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  1. Umbrella Entertainment Releasing The Champagne Murders
  2. Unearthed Films Releasing Red Korkodil
  3. Miklós Jancsó's Silence and Cry - 2/26 (Second Run)
  4. R.I.P. Peter Wyngarde
  5. Satantango
  6. Jess franco on 4k blu ray
  7. APARTMENT ON THE 13th FLOOR aka CANNIBAL MAN Code Red Blu-ray
  9. Mill Creek Releasing A Study In Terror
  10. Kino Releasing Paul Verhoeven's Spetters
  11. BFI Releasing Jarman Volume One: 1972-1986
  12. Scream Factory Releasing The Vampire And The Ballerina
  13. Scream Factory Releasing Doctor Blood's Coffin
  14. Henri-Georges Clouzot's Woman in Chains (La prisonnière, 1968)
  15. BFI announces DVD/Blu-ray releases for April - June 2018
  16. Cult Epics Releasing Agusti Villaronga's Moon Child
  17. Arrow Academy Releasing Black Venus
  18. Arrow Academy Releasing Irma Vep
  19. Caravan To Vaccares
  20. The Tiger - Andrzej Zulawski's Unmade Cannon Film
  21. Frankenstein The True Story
  22. Nucleus' Lady Frankenstein Blu-ray
  23. 88 Films Releasing Amazonia The Catherine Miles Story
  24. Death Smiles on a Murderer from Arrow
  25. 4 TIMES THAT NIGHT Blu coming from Kino
  26. Kino Releasing Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice
  27. Fellini's Nights Of Cabiria
  28. Indicator Releasing Michelangelo Antonioni's The Passenger
  29. Screenbound Pictures Releasing The Asphyx
  30. Artsploitation Films Acquires EuroObscura’s A Taste of Phobia
  31. The Violent Professionals
  32. Christiane F.
  33. Jiri Barta
  34. The Bloodsucker Leads The Dance
  35. Arrow Academy Releasing Dark River
  36. X-Rated Bringing Africa Addio To Blu-ray!
  37. Andrzej Zulawski Japanese Box Set
  38. Le Chat Qui Fume Releasing The Blood Rose (merged!)
  39. Franco Nero / Enzo G. Castellari - Street Law!
  40. Who Can Kill a Child (1976) - Mondo Macabro
  41. Full Moon Releasing Rolls Royce Baby
  42. RIP Erwin C. Dietrich
  43. Shout! Factory Releasing Crucible Of Horror
  44. Shameless Releasing Mountain Of The Cannibal God
  45. Arrow Releasing The Complete Sartana
  46. Let The Corpses Tan
  47. New Lamberto Bava Horror Film - Twins
  48. Kino Releasing Paul Verhoeven's Spetters
  49. BFI Releasing Bergman's The Magic Flute
  50. BFI Releasing Bergman's The Touch
  51. RIP Juraj Herz
  52. Artsploitation Films Acquires Snowflake
  53. Diary Of A Chambermaid
  54. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne
  55. Arrow Releasing The Case Of The Scorpion's Tail
  56. BLOODLUST (aka Mosquito der Schänder, 1977) from Mondo Macabro
  57. L'Amant Double
  58. Woodfall: A Revolution in British Cinema Boxed Set Coming From BFI June 11th
  59. Ognjen Glavonic’s The Load
  60. Coralie Fargeat's Revenge
  61. Love Express: The Disappearance Of Walerian Borowczyk
  62. Agnieszka Smoczynska's Fugue
  63. Arrow Academy Releasing A Gentle Creature
  64. Gaspar Noe's Climax
  65. RIP Janine Reynaud
  66. Knife + Heart / Un couteau dans le coeur
  67. Full Moon Releasing Oasis Of The Lost Girls
  68. Koch Media's Eurocrime Boxed Set!
  69. Arrow Video Future Releases (2018 list)
  70. Arrow is releasing What Have They Done to Your Daughters
  71. Amore E Morte Nel Giardino Degli Dei/Love And Death In The Garden Of The Gods
  72. The BFI Releasing The Knack... And How To Get It On Blu-ray 6/18/18.
  73. The BFI Releasing Jubilee
  74. Heavy Trip
  75. The Lighthouse
  76. The [REC] Collection Blu-ray set from Scream Factory
  77. Scorpion Releasing Bringing Leonor To Blu-ray!
  78. Leptirica (1973) Serbian vampire film
  79. Subkultur releasing Rolf Olsen's THE DEVILS GIRLS (1967)
  80. Full Moon Releasing The Women Of Inferno Island
  81. Screenbound Releasing Haunted House Of Horror (a.k.a. Horror House)
  82. Code Red Releasing Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead
  83. Perversion Story Coming From Mondo Macabro
  84. Tracking
  85. Happy As Lazzaro
  86. BFI Releasing It Happened Here
  87. Arrow Releasing The Pajama Girl Case
  88. Arrow Academy Releasing Incident In A Ghostland
  89. Hand That Feeds The Dead
  90. Uncut Caligula Blu-ray Release Coming In October
  91. 88 Films Releasing Nightmare Beach
  92. Cult Epics Releasing Blue Movie
  93. BFI Releasing Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la bête On Blu-ray 8/6/18
  94. Domestik (2018) Czech Body Horror
  95. Arrow Academy Releasing The Early Films of Olivier Assayas
  96. Arrow Academy Releasing Distant Voices Still Lives
  97. Hendrix & Liljedahl
  98. Succubus / Necronomicon
  99. Eureka Releasing Rescue Under fire (Zona Hostil)
  100. 101 Films Releasing Black Book Blu-ray
  101. Artsploitation Films Releasing Molly (a.k.a. Mad Molly)
  102. Irish Western - Black 47
  103. Jacques Demy's Lady Oscar - Pre-Fulci Catriona MacColl
  104. José Ramon Larraz’ Edge of the Axe Coming From Arrow
  105. Rome Armed To The Teeth / The Tough Ones (Merged)
  106. Indicator Releasing Born Of Fire
  107. Damiano Damiani's Gioco al Massacro / A Human Portrait write up
  108. Severin releases an Anthropophagus plush doll
  109. Mondo Macabro Releasing The Inheritors
  110. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Juraj Herz (1978)
