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Newt Cox
10-21-2016, 02:57 PM
Really the only time I take pics is at the various independent wrestling shows I do video work for.Started back in 2010 just taking pictures from the crowd.Which morphed into a few of the groups asking me to take ringside pics. And that morphed into me shooting video.Now I hit 4 to 6 shows a year,filming matches,doing commentary and even sometimes doing security work.

So here is the second show I shot pics at. It was the day before Halloween 2010. And it was a free show in the parking lot of the Factory Furniture Outlet.
From what I can find out this was either Kamala's last or next to last match.Not long after this he had to get one of his legs removed below the knee cause of diabetes.The other guy in the ring with Kamala is Snakeman Mitch Torretta. Mitch is kind of a local legend,mostly cause he brings a 8 foot albino python to most shows. And the dude makes good money,cause every intermission he charges $5 to get a pic with him and the snake in the ring. I got one somewhere I need to scan.
That is me on the right,and the 24 time NWA Mississippi State Champion the Faroh of Phunk. No I didn't spell that wrong. Before taking the pic he whispered to me "Hey Pimp you mind slouching down some so I don't look like a midget?" I slouched a bunch but as you can see he still looks short. But that day I did have my boots on,with them on I am 6'4".

And one last shot from this show.
The guy giving me the stinkeye is Ron "Fatt Hardy" Horn. At one time he was one of the best indy wrestlers in MS,then he got hooked on pain pills and had a bunch of issues. At this show he worked two matches. During the main event he worked a tag match. So kid was heckling Ron,calling him fat. Ron turned to the kid and yelled "That ain't what your mother said earlier at the Super 8 Motel!" Then out of nowhere this very large lady that had maybe 8 teeth jumps up and yells "I AM HIS MAMMY!" Ron looked at her did a double take then said "I need to stop drinking so much!"

The only other stand out thing about this show is this one fan I met. He was an older guy,I am guessing mid 50s. And was convinced that before Mid South/UWF folded,they went under in 1987,that all pro wrestling wasn't predetermined. "Yep back in the Mid South days it was real. You know the ref hides a tiny pair of scissors. So when the wrestlers want to bleed the ref stabs them with the scissors."

Barry M
10-21-2016, 03:07 PM
This is already great.

Newt Cox
10-21-2016, 03:17 PM
After the Halloween 2010 show there was none locally that I knew of until August of 2012. A new group,Last Rites Championship Wrestling,had started up and ran their first show at the civic center in town.

At the time I was taking my neighbor's son to shows with me. He was in his early 20s at the time but has the mind of a 12 year old. We got there 2 hours before the show started and there was maybe 10 cars in the parking lot. Once the doors were open we went in and sat front row. I noticed they had giant screens up on two of the walls. And that there was no ring apron,so we could clearly see the chairs,pieces of plywood and other weapons they had hidden under the ring.

The first match was a 20 man Royal Rumble style battle royal. Where it started off with 2 guys in the ring and every 2 minutes someone else would come out. The idea was the last two left in the ring would fight in the main event for the Last Rites World title,yeah a fed that only ran 3 towns had a world title. About 5 minutes into the match we noticed that the ring crew had no secured the ring mat down. So it was slipping and sliding all over. The ring crew ran out and squatted at ringside trying to hold it steady. After the match someone got on the mic and asked if anyone in the crowd had any rope or whatever to secured the mat down. Some guy ran out to his truck and came back with a bunch of bungee cables.
The guy holding the belt is Max Maverick,that was another thing about Last Rites this was their first show and all but one of the matches was for a title. Max had just won the Last Rites Hardcore title. Not long after this match it was intermission. Max came out and a group of us ended up getting a picture with him.
The guy on the far left is my neighbor's son Blake. Also look close at the belt Max has. It is a weightlifting belt they stuck a bunch of car decals on.
I just love this shot. It was from the Last Rites Women's title match.Which ended up being the second best match of the show.
This was from the only singles match that wasn't for a title. It was a bullrope match. You can see that one guy is bleeding from his forehead. Also look behind them you can see all the empty seats. When the show started there was maybe 80 people in the crowd. Every match ran long,so by intermission it was 10pm. Most of the crowd was parents with young kids,so during intermission almost all the crowd left. By the time intermission was over there was maybe 15 people left.
This was from the main event. At 10 minutes to midnight the lady in pink,Lil Brit,and the guy on the mat,Frankie Superkick Thomas came out. Then out came the Faroh of Phunk. He stood outside the ring and "whispered" to Frankie "Hey they want us out of here by 12:30 so go home quick!" Go Home is wrestling talk for end the match. About 8 minutes into their match the crowd started chanting GO HOME GO HOME. 5 minutes later Faroh won. Then cut a 15 minute long promo. About how we were the best crowd he has worked in front of. And how next month Last Rites will be back and he wanted a Lincoln County Street Fight with Frankie.

