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  1. Currently reading...
  2. The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright
  3. Comic books I am reading...
  4. Comic Books I Am Not Reading...
  5. Great Music Biographies
  6. Marvel Vs. DC - the eternal debate!
  7. Rad Artists: Paul Gulacy
  8. Rad Artists: Richard Corben
  9. Rad Artist: Neal Adams
  10. Rad Artist: Mike Kaluta
  11. Rad Artist: Barry Windsor Smith
  12. A New Silver Surfer Series...
  13. Rad Artist: Bernie Wrightson
  14. No.
  15. Greatest Comic Book Covers Of All Time
  16. Weird Horror Movie Comic Adaptations And Sequels
  17. The new Dark Horse Presents
  18. Sammy Hagar's RED
  19. Gore Shriek
  20. Trouble In The Camera Club
  21. ANY GUN CAN PLAY Fabpress - when?
  22. Rocketeer Adventures?
  23. House Of Hammer
  24. Dirty, Drunk And Punk - The Crazy Twisted Story Of The Bunchofuckingoofs
  25. R.I.P. Gene Colan
  26. Chester Himes' Harlem Cycle
  27. NECA's Evil Dead 2 figures...
  28. IDW bringing back The Crow & Wrightson's Frankenstein!
  29. Morrissey... in comic book form. WTF?
  30. Ed Brubaker's Criminal
  31. 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth...
