View Full Version : Scare Their Pants Off!

Ian Jane
12-11-2015, 09:36 AM
This one, double featured with Satan's Bed, sat on my SWV shelf for years, unwrapped. Never got around to watching it for some reason. Last night we peeled off the cellophane wrapper and popped it in. Pretty weird stuff. At an hour long it doesn't overstay it's welcome. Starts off with a woman being nabbed, taken to an apartment and plied with some sort of sedative. She wakes up in a basement of some sorts where a guy in a mask (that looks kinda like the mask that the guy wears in the Violent Shit movies) rambles on. He's been dead for seven years or something but he wants to grope here. There's sort of a Phantom Of The Opera thing going on when his mask comes off.

Another woman is abducted and wakes up with a guy wearing facepaint and a bad wig speaking in a really terrible Indian accent. She's going to be a sexual sacrifice to their god, seen represented behind them as an idol. Another guy comes out, fondles her, makes some weird noises.

The third part features another woman getting abducted by faux-Nazi's who are trying to get information out of her, only there isn't any. She's tied up and roughed up a little bit.

Of course, it's the same guys in each vignette and the ending kinda-sorta ties it all together in a way that kinda-sorta makes sense. It's pretty disjointed - low budget to a huge degree but sort of artsy in how it is shot. Comedic at times but a little dark at other times. Not rough enough to be a roughie but not funny enough to be a comedy.