For me the best part of the show was something I didn't get a pic of.One of the wrestlers,Cale Conners,is a tall bald and chubby guy. He was a heel aka bad guy,so we were heckling him when he came out. After a few fat jokes he looks at me and said "Yeah real original can't you come up with something I haven't heard before." So I quickly said "Yeah you look like Kane and Playboy Buddy Rose had a kid!" Cale tried his best to not laugh and said "Well look we got us a smart mark!" Mark is wrestling speak for a fan and a smart mark is a fan that thinks they know all the secrets. Plus my middle name is mark.After he said this the neighbor's son Blake turns and asked me "How did he know your name was Mark?"

After the show I was going to use the bathroom. Ran into Cale and thanked him for the smart mark comment."Dude when we got to the back everyone in the locker room was asking me Who Playboy Buddy Rose was."

Last Rites held 2 more shows before folding. Mostly cause after that first show they never drew more than 20 people to a show.

10-21-2016, 03:18 PM
So kid was heckling Ron,calling him fat. Ron turned to the kid and yelled "That ain't what your mother said earlier at the Super 8 Motel!" Then out of nowhere this very large lady that had maybe 8 teeth jumps up and yells "I AM HIS MAMMY!" Ron looked at her did a double take then said "I need to stop drinking so much!"

So awesome. Thanks for this thread.

Newt Cox
10-21-2016, 03:22 PM
So awesome. Thanks for this thread.

Thank you sir. I have wondered how entertaining these stories and pics would be to non-wrestling fans. And to people that are not from this area. Since MS has no major league sports teams,indy wrestling is pretty big in the state.

I have been a wrestling fan since the age of 4. At the age of 17 my plan was to do 4 years in the Army,get out and goto the Malenko Wrestling school in Florida. Then while in the Army I blew out my left knee and did serious damage to my left arm and shoulder. So my dream of being a wrestler died. So it has been nice to get into the business as a cameraman/video guy/commentary team/security.

Randy G
10-21-2016, 08:02 PM
Holy, awesome.

10-21-2016, 09:44 PM
Newt, thank you. This is fucking fantastic. I love your passion.

I grew up on wrestling in the deep south. For the commentators, Do you remember the great Gordon Solie (may be before your time)? What a voice!


Ian Jane
10-22-2016, 10:16 AM
I'm gonna join in the chant here - Newt, this is great stuff.

Newt Cox
10-23-2016, 02:26 AM
Newt, thank you. This is fucking fantastic. I love your passion.

I grew up on wrestling in the deep south. For the commentators, Do you remember the great Gordon Solie (may be before your time)? What a voice!


Of course I remember Gordon Solie. Started watching wrestling every week around the age of four,so summer of 78.

Thanks everyone for the comments.Just got back from Pro Wrestling EGO's Face Fear show in Byram MS. It was held in an old abandoned church gym. Thankfully the promoter of EGO clued me in before I got there. He knows I'm an Atheist. "Newt if the preacherman asks just tell him your were raised Catholic. That way you aren't lying really." Which is true I was raised Catholic.

Was a decent show. I got a few good pics. But between ring crew,wrestlers,refs,annoucer plus all of us doing video there was 40 people and the paying crowd was maybe 30 tops.But I did win a belt.
I am the New Big Ramp Enterprises champion. Big Ramp is a local indy manager,has won the MS indy Wrestling manager of the year award the past 4 years. And had his own belt made. I have been joking with him that I was gonna sneak up on him and pin him for it. So before they let the crowd in he laid down and let me pin him.The mask is a cheap Ultimo Guerrero mask. Taken to wearing it while doing commentary. And adopted the name Ultimo Gallos.

That is Big Ramp. He is holding a VHS of Back to the Beach. It is a very inside joke,as a kid Ramp watched that movie every day and recite it word for word. So I brought my VHS got him to sign it. Can't make it out but he wrote "Big Ramp..... Bird is the WORD!....Jamaican SKA!!!!!"
From earlier this month. Myself and Pentagon Jr. Before and after the show he had his translator asking me if I wanted to sell my shirt.

Alex K.
10-23-2016, 02:43 AM
Now I have this mental image of Newt having Jerry Lawler's voice when he's doing commentary. And I just can't stop imagining Jerry Lawler watching Jess Franco movies.

Newt Cox
10-27-2016, 07:55 AM
Now I have this mental image of Newt having Jerry Lawler's voice when he's doing commentary. And I just can't stop imagining Jerry Lawler watching Jess Franco movies.