  32. Justice League #1...and onward
  33. Marvel Zombies
  34. Rad Artists: Martin Van Maele
  35. VHS (by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher)
  36. Cinema Sewer Vol. 3
  37. Maedchen, Machos und Moneten...
  38. Fucked up 80s comics live again!
  39. Captain Canuck!
  40. Tokyo Grindhouse Volume One: Pinky Violence Bad Girl Cinema
  41. Crown International Book?
  42. RAD ARTISTS: Rafael Gallur
  43. DC Announces 'Before Watchmen'
  44. NEW! Cinema Sewer issue #25
  45. RIP John Severin
  46. Collecting with my kids
  47. Dark Horse's Conan The Barbarian
  48. Comics & Graphic Novels I'm Selling
  49. RIP Moebius!
  50. Jamie Gillis & Peter Soto - Pure Filth
  51. Dynamite Entertainment Bringing Back The Shadow In Comic Book Form
  52. Dungeons & Dragons
  53. May 5th Free Comic Book Day
  54. Brett Gurewitz & Steve Niles Join Forces For Black Mask Comics
  55. RIP Ray Bradbury
  56. Sweet Tooth
  57. Rob Liefeld Artistry (Or Artist? Try)
  58. Kirk Hammett's Too Much Horror Business
  59. House Of Psychotic Women - new FAB Press book
  60. TARANTINO to release DJANGO UNCHAINED comic book
  61. New, full color Paul Naschy tribute book available for Pre Order
  62. Adult Movie Superstars Vol.2: The Eurozone Photos
  63. Sexytime: The Post-Porn Rise of the Pornoisseur
  64. Hunter S Thompson
  65. 2000 AD Releasing The Art Of Dredd
  66. RIP Joe Kubert!
  67. Chaykin's Black Kiss II Banned In The UK!
  68. Jill Nelson's Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women Of Classic Erotic Cinema
  69. Psychedelic Sex Vampires - Jean Rollin Cinema
  70. Stephen King: SHINING 2 (Doctor Sleep)
  71. Rad Artists: Wally Wood (NSFW)
  72. Shaun Costello's Risky Behavior
  73. WE GOT POWER! Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California
  74. Eerie Indexes... just in time for Halloween!
  75. BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey Coming from Headpress In 2013
  76. Massacred By Mother Nature - new book on natural horror films
  77. Rad Artists: Howard Chaykin
  78. Regional Horror Films - Brian Albright
  79. Steve Ditko's Gorgo Coming From IDW
  80. Tony Harris is upset with cosplay girls
  81. Strange 'Unauthorized' Doctor Who Comic Coming From Andrew Cartnel?
  82. Virus: The Day of Resurrection by Sakyo Komatsu is getting released on Dec 4
  83. Hellraiser Book
  84. Joe Lansdale Brings Hap And Leonard Back!
  85. Karen Berger leaving DC
  86. Offbeat: British Cinema's Curiosities, Obscurities and Forgotten Gems
  87. Book About Toho/Kaiju Films That Never Got Made?
  88. Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs Coming 4/23/13
  89. RIP Comics Buyer's Guide
  90. Lee Marvin - Point Blank
  91. Blood On The Windscreen - Vintage Driver Education Films
  92. Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns
  93. Breakfast of the Gods
  94. Authorized Peter Steele Biography In The Works
  95. Prisoner of X by Allan MacDonell
  96. Cinema Sewer #26 Out Now!
  97. The Twilight Zone Legacy
  98. The Shadow Comics Thread
  99. New (Old) Battlestar Galactica Series Coming From Dynamite
  100. IDW Releasing The Best of EC COMICS Artist's Edition, Volume One
  101. Graphic Thrills -- American XXX Movie Posters 1970 to 1985
  102. The Book Quotes Thread (Sources Optional)
  103. Top Shelf Releasing The From Hell Companion
  104. James O'Barr's Sundown
  105. Mexican Santo Comics!
  106. Marvel Offers 700 Back Issues For Free Download
  107. R.I.P. James Herbert!
  108. Xerox Ferox - The Wild World Of The Horror Film Fanzine
  110. Is Marvelman/Miracleman Coming Back?
  111. R.I.P. Sol Yurick
  112. R.I.P. Roger Ebert
  113. Carmine Infantino RIP
  114. Curtis Harrington Autobiography
  115. Mr. Towers of London: A Life in Show Business
  116. Signed 1st Edition of Dracula!
  117. IDW Releasing Mars Attacks Judge Dredd
  118. Beastie Boys Memoir In The Works
  119. WENG'S CHOP!
  120. When Free Comic Book Day Goes Wrong...
  121. Diabolique Magazine - Peter Cushing Centennial Issue
  122. GUN AND SWORD by Chris D.
  123. Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus
  124. Fangoria to bring back Gorezone
  125. Shout! Factory Releasing Wolverine: Origin (Marvel Knights Motion Comics Line)
  126. Booster Gold Is Coming Back!
  127. Fangoria Covers Franco
  128. GG Allin "My Prison Walls" Hardcover Numbered Limited Edition Collector's Book
  129. Inside Seka 7/4/13
  130. God I hate when they do crap like this!
  131. Junji Ito's Uzumaki - Collected Edition Coming
  132. RIP - Kim Thompson, Fantagraphics co-founder
  133. Creepy Presents: Steve Ditko
  134. Cinema Sewer Volume 4
  135. R.I.P. Richard Matheson (Merged)
  136. Everette Hartsoe's Razor To Return
  137. Swipes!
  138. Sandman: Overture
  139. Stephen King's Joyland
  140. SUB POP U.S.A. Book Coming Summer 2014
  141. Steve Niles To Write New Army Of Darkness Comic
  142. New Twilight Zone Comic Coming From Dynamite
  143. Samurai Jack Comic Coming From IDW - ZUBKAVICH ALERT!
  144. Samantha Geimer's Polanski Memoir - The Girl
  145. Dark Horse To Publish EC Comics Library
  146. DIABLERIES, Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell - by Queen's Brian May
  147. Complete Linda Lovelace by Eric Danville reissue / revised edition
  148. The Blackthorne Comics Empire
  149. Many old film magazines and journals now searchable
  150. Books about Eurocult?
  151. RIP Elmore Leonard
  152. 2013 New York Comic Con October 10 - 13
  153. 'New' JD Salinger Books Coming In 2014?
