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  1. Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell (Japanese Evil Dead)
  2. Laplace's Witch (Takashi Miike, 2018)
  3. MABOROSI (1995) KOREE-DA HIROKAZU coming to blu ray and dvd in July
  4. Arrow Releasing Bloody Spear At Mount Fuji
  5. Well Go USA Releasing Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
  6. Mill Creek Releasing Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis As Steelbook Blu-ray/DVD Combo
  7. Severin Films Releasing The Blood Island Collection
  8. Well Go USA Releasing Dante Lam's Operation Red Sea
  9. Well Go USA Releasing Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days
  10. Kung Fu Alliance aka Kung Fu League aka Kung Fu Big League
  11. Horrors of Malformed Men & Orgies Of Edo Blu-ray from Arrow
  12. Shinya Tsukamoto's Zan
  13. On The Ropes
  14. Animerama: A Thousand & One Nights / Cleopatra
  15. New Vietnamese Horror Film The Immortal
  16. Wakamatsu's THE RAPEMAN
  17. Cinedigm Releasing The Liquidator
  18. Massacre Video Releasing The Devil
  19. Sion Sono's Antiporno
  20. Godzilla The Planet Eater
  21. Foxtrot Six
  22. THE THIRD MURDER (2017/8) excellent legal thriller by H. Koreeda
  23. Need help finding a movie.
  24. Discotek Releasing Devilman The Complete OVA Series
  25. Legend Of The Ancient Sword
  26. Mondo Macabro releasing Kim Ki-young's WOMAN CHASING A KILLER BUTTERFLY on Blu
  27. Witness
  28. Eureka Releasing Once Upon A Time In China Trilogy
  29. Shintaro Katsu... Other films...
  30. Unidentified Toei films
  31. Well Go USA Releasing Believer
  32. The Night Comes For Us
  33. Shout! Factory Releasing 30th Anniversary Edition Of My Neighbor Totoro
  34. Train To Busan
  35. Takashi Hirose's BRUTAL
  36. Kuru (Tetsuya Nakashima, 2018)
  37. Jackie Chan BDs Coming From 88 Films
  38. Unearthed Films Releasing Kôji Shiraishi's A Record Of Sweet Murder
  39. Ghost Mask: Scar
  40. The White Girl (Christopher Doyle, Jenny Suen) (2017)
  41. Centipede Horror - best available version?
  42. R.I.P. Yueh Hua
  43. The Limit of Sleeping Beauty (Ken Ninomiya, 2017)
  44. Chiwawa-chan (Ken Ninomiya, 2019)
  45. Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater Coming To AMC Theater In Times Square
  46. Foxtrot 6
  47. Well GO USA Releasing Rampant
  48. One Cut Of The Dead
  49. R.I.P. Raymond Chow
  50. Beast Of The Yellow Night
  51. Shout Factory is release THE STREETFIGHTER COLLECTION
  52. Well Go USA Releasing Sky On Fire
  53. Mr. Vampire
  54. Unstoppable
  55. Spooky Encounters / Encounters Of The Spooky Kind
  56. Red Blade (2018) (Ishihara, Sono, Sakaguchi, Shimomura)
  57. Well Go USA Releasing Rampant
  58. Arrow Releasing Before We Vanish
  59. Tokyo Living Dead Idol
  60. Shout! Factory Releasing Perfect Blue
  61. Furie
  62. Zeze Takahisa's The Lowlife
  63. Kino Releasing Thirst (Park-Chan Wook)
  64. Older Sister
  65. Full Alert
  66. The Horse Thief
  67. Arrow Releasing The Ring
  68. Arrow Releasing The Sister Street Fighter Collection
  69. R.I.P. Masashi Ishibashi
  70. R.I.P. Ringo Lam (1955-2018)
  71. Korean Zombies - Kingdom
  72. Stephen Chow's New King Of Comedy
  73. Buffalo Boys
  74. Shout! Factory Releasing Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki
  75. Kiyoshi Kurosawa's BEFORE WE VANISH blu ray
  76. Stephen Chow's Lawyer Lawyer & The Lucky Guy
  77. Severin Films Releasing Hemisphere Horrors Collection
  78. Arrow Releasing Takashi Miike's Terraformers
  79. Devil Woman
  80. The Wandering Earth (2019) Guo Fan directed blockbuster Chinese sci-fi film
  81. Zodiac Killers
  82. The Incredible Monk - Dragon Return
  83. Throne Of Blood
  84. Filipino Action Film - Maria
  85. Unity Of Heroes
  86. Triple Threat
  87. Shanghai Fortress
  88. Kung Fu Hustle 2
  89. Well Go USA Releasing Iconic Collections
  90. Ash Is Purest White
  91. Master Z The Ip Man Legacy
  92. P-Storm
  93. Anolis Releasing Mothra
  94. R.I.P. Yuya Uchida
  95. PASKAL: THE MOVIE (2018) - Dir. Adrian Teh
  96. Ringo Lam's Undeclared War
  97. Prodigal Son
  98. Operation: Rambu
  99. Ringo Lam's WILD SEARCH (1989) coming to blu ray
  100. Eureka Releasing Last Hurrah For Chivalry & Hand Of Death
  101. Chow Yun-fat coming to blu ray
  102. King Hu THE FATE OF LEE KHAN coming to blu ray
  103. Shinsuke Sato's live action adaptation of KINGDOM
  104. KHAVN double blu ray coming from Spectrum Films France
  105. Shunji Iwai ALL ABOUT LILY CHOU-CHOU blu ray
  106. Beyond Atlantis
  107. SRS Cinema Releasing Reigo & Reiga
  108. 8th Old School Kung Fu Fest