Let me go find one of the matches where I do commentary. I mostly do that for Bodyslam Media. Most of the time at a show I will film a match or two with my own camera for my own channel.


I am the first voice speaking. The other voice you will hear is Koby Rutland. The teenage owner and operator of Bodyslam Media Productions. In 5 years this kid has filmed over 200 matches in 12 states for 30+ groups.This match was one local fans had been wanting to see for a year. Lukas Frost is the heel and long time vet,and Nate Moss is 2 years into his career,good guy and was trained by Frost.The annoying airhorns well....

Since most of these guys are lucky if they get 50 bucks for these matches,lots of the time they get 15 to 25. Sometimes they don't get paid,but since they lots of the time they don't get paid enough to cover their gas they will got Dollar Tree and buy piles of cheap toys for a buck each. Then resell them at shows for 2 or 3 bucks each. Well Monty Warbucks,part time pro wrestler full time high school football coach,found at Dollar Tree these airhorns that have a hand pump on the bottom. So unlike most airhorns they never run out of air. He sold 15 of them for 3 bucks each. And the kids that got them honked them thru out the entire show. The wrestlers in the back gave Monty shit the entire show.

THis is the first show I donned the mask and did commentary as Ultimo Gallos. On the drive down to the show I kept seeing Trump signs everywhere. So I joked about putting on the mask and claiming I was my cousin that came up from Mexico. So right before the doors were opened I put the mask on and didn't take it off until all the crowd was gone. Steve Starr,the promoter of the show,came over before the show started and said "Better watch out come November there,One that wall is up gonna be hard to sneak back into the States."

So the rest of the show I played the character up. At intermission had piles of kids come over and want a pic with me. Plus we also had two of the wrestlers' gimmicks for sale at our table. "Gimmicks=shirts,pics,anything a wrestler can sell and make a profit" Well since every kid wanted to some over and see the tall masked guy we ended up selling right at 200 bucks of gimmicks for one guy and 40 for the other.

Ok now a few pics.
That is Tracy Smothers on the left and me on the right. At the annual Wrestle Birmingham show Tracy was booked to escort Jimmy Golden to the ring. Golden faced a guy billed as Donald Trump's Nephew. I met Tracy Labor Day weekend 2015. Had gotten a pic with him. But it was so blurry that people think it is Bigfoot meeting the loch ness monster. So on the ride up to the show I had talked the photographer into making sure I got a good pic with Smothers. I planned on doing it after the show.

Then while we were out on the stage filming and doing commentary Tracy comes out and sits next to me. Joins in on the commentary. And I asked and got a quick pic with him.
That is me getting stared down by Mississippi Indy Wrestling 4 time in a row manager of the year Big Ramp. Back then he was a heel. And I would heckle the living shit out of him. A friend snapped that pic for me.

Ian Jane
10-27-2016, 08:53 AM
Man this all looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Alison Jane
10-27-2016, 01:38 PM
Makes me miss ECW.

Paul L
10-27-2016, 05:43 PM
Brilliant thread, Newt :)

Newt Cox
10-29-2016, 02:51 AM
Thanks again everyone. It is a lot of fun.Plus it is cheap entertainment. Back when I was paying to get into shows the average ticket was 10 bucks and that got ya a 2 to 3 hour show. Now I get in free at most shows,but either make a few bucks getting paid to film. Or sell some gimmicks. Most shows as long as I get 15 bucks I am good. That covers my pre and post show meal,plus some cash to give to whoever was driving to help pay for gas.

Sunday a bunch of the guys are gathering at my house. Next month is the Wrestlecade convention on NC. Bodyslam Media is going out and wants DVDs to sell. So we are gonna go thru the 400+matches they have in the archive. And pick out enough to fill 4 dvds. Then film intros and outros and shit.

Alison Jane
10-31-2016, 09:17 AM

10-31-2016, 03:23 PM
When I was a kid in the '70s, my grandparents were obsessed with Wrasslin' so I'd watch it with them and another family I knew put on wrestling events I was able to attend & work at. They knew Bruiser Brody personally.



10-31-2016, 06:29 PM
Newt, do your current circuits stiil do any of the classic genre of hillbilly wrester? (ie, The Kentuckians, or Haystacks Calhoun)

'Cause, if so, that would be so awesome.


Of course, by the time Calhoun got up over 600 lbs, then not so awesome. :(

Newt Cox
11-01-2016, 02:00 PM
Newt, do your current circuits stiil do any of the classic genre of hillbilly wrester? (ie, The Kentuckians, or Haystacks Calhoun)

'Cause, if so, that would be so awesome.