  154. Hit (Boom Studios)
  155. Shaolin Cowboy is back!
  156. The End of Fun - Jake & Dinos Chapman
  157. Fantagraphics' Carl Barks Donald Duck Hardcovers
  158. Clive Barker's The Scarlet Gospel
  159. Geoff Darrow's Shaolin Cowoby
  160. There's A Morrissey Autobiography
  161. Greg Setsero's The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room
  162. Fang Of Joy - Eurohorror and Giallo Zine
  163. Henry & Glenn Forever and Ever - Issues 1, 2, and 3
  164. The Fangoria Thread
  165. RIP Tom Clancy
  166. Ministry's Al Jourgensen getting into the comic book business?
  167. George A. Romero's Empire Of The Dead Coming From Marvel
  168. Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet Of Curiosities
  169. Wordsworth Books -- recommended
  170. New Terminator Comic In The Works From Dark Horse
  171. Brothers- Marathon Man sequel
  172. New Peter Sotos / Michael Salerno book - Home
  173. Video Watchdog Goes Digital
  174. Magic Words - Alan Moore Biography
  175. New Deadworld Series In The Works - Restoration
  176. Jess Franco Pornodelic pleasures Book
  177. Italian Crime Filmography, 1968-1980 (Roberto Curti, 2013)
  178. Kindle help needed
  179. Last Day! Hollywood Original Art Sale: FREAS, PLOOG, WRIGHTSON
  180. Updated HAUNTED WORLD OF MARIO BAVA by Troy Howarth due in 2014
  181. Nick Cardy RIP
  182. Fantagraphics has Kickstarter to fund future ....
  183. New Dexter Comic Coming From Marvel
  184. The Judge Dredd Thread
  185. Fantagraphics Going Digital
  186. Fight Club to Return In Comic Book Form?
  187. Alan Moore & Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke
  188. Detective Comics #27 Being Remade!
  189. IDW Releasing Mask Of The Red Panda
  190. Shout! Factory Releasing Marvel Knights Animation's WOLVERINE VS. SABRETOOTH
  191. Alice In Comicland
  192. Corey Feldman Biography COREOGRAPHY
  193. Judge Dredd Takes On Mega-City Two - New Mini-Series Debuts From IDW
  194. Silver Age Batman Newspaper Strips Hardcovers Coming Soon
  195. Image Releasing Heaven's War
  196. IDW Releasing Steve Niles' Monster & Madman
  197. IDW Releasing Red Light Properties
  198. Stray Bullets
  199. Steven King's Mr. Mercedes
  200. Image Comics Releasing Darren Aronofsky's NOAH
  201. James Crumley
  202. Dark Horse Announces New Graphic Novel From Matt Kindt & Brian Hurtt
  203. Black Curtain Press/David Goodis
  204. Monster Porn
  205. The First Appearance Of Wolverine
  206. Dark Horse Releasing Big Damn Sin City & More!
  207. Unauthorised Biographies
  208. IDW Publishes Horror Anthology In The Dark
  209. Revenge In The Old West Goes To Print With Skybreaker
  210. Dark Horse Preview: Lobster Johnson - Get The Lobster #1
  211. V-Wars Makes Its Comic Book Debut
  212. The Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six
  213. Image Comics' Southern Bastards
  214. Phantasm: Exhumed
  215. Captain Canuck Web Comics!
  216. Image Releasing '68: RULE OF WAR
  217. Titan Acquires Doctor Who License
  218. Image Solicitations
  219. Sheer Filth! Coming Soon From FAB Press
  220. Dark Horse Preview: TERMINATOR - Enemy of My Enemy #1
  221. Dark Horse Preview: KING CONAN - The Conqueror #1
  222. Sam Keith & Chris Ryall Team Up For Mars Attacks: First Born
  223. Dark Horse Preview: Vandroid #1 coming February 26th!
  224. Are The Powerpuff Girls Too Sexy For Your Kids?
  225. Mike Allred On The Silver Surfer!
  226. Dark Horse Preview: Greg Rucka's Veil #1 coming March 5th!
  227. Punky Brewster & Saved By The Bell Comics
  228. Image Releasing Madame Frankenstein
  229. Image Releasing Nailbiter On 5/7/14
  230. The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 1
  231. The Amazing Vintage Comic/Magazine Ads Thread!
  232. IDW Releasing Weird Love
  233. IDW Releasing The Beautiful War
  234. Image Releasing Crawl Space Omnibus 3/25/14
  235. IDW Releasing Star Mage
  236. The Library Of American Comics & IDW Present Genius, Animated - Alex Toth Alert!
  237. Miller & Simonson's Robocop Vs. Terminator Getting Hardcover & Gallery Edition Trades
  238. ReedPOP announces Special Edition NYC COMIC Convention
  239. The Rue Morgue Thread
  240. Stripped - Bill Watterson, Jeff Keane & Richard Thompson Cartoonist Documentary
  241. John Byrne - Star Trek New Visions
  242. Manara and Jodorowsky - The Borgias
  243. Boom! Studios Bringing Big Trouble In Little China To Comic Book Racks!
  244. The Digital Comics Museuem
  245. Ever get a letter published in a comic?
  246. Vampirella Lives Again!
  247. Image Comics Releasing Collected Edition Of THREE
  248. Dark Horse Preview: Evan Dorkin's Eltingville Club #1
  249. Image Comics Releasing Ted McKeever's The Superannuated Man
  250. IDW Bringing Back Chuck Dixon's Winterworld