  111. Mondo Macabro releasing Greek exploitation film DANGEROUS CARGO on Blu
  112. Mondo Macabro releasing French exploitation film LA PUNITION on Blu-ray
  113. Mondo Macabro releasing QUEENS OF EVIL (1970) on Blu-ray
  114. Shout! Factory Releasing Dracula Prince Of Darkness
  115. Matteo Garrone's Dogman
  116. The BFI Releasing Jacques Rivette's Paris nous appartient (Paris Belongs To Us)
  117. CzechMate: In Search of Jiri Menzel - 7 Hour Czech New Wave Documentary
  118. Věra Chytilová's Daisies (1966) - Second Run
  119. Ricardo Freda's The Ghost
  120. DRACULA A.D. 1972 (1972) BD
  122. The Snarling
  123. Arrow Academy Releasing The Serpent's Egg
  124. Cannibal Holocaust II / The Green Inferno Coming From 88 Films?
  125. Kino Lorber Releasing Street People (1976)
  127. R.I.P. Stelvio Cipriani
  128. Possum
  129. The White Reindeer (1952)
  130. Kino Acquires 10 Films From The Hungarian National Film Fund
  131. Shameless Releasing The Case Of The Bloody Iris
  132. The Forest Of Lost Souls
  133. Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Verena Paravel's Caniba
  134. Juraj Herz's Ferat Vampire (1982)
  135. 88 Films Releasing Rats: Nights Of Terror
  136. Arrow Releasing The Possessed / La Donna Del Lago
  137. Martyrs (2008) Blu-ray?
  138. Severin Films Releasing All The Colors Of Giallo!
  139. Kino Releasing Dead Of Night
  140. Artsploitation Films Releasing Snowflake
  141. Aleksey German’s Khrustalyov, My Car! (1998)
  142. New Swedish Horror Film - The Cabin
  143. BFI Releasing Red White And Zero
  144. 88 Films Releasing A Black Veil For Lisa
  145. Arrow Releasing The Possessed
  146. Arrow Releasing The Fifth Cord
  147. Arrow Releasing Horror Express
  148. Curse Of The Blind Dead
  149. THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE (Jean Brismée, 1971) - Mondo Macabro, Jan 2019
  150. Alan Moore's The Show
  151. Arrow Academy Releasing Peter Glenville's The Prisoner
  152. 88 Films Releasing Cannibal Terror
  153. Laserpope
  154. Jose Ramon Larraz Set - Blood Hunger (Arrow Video)
  155. Jean Cocteau's Orphee Coming To Blu-ray From The BFI
  156. BFI Releasing Clive Donner's Rogue Male Starring Peter O'Toole
  157. Arrow Releasing Strip Nude For Your Killer
  158. Jean-Luc Godard’s The Image Book
  159. RIP Jorge Grau
  161. Confessions Of A Police Captain
  162. Sergio Martino's American Tiger (1990) - 2 Disc German Mediabook
  163. Second Sight Releasing Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s World On A Wire
  164. Indicator Releasing The Triple Echo
  165. Automata
  166. Hole In The Ground
  167. Arrow Academy Releasing Alain Resnais' Mélo
  168. Arrow Academy Releasing Khrustalyov, My Car!
  169. Well Go USA Releasing Heilstätten (aka Haunted Hospital: Heilstätten)
  170. Screenbound Releasing Haunted House Of Horror (aka Horror House)
  171. New Italian Horror Film - The Laplace's Demon
  172. Indicator Releasing Psych 59
  173. Indicator Releasing The Third Secret
  174. New Argento Movie In The Works
  175. Videoman
  176. The Exorcism Of Karen Walker
  177. Crucible of the Vampire
  178. Scream Factory Releasing The Vengeance Of She!
  179. Arrow Releasing Keoma
  180. Arrow Releasing The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire
  181. RIP Dusan Makavejev