Of course, by the time Calhoun got up over 600 lbs, then not so awesome. :(

They do. There is two that I know of working the MS/AL scene.First one I saw was the Giant Hillbilly. Claims he is 7 foot. More like 6'9 but that is still tall.Seen him two times live and a few times on video. Really nice guy that is limited in the ring cause of his size and age,but really would a hillbilly that actually wrestles work?
First time I saw him he got a cane fishing pole broke over his head. Had this guy John Thor,who looked like one of the Allman Brothers and Sandman of ECW fame had a kid,who comes out with a cane fishing pole,minus the line and hook. Used it like a Singapore cane. And it shattered over the Giant Hillbilly's head.

The other is Mountain Man.First time I ran into him was a Steve Starr show earlier this year in Richton MS.

He is even more limited that the Giant Hillbilly. And is maybe 6'7" tops.But cause he owns a ring he gets booked. He was at the Bullet Bob Armstrong Gulf South Wrestling retirement show,that Bullet no showed. On the ride to that show,which was in Chickasaw AL,I joked that we would be cursed and have to sit thru a Mountain Man match. GOt told "Don't say that fat fuck's name. If you mention him he will be there." We get to the show and he walks in a few minutes later.

Got a few pics and a video from the mentioned meet up,now dubbed the Pro Wrestling Media Moguls Fall 2016 Summit. Right after lunch on Sunday they all met me in town at Bobo's Chinese Buffet. After a huge lunch,we figured we would pig out so we wouldn't have to stop later on to eat again,I lead them all out to my place. One disadvantage of living this far out is a bunch of the roads out here do not show up on GPS.

We set up in the spare bedroom. Mostly cause it has better light than my room. From left to right in the above pic.
Koby Rutland-20 years old-runs Bodyslam Media Productions-Has filmed over 400 matches for 40+ feds in 7 states.
Jon Paul LeBlanc-46-Runs Gulf Coast Wrestling Revue website and 4 Corners Photography-Has shot 800+ wrestler's promo pics-And worked for 50 feds across 16 states.
Big Ramp Kenneth Wade-36-Runs Big Ramp TV-Manages 50+ wrestlers across the southern states-has worked on 30 or more deep south rap hits.

We got 40 or so matches picked out for 5 dvds I am making. 4 of them are volumes of Southern States Showcase. Each of those has one woman's match. One match with a name like Jerry Lawler,Bill Dundee,Jimmy Valiant,Buff Bagwell,etc.Then the rest is filled out with either indy names or deep south names. And some up and coming rookies. We are using a mixture of Koby's footage and mine.

Left in the white mask with red trim is the Guadalupe Kid AKA Koby and on the right is The Cheetah Kid aka JP.
The other DVD is called Hood Mark. Jp is trying to use the boom of Lucha Libre interest in the deep south to market some dvds,which he hopes helps him sell some of his excess masks. Jp owns right at 1000 masks.So during the intros nad outros we filmed for that DVD I snapped a quick shot.

While here,since none of them had been to my place before,we explored the 10 acres for places to maybe film some promo vids for Ramp. He is in a huge feud with former ECW/WWE star Red Dawg Rodney Mack,who is actually the nephew of the Junkyard Dog. Well during the daytime he went out to my pier and we took a few pics.
You can see across the lake behind him. Ramp just got the mask recently. He is trying to add a dark element to the Big Ramp character.

We started around 2pm. And by 10:45pm we had gathered most of the the promo pics we are using from JP's stuff. And all the footage from my stuff and Koby's Bodyslam Media stuff. So Ramp had saw two areas in the yard he wanted to do some vids to hype an upcoming show. Voodoo Wrestling runs Westwego LA. Which is a tiny town right outside New Orleans.He is bringing in former NWA world champ and current AIWF world champ The Tokyo Monster Kahagas to face Rodney Mack.SO far he has only uploaded one of the two vids we shot.


Now remember the pic of Ramp out on the pier? This was shot out on the pier in the same place,but at 11pm. We had 4 LED flashlights for light and I was manning the camera,whatever type of smartphone Ramp owns.

Well to end this it ain't pictures.I need to scan the pic from this event. But for years there has been a rumor floating around the wrestling fandom,which is dubbed the IWC. In it the Rock n Roll Express walks into a room,and sees Boogie Woogie Jimmy Valiant laying under a glass table as some woman takes a shit on it.Supposedly Robert Gibson threw up and walked out. But Ricky Morton sat down to watch. Now most wrestling fans that are online have heard this story.

