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  1. Jess Franco's "Sinner"
  2. Killer Kid Movies!
  3. Rest In Peace, Jean Rollin
  4. Lunacy - Jan Svankmajer
  5. Wild East's I Am The Law / Mafia Double Feature DVD
  6. If you weren't already enamoured with Udo Kier...
  7. More Euro Crime Goodness With.... The Smiling Maniacs!
  8. Franco's Sinister Eyes Of Dr. Orloff
  9. Gasper Noe
  10. THE BEYOND BluRay reviews? When?
  11. Jean Rollin on DVD & Blu-ray
  12. Alien From The Deep
  13. Random FRANCO Ramblings...
  14. Brigitte Lahaie VS. Karine Gambier (NSFW)
  15. So Argento's doing Dracula 3-D? (Merged)
  16. Favorite Women In Prison Flicks...
  17. Who is the hotter guy? Luc Merenda or Victor Israel?
  18. God damn it (The Edwige Fenech Thread)
  19. Mondo Candido coming from Camera Obscura
  20. Pippi Longstocking...
  21. When are they EVER going to give it a rest? Or maybe just shut up and go away...
  22. The Dark Haired Euro Hottie Showdown (NSFW)
  23. One 7 Movies and their odd catalogue of Eurotrash!
  24. Deep Red Blu-ray from Blue Underground
  25. Two Fassbinder DVDs From Olive Films
  26. The Cannibal Holocaust Thread!
  27. Clouzot's Diabolique
  28. Lenzi's Almost Human coming from Shameless (NSFW)
  29. Christina Lindberg in.... Wide Open
  30. The Fifth Cord
  31. Some BIG news for Hammer fans!
  32. TENEBRE Bluray (Arrow) and GOBLIN!
  33. Troll Hunter/Trolljegeren (André Øvredal, 2010)
  34. Una Vita Tranquila/A Quiet Life (Claudio Cupellini, 2010)
  35. Six Swedes Films...
  36. Shameless Releasing Four Flies On Grey Velvet 12/5/11 DVD & Blu-ray!
  37. QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (Blu-Ray) Cover Art/Features
  38. Full details and specs on Shameless' Don't Torture A Ducking DVD
  39. Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection Coming To Blu-ray!
