View Full Version : Dangerous Men (Iranian-American exploitation)

Alex K.
06-25-2016, 11:46 PM

I discovered this one thanks to the hack frauds over at Red Letter Media:


This is just such a bizarre entry and finally cements that there is in fact a sub-genre that is the Iranian-American Exploitation film. This flick and the 3 or 4 movies by Amir Shervan have made it official at this point.

I will say this; it's not as good as Samurai Cop. But Samurai Cop is probably the Citizen Kane of "so bad it's good" buddy cop movies so that's a hard act to follow. But, it is bizarre and funny enough to be checked out by lovers of trash/psychotronic cinema. It's hard to even describe the plot except that it's roughly a revenge movie where logic is completely thrown out the window. If you thought Mad Foxes just made too much sense with it's iron-clad logic then you should check this one out.

Mark C.
06-26-2016, 05:17 AM
I though this movie was boring, not too memorable, easily forgettable and I love films like Miami Connection and Samurai Cop, films it's been compared to. I don't know what was missing, maybe some Robert Z'dar in it would have saved this film. The story behind the director is fairly interesting, Sounded like a guy who just loved Cinema.

Marshall Crist
06-26-2016, 05:28 AM
I liked this movie, but I don't like action movies.

Matt H.
03-13-2017, 03:51 PM
Finally got around to seeing this. The first half is amazing, but I really wish it continued following the female vigilante on her rampage; the lead actress is hilariously awful, yet likeable, and I was disappointed when she suddenly disappears from the movie to focus on a more standard cop character. The opening scenes on the beach and the baffling seduction that follows is bad movie gold. It's a movie I'll want to watch again, for sure.