messiah
  56. Who Can Kill A Child Blu-ray
  57. Lucile Hadžihalilović’s Evolution (2016)
  58. Artsploitation Films Releasing Ate De Jong's Deadly Virtues
  59. Zeder / Revenge Of The Dead
  60. The BFI Releasing El Sur
  61. What are your Top 5 flicks by Terence Fisher?
  62. Subkulture Releasing Castle Of The Creeping Flesh
  63. Shout Factory Releasing Shelley
  64. Wicked Vision Releasing Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls
  65. Film Movement Releasing My King
  66. Satan's Blood
  67. Most distracting dubbing of an English speaking actor… into English
  68. New York Ripper (shameless vs. Blue underground releases
  69. Cult Epics Releasing Mondo Weirdo
  70. RIP Teresa Ann Savoy
  71. Raw - French/Belgian Cannibal Film
  72. Arrow Releasing Django Prepare A Coffin
  73. Arrow Releasing Caltiki the Immortal Monster
  74. X-Rated Releasing Two Males for Alexa On Blu-ray!
  75. Mountain Of The Cannibal God
  76. Arrow Working On New Argento 4k Remasters For Blu-ray?
  77. Walerian Borowczyk's Story of Sin (1975) - Arrow Academy
  79. Severin Films Releasing The Other Hell AKA Guardian Of Hell
  80. The Lure - Polish Mermaid Horror/Musical
  81. Network Released Blue Money (the Tim Curry one) On Blu-ray!
  82. Jack The Ripper Coming To Blu-ray (The Michael Caine One)
  83. Scorpion Releasing Bringing The Card Player To Blu-ray?
  84. Film Movement Releasing Sissi (Romy Schneider) Boxed Set
  85. Film Movement Releasing Pelle The Conqueror
  86. Maison Rouge / Black House Euro Cult Labels Coming From Screenbound In The UK
  87. Synapse Releasing The Violent Shit Collection
  88. Massacre Video Releasing The Fantom Killer Films In April
  89. Scorpion Releasing Leonor On Blu-ray!
  90. Paco Plaza's Veronica
  91. Scream Factory Releasing Island Of Terror
  92. Jess Franco - Botas Negras Latigo De Cuero - DVD?
  93. Arrow Releasing The Climber
  94. Antonio Margheriti's Web Of The Spider Coming From Garagehouse Pictures
  95. Severin Films Releasing Dark Waters / The Other Hell Blu-ray Double Feature!
  96. Olive Films Releasing Claude Chabrol's Ophelia / World's Most Beautiful Swindlers
  97. Olive Films Releasing Four Walerian Borowczyk Blu-ray's In April 2017.
  99. Mondo Macabro Releasing Spider
  100. Arrow Releasing Klown On Blu-ray (in the UK)
  101. Arrow Releasing Madhouse
  102. Arrow Releasing Bird With The Crystal Plummage
  104. Arrow Academy Releasing The Sorrow And The Pity
  105. Camera Obscura Releasing Deadly Games (Merged)
  106. BFI Releasing The Informer
  107. R.I.P. Tomas Milian
  108. Liebeskonzil (1982)
  109. BFI Releasing Letter to Brezhnev
  110. Voodoo Black Exorcist Coming From Film Detective
  111. Cult Epics Releasing Obsessions
  112. Creatures from the Abyss AKA Plantkon (1994)
  113. Eureka Releasing Death In The Garden
  114. November
  115. Eureka Releasing The Olive Tree
  116. Shout! Factory Releasing Night Of The Sorcerers / The Loreley's Grasp Blu-ray!
  117. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
  118. Remastered The Stendhal Syndrome Blu-ray from Blue Underground
  119. Uncut Olaf Ittenbach Releases
  120. Kino Releasing OSS 117 Collection
  121. November