  40. More Raro Titles...
  41. Kinski's Paganini Coming To R1 from Mya?
  42. Problems With Those New Hammer Films From Icon
  43. DEVIL STORY - French dvd now available
  44. My Barbara & Rosalba tattoo
  45. Confessions Of The Sex Slaves - an unsung Eurosleaze GEM!
  46. Shameless releasing Cemetery Man in 2012
  47. A Serbian Film
  48. Kino bought Redemption's Library and are bringing titles to Blu-ray!
  49. I have more ERIC FALK movies than ANYONE IN THE WORLD!
  50. Melville's Le Samourai Coming To French Blu-ray
  51. The Spaghetti Western thread
  52. More Redemption Blu-ray's on the way?
  53. Arrow releasing The Wild Geese on Blu-ray
  54. Kill List (2011)
  56. The Ingrid Steeger Appreciation Thread
  57. Dr. Jekyll Vs. The Werewolf!
  58. The Profane Exhibit (new anthology Art Horror)
  59. Some odd titles coming from MYA
  60. Giallo A Venezia (Merged)
  61. Revelations Of A Psychiatrist Coming To DVD from AWE in March
  62. Cushing, the gamer
  63. La Orca from Camera Obscura
  64. The Fighting Fists of Shangai Joe (1973)
  65. Rest In Peace, Lina :(
  66. Umberto Lenzi's Daughter Of The Jungle
  67. Camera Obscura Announces Forbidden Photos Of A Lady Above Suspicion
  68. GIRL IN ROOM 2A from Mondo Macabro!
  69. Franco's COUNTESS PERVERSE from Mondo Macabro!
  70. Jess Franco`s MIDNIGHT PARTY (Heisse Berührungen) from EDITION TONFILM (NSFW Images)
  71. EMPUSA - Paul Naschy's final film now available
  72. Silva Alert! Battle Of The Godfathers 2-Disc SE
  73. Camera Obscura Releasing The Seducers (Top Sensation)
  74. A Trip to the Moon (1902) Dir. Georges Melies (Flicker Alley Blu-Ray)
  75. So are we ever going to see more new stuff? Frustrated...
  76. The Lucio Fulci Thread
  77. Célestine (Edition Tonfilm) on Bluray and DVD in july 2012
  78. Koch to release giallo box
  79. Renoir's La Grande Illusion Coming To Blu-ray from Lionsgate
  80. Symptoms
  81. Violent City On Italian Blu-ray
  82. Camera Obscura To Release Spirits Of Death
  83. Arrow Releasing Zombie On Blu-ray
  84. Duccio Tessari's The Bastard
  85. Italian Cannibal movies
  86. ON VAMPYRES AND OTHER SYMPTOMS - Larraz documentary
  87. The Night Porter On Blu-ray/DVD from Film 4
  88. Blood Tracks 2-Disc Set Coming To DVD!
  89. Renato Polselli - Which films are available on DVD?
  90. Orgasmo DVD (by gad there's a lot of J&B in this film)
  91. Dorado Films returns from the grave!
  92. El Monstrous del Terror (Spain, 1969) and La Furia del Hombre Lobo (Spain, 1970)
  93. Freda's HORRIBLE DR HICHCOCK (Italy, 1962)
  94. Enrico Maria Salerno
  96. Camera Obscura catalog
  97. That Austrian Mark Of The Devil Blu-ray?
  98. Four Flies On Grey Velvet -- the Koch Blu
  99. The People Who Own The Dark
  100. Shameless Releasing Amsterdamned 10/22/12
  101. Giallo thread
  102. HOW TO SEDUCE A VIRGIN from Mondo Macabro!
  103. Louis Malle's BLACK MOON
  104. The Last Shark Coming To DVD In 2013?
  105. Jaume Balaguero's Sleep Tight
  106. Summertime Killer
  107. Umbrella Entertainment Releasing Suspiria On Blu-ray 10/3/12
  108. Il sesso del diavolo / Trittico - A Mysterious Italian Sleaze Epic?
  109. 3 x Mats Helge + David Carradine DVDs coming in October
  110. Two Massimo Dallamano titles coming this October from Arrow Video
  111. Two more Franco's arrive from X Rated?
  112. Kino/Redemption Exorcism & Female Vampire Blu-rays
  113. The Cynic, The Rat, and The Fist & Brothers Till We Die Coming To DVD
  114. Ruggero Deodato's Bridge - The Profane Exhibit
  115. Mill Creek's The Legendary West Collection
  116. Three New Giallo Four Packs From Pop Flix?
  117. LIBIDO
  118. Fan Subs
  119. Two Django Double Features Coming From Shout! Factory 12/11/12!
  120. Who Can Kill A Child - Remake Trailer!
  121. Westerns Unchained Blu-ray Set Coming From First Look Pictures
  122. German BD of Immoral Tales (Borowczyk)
  123. any love for Asia Argento on this forum? (NSFW)