We had been invited up to Lula MS,right on the MS river and across from Arkansas and not far from Memphis.There is a huge casino up there and Hollywood Jimmy has 5 or 6 time a year shows up there. Always using a few Memphis legends like Lawler,Dundee ,etc. This show he brought in Boogie Woogie Jimmy Valiant.Before the show started I had talked to Mr Valiant at his table and ended up trading him a DVD of Lucha Libre for an autographed promo pic and a quick pic with him. Super nice guy,who ended up eating lunch with us at the casino buffet. It was maybe an hour before they let the crowd in,we are back in the locker room and someone just flat out asks Jimmy about the shitting on the table story. Jimmy jumps up looking mad as fuck and yells "BROTHER ...... I AM TIRED OF THE LIES AND HALFTRUTHS BEING SPREAD ABOUT ME ON THE DAMN INTERNET..... It was the Midnight Express that walked in not the Rock n Rolls!" and everyone was at first in shock that someone asked about it,then laughed so hard we hurt.

Barry M
11-01-2016, 02:27 PM

Not to go off-topic, but how come that's a JPEG rather than text, Alison? Just fancy formatting or steganography?

Newt Cox
11-02-2016, 07:49 AM
In the deep south currently there is 3 feds that have local tv shows,local to their area.
Booker T's Reality of Wrestling out of Houston TX. Good show,and they upload them to youtube. But I have never been to a ROW show.
Marty Graw's Voodoo Wrestling that runs the greater New Orleans area. He pays for time every week or every other week on cable access.Again never been to a Voodoo show.

Then there is Wildkat Sports. They got a Saturday night prime time slot on the New Orleans area MyNetwork TV channel. I went to quite a few Wildkat shows years ago,plus most of their guys also worked for Powerslam Productions,which was my local fed that ran monthly shows from 2011 to mid 2013 or so.So I saw the Wildkat guys often.
It is run by Luke Hawx ,if any of y'all remember when Rob Black of porn fame ran a wrestling fed. Luke Hawx pretty much got his start in that fed as Alter Boy Luke. He is from New Orleans and runs Wildkat,wrestles on their shows and helps train guys.The pic was taken at the first Powerslam show I went to.Luke was the Powerslam champ. He was always nice to the fans and when we would make the 3 hour drive down for Wildkat shows he would come and ask about our ride down.
That is from left to right.
My neighbor's son Blake,for about 3 years he went to every show with us.
Curt "Studd"Matthews-In Powerslam he did a Hulk Hogan tribute gimmick. Like instead of being billed from Venice Beach he was from Biloxi Beach. He did the legdrop as a finisher,until I gave him a DVD of Hulk Hogan matches in Japan. Over there Hogan won with the Ax Bomber.Which is a running elbow strike. After that Studd would use the Ax Bomber if I was at the show.He works for Wildkat and ROW and other TX/LA feds now as Curt the Stud Matthews one half of the Pump Patrol team. Imagine the old "I vant to PUMP you UP!" guys from SNL as braggart bad guys.
Me of course-Please ignore my horrible hair. Was growing it out to donate for a wig and it was in the awkward stage of growth.
The bald guy is "Hardbody" Chris Harper. Manager in Wildkat. He is bad guy and is a manager. He is quick on his feet with his mouth. Years ago at a show the ref was getting onto him cause he was sure Hardbody was cheating by helping his guy in the ring. The shows were held in the community little theater.So whatever the wrestlers and the fans said could be heard by the 90 people max the place could hold. Harper yells at the ref,and this was a Saturday night show."I ain't cheating I am a good Catholic boy. Ask my Mom." His mom ,who at one show was named Thelma Harper,yes Vickie Lawrences character from Mama's Family.I was front row and yelled back,"Well if that is true you will have a lot to say in confession tomorrow after Mass." Harper put his head against the ring like he was thinking hard. But he told me after the show "Bro,i had to hide my face. you had my laughing with that shit."
There's a shot of the crowd from one of Powerslam's shows in the little theater. Most of the time they got 60 people.But a few times they packed 80 to 90 in the room. Let me find a shot of the ring so you can see how tiny this place is.
They come out of the curtain to the left of the Powerslam logo. The theater has a tiny room upstairs they use as a dressing room.
While looking for the best pic to show how small the ring area was,I found this pic from the one Powerslam show that Bob Ross Jr was the ref.
That is Bu Ku Dao,which is slang that the US soldiers used in the Vietnam War. It meant "Suck my Dick". For a bit he wrestled as Ling Pham in Powerslam and Bu Ku Dao everywhere else. I wondered why he had the different name in the one fed. Then after a Wildkat show,where he was selling Bu Ku Dao or Die shirts,I happened to mention to my lady how next show he was making sure to have on in my size. "Newt,you do know what that means right?".She then told me.Dao actually got signed to a minor league deal with WWE. They have a group they run at Full Sail University in Florida.It is for guys they want to groom for the WWE weekly TV shows. Dao got signed to a deal where he would go down there learn to ref and also wrestle on the side. But WWE was cutting costs and canceled like 10 deals for guys to come to Florida.