  122. Paul Verhoeven's Blessed Virgin
  123. Eureka Releasing Der Mude Tod (aka Destiny)
  124. Il signor Diavolo - Pupi Avati's Return to Horror
  125. Film Movement Releasing 30th Anniversary Blu-ray DVD Release Of Pelle The Conqueror
  126. Shout! Factory Releasing Cozzi's Hercules Films!
  127. BFI Releasing Madame de…
  128. Umbrella Releasing Jean-Luc Godard DVDs In June
  129. Probability Zero Coming To DVD From Umbrella In July
  130. Tell No One/Ne le dis à personne 2006
  131. Arrow Releasing Mario Bava's Erik The Conqueror
  132. Arrow Academy Releasing The Hunt
  133. Arrow Academy Releasing The Tree Of Wooden Clogs
  134. Arrow Academy Releasing The Love Of A Woman
  135. Ismael’s Ghosts
  136. Any info on Franco's Shining Sex
  137. Cult Epics Releasing La Carne
  138. STALKER (1979) Andrei Tarkovsky New Restoration
  139. Intervision Releasing Feed The Light
  140. Subkultur Releasing Devil's Nightmare on Blu-ray!
  141. Shameless Releasing Torso On Blu-ray
  142. Operation Ragnarok
  143. Kino Releasing Fistful Of Dollars / For A Few Dollars More
  144. Cult Films Releasing Boccaccio '70 On Blu-ray
  145. Cult Films Releasing Marriage Italian Style Blu-ray
  146. Arrow Releasing Ghoul
  147. Arrow Releasing Suspicious Death Of A Minor
  148. Nikos Nikolaidis (Singapore Sling)
  149. Romanzo Criminale - Italian TV Show
  150. Arrow Academy Releasing The Untamed
  151. Arrow Academy Releasing Jean-Luc Godard + Jean-Pierre Gorin: Five Films (1968-1971)
  152. Arrow Academy Releasing The Legend Of The Holy Drinker
  153. Suburra - Italian Neo-Noir
  154. Cannon Films' The Barbarians Getting German Blu-ray Release!
  155. Shameless releasing Mountain of the Cannibal God
  156. Uncut Italian 35MM Print of Suspiria Found and Will Be Projected Across the US
  157. 88 Films Releasing Anthropophaghous Remastered Edition Blu-ray
  158. Cult Epics Releasing The Flesh
  159. Peppermint Soda Coming To Blu-ray Via BFI
  160. R.I.P. Michael Nyqvist
  161. BFI Releasing Orchard End Murder Blu-ray
  162. Sound From The Deep
  163. Cult Epics Releasing Frank & Eva
  165. Severin Films Releasing Anthrophagus
  166. Camera Obscura Releasing Fango Bollente / The Savage Three
  167. The Bergman Collection - 30 Disc Limited Set
  168. Arrow Academy Releasing Fellini's The Voice Of The Moon
  169. Arrow Academy Releasing Le Plaisir
  170. Scarlet Diva
  171. Kino Releasing OSS 117 Five Film Collection
  172. BFI Releasing My Beautiful Laundrette
  173. Eureka Releasing Suntan On Blu-ray 9/4/17
  174. Deadly Jaws/Night Of The Sharks Double Feature DVD Coming From Retrovision
  175. Intervision Releasing Suffer Light Children On DVD!!!
  176. Flesh For Frankenstein / Blood For Dracula
  177. Best site for euro cult and other DVD-R
  178. R.I.P. Jeanne Moreau
  179. Thriller: They Call Her One Eye Gets New 4k Restortation
  180. Come in un film: La Vera Storia di Gabriele (Gastone) Tinti (2016)
  181. Fred Haines' Steppenwolf
  182. Cry Of A Prostitute
  183. BFI Releasing Mike Leigh's Life Is Sweet
  184. Indicator Releasing Fragment Of Fear
  185. Fulci's The Psychic Coming To Blu-ray
  186. Cuadecuc, Vampir (1971) Coming Soon from Second Run