  124. Escape From Women's Prison
  125. Women Ordered To Love
  126. Mara - New Swedish Horror Film
  127. David Warbeck
  128. Hammer's The Devil Rides Out Has Been Lucasized?
  129. Italian Zombie movies
  130. Some interesting Japanese Giallo Releases at CD Japan!
  131. Ricardo Freda
  132. Code Red Strikes A Deal With Alfredo Leone!
  133. R.I.P. Sylvia Kristel
  134. Shameless Releasing The House With The Laughing Windows
  135. MASKS (German Argento homage)
  136. Arrow Bringing Lisa & The Devil And Black Sunday To Blu-ray!
  137. Koch Media DVD catalog/Western Unchained Collection
  138. Nigel Wingrove's Visions Of Ecstasy Coming To DVD
  139. Official Peter Bark Fan Club Shirt!!!
  140. Raffaele Picchio’s Morituris
  141. Dudu - German Herbie The Love Bug Rip Off
  142. Andrzej Zulawski's Possession Announced For Blu-ray
  143. Jess Franco Recommendations
  144. The Klaus Kinski Appreciation Thread
  145. The Nastassia Kinski appreciation thread (NSFW)
  146. A.C.A.B.: All Cops Are Bastards (Stefano Sollima, 2012)
  147. Mediumrare Entertainment Releasing 2 Jess Franco Films & More!
  148. [REC 4] Apocalypse
  149. Baron Blood On Blu-ray!
  150. Cannibals: Legend Or Reality
  151. Olaf Ittenbach's No Reason
  152. Different country, different cuts
  153. Your favourite Euro Cult actors crop up in the most unusual places...
  154. Tower of Evil (1972) aka: Horror on Snape Island!
  155. The House That Dripped Blood
  156. DJANGO LIVES! Proposed
  157. my favorite British horrors
  158. Thomas Milian, Better Hero Or Villain?
  159. Luigi Bazzoni's The Possessed on DVD?
  160. Incoming Argent Films Release of DJANGO (Sergio Corbucci, 1966) on BD
  161. Dracula | Horror of Dracula (1958) pre-order March 17
  162. Incoming German BD release of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE from Universum Film
  163. BLACK SABBATH and BARON BLOOD coming from Arrow
  164. RIP Patty Shepard
  165. Nunsploitation
  166. The Cinematic Enigma Of The Caligula Rip Off
  167. Who is the Fourth Maestro?
  168. Kino Releasing Bay Of Blood 4/16/13
  169. Euro-crime: policier, polar, poliziesco all'italiana, poliziottesco/poliziotteschi
  170. Euro Sleaze Collection (DVD, Severin Films) - 2/12/2013
  171. Eurocult Soundtracks
  172. Federico Zampaglione's Tulpa
  173. Bobby Boermans' APP
  174. Alain Robbe-Grillet films coming soon...
  175. Black Cobra Woman (Eva Nera) - Laura Gemser & Jack Palance!
  176. Crazy Love (Dominique Deruddere, 1987)
  177. Malabimba vs. La Bimba Di Satana
  178. Denis Heroux's NAKED MASSACRE/BORN FOR HELL (1976)
  179. Ogroff The Mad Mutilator
  180. French Slasher - Last Caress
  181. Unforgotten Shadows
  182. Zombie 3D
  183. Jose Ramon Larraz's SCREAM AND DIE (1974) on DVD
  184. Enzo G Castellari's CARIBBEAN BASTERDS (2010)
  185. Byzantium - Neil Jordan 2012
  186. The Theatre Bizarre 2: Grand Guignol
  187. The Seven Golden Men movies!
  188. The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry: Paul Naschy, The Life and Legend of a Horror Icon
  189. HOT TRACES OF ST. PAULI (German crime film?)
  190. The Michael Sopkiw films!
  191. Vincent Cassel Is The Monk!
  192. Edgar Wallace Collection DVD Reissues From Bayview Entertainment
  193. Network Releasing The Man Who Haunted Himself 5/27/2013
  194. Laurent Bouhnik's Q (Desire)
  196. Redemption Announces 14 NEW Franco Titles For Blu-ray in 2013
  197. Tony Arzenta (aka Big Guns)
  198. Shout! Factory Releasing Priest Of Evil
  199. Enzo Castellari's Badlanders
  200. Dark Mission (aka Flowers Of Evil)
  201. RIP Ennio Girolami
  202. BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW (1970) coming to blu-ray
  203. Pathfinder Releasing Maldonne On 4/23/13
  204. Gian Maria Volonte' 3 film set from Raro
  205. Jess Franco Blu-ray
  206. The DEFA Science Fiction Collection
  207. Sean Connery as Hotspur?!
  208. Baise-Moi
  209. Le Beau Serge & Les Cousins Coming To Blu-ray From Eureka
  210. Hakan Yildiz's Bloody Night
  211. Full Moon Releasing Caged Women
  212. Italian Ghost Stories / Fantasmi (2011)
  213. New Burial Ground Blu-ray Coming...
  215. Mario Bava
  216. The Frightened Woman
  217. RaroVideo are back in action thanks to new distributor Kino Lorber
  218. Damiano Damiani RIP
  219. the HERCULES films
  220. LA PAPESSE (France, 1975) Mario Mercier
  221. Witches Hammer (Kladivo na carodejnice)
  222. MORBUS (Spain, 1983) Ignasi P. Ferré
  223. English-friendly DVDs
  224. Alex de la Iglesia’s Witching
  225. Fearless Vampire killers/Dance of the Vampires blu-ray
  226. Ennio Morricone - I'll Never Work With Quentin Tarantino Again!
  227. lost & forgotten & ignored Euro films
  228. Álex de la Iglesia's WITCHING AND BITCHING
  229. Demon Witch Child (aka The Possessed)
  230. Kino Releasing Alan Clarke's Scum on Blu-ray
  231. Florian Frerichs' Alex
  232. The House In Nightmare Park
  233. Naschy Worship - The Paul Naschy Thread
  234. Livid (2011)
  235. DEAD EYES (2013) New Italian found footage horror film
  236. Necropolis (Franco Brocani, 1970)
  237. Jose Ramon Larraz's SYMPTOMS (1974): that Brussels screening
  238. The House On Straw Hill Blu-ray 6/11/13
  239. THE VAMPIRE LOVERS - Scream Factory/Shout! Factory Blu-ray
  240. THE WICKER MAN (1973) on Blu-ray - where is it?
  241. MARKETA LAZAROVA (Czechoslovakia, 1967) Criterion Blu-ray/DVD
  242. Marçal Forés' Animals (2012)
  243. Titan Video Re-Releasing Nekromantik
  244. Lord Of Darkness (Sawney: Flesh Of Man) Coming To DVD From Lionsgate
  245. R.I.P. Jess Franco
  246. Roots Of Evil aka Die Brut des Bösen
  247. The Damiano Damiani Collection
  248. THE UNNATURALS - Margheriti gothic on dvd
  249. Dead Body Welcome
  250. BFI Releasing Aguirre, Wrath Of God