One funny little story about Bu Ku Dao.Not long after I learned what his name meant,Powerslam ran a show in Picayune MS. It was held in a strip mall church. Well Bu Ku Dao at the time was teaming up with Sgt Socorro as Juan Direction. A good guy/face team that the kids loved. So in this strip mall church in a tiny MS town Bu Ku Dao gets the 300 people there to chant his name. I kept laughing. Then during intermission I go out in the lobby. All the wrestlers are out there talking to fans. Dao ,when fans are around,acts like he barely speaks English. When he actually speaks better English than Vietnamese. I see him doing this and walked over with a buddy who had never met him. The buddy got a quick pic with Dao. Then Dao motions for me to come closer.Stands up on his tiptoes and whispers in my ear "I am going to Hell for it,but I just got 300 people to chant SUCK MY DICK in a church. I heard ya laughing Newt!".Then goes back to the broken English and taking pics with fans.

Well I gave a bit of backstory on Wildkat and some of their talent cause I just discovered tonight they did a short film to celebrate Halloween. They have done one the past few years. But I figured with them recently losing another video editor they might not do one this year.

The guy in the pink shirt is Danny Flamingo. The long haired guy in the back of the truck with Stud I have never seen before. The mentioned but not appearing Katie Forbes,well she appears near the beginning when we see flashes of previous Wildkat Halloween stuff. She is the white shorts and big butt. She isn't in this one for two reasons.
1.Sometime last year she met and hit it off with Rob Van Dam,ECW/WWE guy,and pretty much lives with him out on the west coast most of the time.
2.She is so bad in the ring,that even though she was one of the most attractive women in the deep south circuit,the crowds got bored with her quick.

Alison Jane
11-02-2016, 09:40 AM
Not to go off-topic, but how come that's a JPEG rather than text, Alison? Just fancy formatting or steganography?

Made the same offer on Facebook. Just screencapped and posted rather than retyping. ;)

Barry M
11-02-2016, 11:17 AM
Phew. My hacked exploit senses were tingling.

Lazy is always the best.

Newt Cox
11-26-2016, 06:15 PM
Hey sorry I haven't added more to this thread. But been busy with the holidays.

Last year the about a week before Labor day I got a call from the head of Bodyslam Media "Hey Newt are you free Labor Day weekend?VIP wrestling out in Arlington has invited us out for their 1 year anniversary show.Then the next day we gotta be in Lula MS for one of Hollywood Jimmy's shows at the casino." I checked with my lady,to see if she had to work or not. She was working so I was free to go.

We had JP and Ramp coming up from NOLA. Then myself and Big Tommy coming from my town. So we agreed to meet at 7am at a gas station right off the interstate. JP and Ramp showed up and we piled into JP's old car. Then drove to north of Jackson to meet up with Koby. He was still in high school at the time but had gotten permission from his mom to miss school on Friday.

Now Koby has a huge van. Which has 2 rows of seats. So since I am fairly flexible I ended up in the back seat with my bags and Ramp's title belt. It was an 7 hour drive to Arlington. But it flew by. Our plan was goto the VIP show,once it was over grab some dinner then drive thru the night to Lula. Since Hollywood Jimmy had said he might be able to get us a free room at the casino in Lula.

We get out to ARlington. And the back parking lot is full,this is where all the wrestlers and other people behind the scene parked. We grab all our equipment and go inside. Since this was a big show for VIP they not only had the normal TX indy guys but had also brought in some big Indy names. We set up our video/commentary table. And I see Masada walk in. He is a well known deathmatch wrestler. Who has a history of being physically abusive to the women he dates. So that already means I do not like the guy. Everybody else came over and introduced themselves to us. But Masada didn't.

About an hour before the show started Joey Ryan came in. Yall might know him. A year or so ago he had a video go viral. Joey works a sleazy 80s guy gimmick. And he has a move where someone grabs his dick,and Joey's dick is so strong he flips them with it. Now I am a huge fan of Joey Ryan,been one for years now. So I was very happy when he set up his gimmick table next to ours.