  182. Shout! Factory Releasing The Quatermass Films
  183. Brief Encounter Coming To Blu-ray From Scorpion Releasing
  184. Subkultur Releasing Degree of Murder/Mord Und Totschlag
  185. BFI Flipside Releasing Stranger In The House
  186. Reinert Kiil's The House (Huset)
  187. Kino Lorber Releasing Fantomas (1960s) Collection!
  188. Olivier Assayas’ Demonlover (2002) - Arrow Academy
  189. Le Chat Qui Fume Releasing La Nuit De La Mort
  190. Eureka Releasing The White Reindeer
  191. BFI Releasing Maurice
  192. Mondo Macabro Releasing Emanuelle In America!
  193. Brief Encounter Coming From Scorpion Releasing
  194. Devil's Kiss (1976) - Redemption
  195. High Crime (Studio Canal)
  196. RIP Bruno Ganz
  197. Arrow Releasing The Grand Duel
  198. La Settima Donna - Blu-Ray
  199. Kino Releasing The Man Who Haunted Himself
  200. Hagazussa
  201. Arbelos Films Releasing The Juniper Tree
  202. Kino Releasing Polanski's Bitter Moon
  203. Umbrella Releasing Los Olvidados (The Young And The Damned)
  204. Atrocious Tales of Love and Death (Giallo napoletan)
  205. Nicolas Roeg's Track 29 Coming From Indicator
  206. Question regarding a few Argento titles on Blu-Ray
  207. Kino Releasing Arabian Adventure
  208. Mean Frank And Crazy Tony
  209. Nekromantik
  210. Scorpion Releasing Bringing Iron Warrior To Blu-ray!
  211. Dark Force releasing Gates of Hell!!!!!!!!
  212. Severin Films Releasing Claudio Fragasso’s Night Killer
  213. Immaculate Conception (1992) - Indicator
  214. The BFI Releasing Peter Sellers' Mr. Topaz 4/15/19
  215. 88 Films Italian Restoration Project Part 2
  216. Redemption Releasing The Devil's Kiss
  217. Kino Releasing Baby Blood
  218. The Beyond (Shameless Screen Entertainment)
  219. Eureka Releasing Arnold Fanck/Leni Riefenstahl's The Holy Mountain
  220. A Dark Song (2016)
  221. Cult Epics Releasing My Nights With Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie
  222. 88 Films Releasing Karate Warrior
  223. 88 Films Releasing Paganini Horror
  224. Sergio Corbucci's Der Supertyp / Ecco noi per esempio...
  225. Corruption of Chris Miller
  226. Carcinoma
  227. Kino Releasing 3 Jean-Pierre Melville Blu-rays
  228. Code Red Releasing Conquest
  229. Kino Releasing Alphaville
  230. BLOODY TERROR: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J Warren, 1976-1987 (Indicator)
  231. The Legacy (1978) (Indicator)
  232. The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920) - Masters of Cinema (Eureka)
  233. Deodato Holocaust
  234. Cross of the Seven Jewls (Eyetalian werewolf picture with a $20 budget)
  235. Mondo Macabro Releasing The Killer Of Dolls!
  236. Second Run Releasing A Case For A Rookie Hangman
  237. Severin Films Releasing Robowar!
  238. Gaspar Noé's Lux Æterna (2019)
  239. Artsploitation Films Releasing Blood Paradise
  240. Kino Releasing Sudden Terror
  241. Shout! Factory Releasing Circus Of Horrors
  242. Dark Force Releasing Ator
  243. La Chat Qui Fume Releasing Laurin
  244. RIP Narciso Ibáñez Serrador(1935-2019)
  245. The Magnificent Obsession Of Michael Reeves
  246. Synapse Releasing Django The Bastard
  247. RIP Franco Zeffirelli
  248. Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows
  249. Kino Lorber Releasing Endless Night
  250. My Friend The Polish Girl