  187. SubKultur will be releasing ROOTS OF EVIL (Die Brut Des Bosen 1979) Nov 29 2017
  188. Buñuel: The Essential Collection Box Set
  189. Lovers Beyond Time (1990) - Winter 2017 from Mondo Macabro
  190. Joachim Trier's Thelma
  191. Habit
  192. New Hammer Movie - The Lodge
  193. Bacchanalia
  194. Joe Ahearne's B&B
  195. Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) - November 20th (BFI)
  196. Peter Strickland's In Fabric
  197. Fritz Lang: The Silent Films
  198. Omega Rising: Remembering Joe D'Amato
  199. Eureka Releasing Manina On Blu-ray 11-13-17
  200. Film Movement Releasing Frédéric Mermoud's Moka On DVD 10/17/17
  201. Brothers Till We Die (Die Kröte / La banda del gobbo)
  202. BFI Releasing The Wages Of Fear
  203. Arrow Academy Releasing The Éric Rohmer Collection
  204. Giochi Erotici Di Una Famiglia Per Bene (1975)
  205. Umberto Lenzi's Eyeball Coming To Blu-ray
  206. Severin Films Releasing Shocking Dark (aka Terminator II)
  207. Was Rosalba Neri ever in any good films?
  208. Second Run Releasing Witchhammer On Blu-ray
  209. Film Movement Releasing The Sissi Trilogy On Blu-ray 11/14/17
  210. RIP Umberto Lenzi
  211. Icelandic Horror Film I Remember You
  212. Film Movement releasing The Great Silence on Blu-ray
  213. Blood Harvest (new Irish horror film)
  214. Ghostwatch
  215. Arrow Releasing Cat O' Nine Tails
  216. Arrow Academy Releasing The Witches
  217. Arrow Academy Releasing The Mystery Of Picasso
  218. Arrow Academy Releasing Viva l’Italia
  219. Juraz Herz's The Cremator (1968) - Second Run BD
  220. Ghost Stories (2017)
  221. La virgen descalza - Lone Fleming's Directorial Debut
  222. Wicked Vision Releasing Tesis
  223. Seven Blood Stained Orchids
  224. Scream Factory Releasing Night Of The Seagulls!!!
  225. Severin Releasing Jack The Ripper (1959) As Black Friday Exclusive
  226. Eureka Entertainment Releasing Kills On Wheels On Blu-ray 1/15/18.
  227. RIP Ray Lovelock
  228. Robert Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar
  229. BLoodlost (aka Mosquito der Schänder) Coming To Blu-ray
  230. Arrow Academy Releasing Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno
  231. Arrow Academy Releasing Federico Fellini's Orchestra Rehearsal
  232. Arrow Academy Releasing A Woman's Life
  233. Eureka Releasing Strangled
  234. RIP Ulli Lommel
  235. Laurin (1989)
  236. BFI Releasing When The Wind Blows
  237. Scream Factory Releasing Fangs Of The Living Dead!
  238. Margheriti's The Last Hunter Coming To Blu-ray
  239. Scream Factory Releasing The Projected Man
  240. Leon Klimovsky's STRANGE LOVE OF THE VAMPIRES (1975)
  241. Severin Films Releasing Lenzi's Eaten Alive On Blu-ray
  242. Film Movement Releasing The Teacher
  243. Arrow Releasing A Pistol for Ringo & The Return of Ringo: Two Films by Duccio Tessar
  244. Arrow Academy Releasing Sacha Guitry Four Films 1936-1938
  245. Redemption Releasing The Orchard End Murder In March 2018
  246. Mondo Macabro Releasing The Wild Pussycat/The Deserter Double Feature Blu-ray
  247. Bigas Luna's Jamón, Jamón (1992) - Olive Films
  248. Captain Birds Eye!
  249. is there a database for dubbing voices?
  250. Please identify possible Euro-Western?