JP was doing promo pics for everyone there. But the only free space was what appeared to be a big broom closet that was full of breaker boxes. The show was about halfway over and it was intermission. The owner of VIP had set up a deal with the Lodge the show was held in. Anybody working the show could get bottles of water for free or get booze half off. I was getting thirsty and was going to get all of us water. I go up to the bar grab 4 bottles of water and was heading back when I see Ramp talking to Teddy Hart. Teddy is the nephew of Bret Hart. And is known for being crazy.He wasn't working this show,just happened to be living in the area and had come to hang out. Plus he now brings his cat Mr Money with him. Who he has trained to do flips off the ringpost. I could tell Teddy was busy talking to Ramp so I was just gonna walk by and bring all the guys the water. As I walk by I hear Ramp say "Hey Teddy want to meet my son Newt!" So I stop introduce myself to Teddy,shook his hand,then excused myself to bring the water. Teddy asks me where the locker room is. So I tell him to follow me. And trying the entire time to not act like a drooling fanboy.The funny part about Ramp introducing me as his son is that 1.Ramp is black and I am mostly white and 2. I am 4 or 5 years older than Ramp.

So I lead Teddy to the locker room then go back to our table. I sit down and find out the next match is a tag match with Masada in it. "Look guys I don't want yall catching heat for something I say. So during the tag with Masada I will just go back to the locker room." I head back there. Was talking to Teddy,turns out Ramp had told him I live way out in the woods. And Teddy is a big Bigfoot nut. So he was telling me about how a patch of woods he jogs thru everyday he thinks a bigfoot is in it watching him. So I told him about how 5 or so years ago I was out for a walk. Had stepped into the woods to smoke a joint,and way off in the distance I see a tall hairy man like thing walking.

Then out of no where,since Ramp was watching the match over the locker room wall,yells "MASADA IS HEADING TO YALLS TABLE!" I remembered I had left my laptop on the table and since Masada is a death match wrestler he has a habit of grabbing random stuff and hitting people with it.I rush out. Get to the table and Masada is reaching for my laptop. I said loudly NO. Masada looks at me and said "Fucking MARK!" Mark is wrestling talk for a fan,and is kind of used as an insult now. I grab my laptop and go back to the locker room. Teddy is mad now. Turns out he doesn't like Masada either."Newt stay back here when the piece of shit comes in.I got something to say to him I want you to hear." So I stay back there. Match ends and Masada walks in and sits in a chair. Teddy goes over "DID NEWT TELL YOU YOU COULD USE HIS LAPTOP? NOPE!YOUR BROKE WOMEN BEATING ASS COULDN'T AFFORD TO BUY HIM A NEW ONE.HELL,YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME CAUSE THE GREAT MASADA IS TOO GOOD TO INTRODUCE HIMSELF TO EVERYONE.IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT STEP OUTSIDE AND WE CAN FIGHT.BUT YOU ARE A TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT!" I stood there silent. After Teddy stopped talking Masada got up walked over to the promoter got his pay and left.

Teddy and I go back out to watch the rest of the show. Got to see this one lady wrestler's retirement match. It was a hardcore match. Now I have seen lots of hardcore matches but never seen one where someone hid a real broadsword under the ring. Claudia,the lady retiring,got the sword out and her and her opponent,Brie Ann,had a sword fight. Claudia of course having the broadsword and Brie had what I think was a shower curtain rod.

Near the end of the show I had given Joey Ryan a dvd I had made that was 4 hours of La Parka matches from mid 90s Mexico. He gave me one of his DVDs then offered to take a pic with me for free. He normally charges $5 for a pic with him.


The guy photobombing between our heads is Ramp. The heavy set guy right behind Joey's right shoulder is Big Tommy. And the guy next to him is JP.

Well around 10pm the show ended. We start packing up and get out of there by 11pm. The plan was to find a Waffle House,eat then drive thru the night to Lula MS. We see a Waffle House not far from the Lodge but it looked crowded so we passed it by. Found out later on it was full of all the wrestlers from the VIP show.We get up on the interstate. Drive a bit and see a Waffle House sign. Get off and can't find the place. So around 3am we ended up eating at an IHOP. Something after that everyone in the van,besides Koby who was driving,dozes off. Now we are going from Texas to MS,so we should be heading east. While we were napping Koby got turned around. And I wake up around 7am to JP screaming at Koby "WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY TEACH YOU AT THE FANCY PRIVATE SCHOOL YOU GOTO. LULA IS EAST OF US AND YOU ARE GOING WEST!"Seems Koby had gotten off the interstate to get gas and a drink. And when he got back on he went the wrong way so we had been going west for 2 hours.

Now Koby had been awake since 7am Friday.Around 7am Saturday we stop at a rest stop for everyone to get out and stretch their legs. Koby decided to stay in the van. We were gone for about 15 minutes,come back and Koby is napping. We wake him up and tell him one of us,besides Ramp who isn't allowed to drive,will take over. But Koby is use to hearing about me staying up for 2 days,I have horrible insomnia,and wanted to keep driving.

Ok guys and ladies that is all for now. Gonna go find some pics from the Lula part of this trip and post them later on.

Newt Cox
03-24-2017, 11:54 AM
Went this past Wednesday to Memphis. Planning on touring Sun Records then eating at Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar and Grill. Since the bar is packed with stuff from Lawler's career I took piles of pics.

That is one of Lawler's thrones.
In Memphis the big title was the Southern Heavyweight title.Before the title was retired Lawler held it 27 times.
Last Labor Day weekend we went to Lula MS to film a show that opened with a Jimmy Hart concert. Jimmy gave Jerry Lawler the megaphone in the pic for the bar.
For at least 10 year,if not more,Tojo Yamamoto was the evil Japanese bad guy in Memphis. Sadly IIRC he died broke and alone about 15 years ago.
Lawler ran for Mayor of Memphis. And might have won but IIRC this was also around the time a teenage girl accused him of sexual misconduct.

Paul L
03-24-2017, 12:05 PM
Nice! Thanks for sharing, Newt. Much appreciated :)

Newt Cox
03-27-2017, 03:02 AM
No problem sir. Gonna hit two shows next month so gonna try to get more pics. One show is in another tiny MS town and is a police department benefit show. So odds are good I would have to help out and do security. The other is in Gulfport MS and is the new growing LA fed trying to branch out and run coastal MS. If it is like the last show of theirs I worked should be fun.

Newt Cox
05-04-2017, 05:11 AM

From the Elev8 Pro show in Gulfport Mississippi. Myself,as Ultimo Gallos,on the left and Rey Fury on the right. My shirt is one I got in a random lot of wrestling merch and figured no one would buy it.

Sadly the show drew at most 70 people. Was held at a zombie themed lazier tag arena. Before the show we had couches to sit on and the venue owners projected Jumanji on the wall.

Ian Jane
05-04-2017, 09:23 AM
Sadly the show drew at most 70 people. Was held at a zombie themed lazier tag arena. Before the show we had couches to sit on and the venue owners projected Jumanji on the wall.

Wait.... what?

Barry M
05-04-2017, 10:57 AM
Agreed. That's how I want my obituary to read.

Barry M
05-04-2017, 10:58 AM
Couches are important.

Newt Cox
05-04-2017, 08:24 PM
Wait.... what?

The area of Gulfport the show was held in use to be huge seafood warehouses. But in the late 80s the seafood industry in the area shrunk. So now lots of those warehouses sit empty. About a year ago a group rented out one and made it a lazer tag arena. That is currrently zombie themed.

Let me go find a link to to vids from the show I got uploaded.

Myself and my cousin do a quick promo vid for FB before the show started.Sorry it is so dark the arena owners only turned on half the overhead lights.

Opening match from the show. Aztec Warrior Alex Cruz,who helps run Elev8 Pro,vs Zane Stevens.

Newt Cox
05-04-2017, 08:26 PM
Couches are important.

I was so happy for them. The drive down was rough,normally 2 hour 20 minute drive became 3 1/2 hours cause of a bad thunderstorm. Usually we are lucky to have a old folding chair to sit on. The couch was a welcome thing.

Newt Cox
05-26-2017, 04:19 AM
About 2 weeks ago made the hour drive up to Pearl MS for my second Pro Wrestling EGO show. Normally at shows I ride up with the head of Bodyslam Media Productions. But he was out of state that weekend,had to goto Arkansas for his grandpa's 80th birthday. So got a friend to drive me up. Plus was gonna have her man my gimmick table while I was filming.

Now I usually do not goto EGO shows. Mostly cause while the shows are fun EGO usually draws at most 30 people. So I never sell enough stuff to cover my gas and after show meal. But this show EGO brought in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar Michael Elgin. Figuring this would be my only chance to meet Elgin I had to be at the show.

Got there 3 hours before doors opened. Hooked the promoter up with a free dvd. Then asked where I should set up my table. He was super nice and let me set up where I was the first person the crowd saw as they came in. I had planned ahead and brought along two padded folding chairs,since most shows I am lucky to get a chair to sit in. Elgin was doing a training class with all the wrestlers EGO uses. I asked if they needed help setting up chairs or whatever. Got told they were good. So I started setting up my table. Noticed that the wall I was against had a built in bench. So my plan was whenever my ride went out to have a cig I was gonna toss my two chairs back into my car.

Well EGO only rented 100 chairs. And by the time Elgin's training seminar was over all the chairs were taken. He went over to his table and realized he had nothing to sit on. And this man had just made an 10 hour drive down. I walked over to see what he had for sale. Saw he had no chairs so offered to let him borrow mine. Mr Elgin borrowed both my chairs.

I had told the promoter to let me know 10 minutes before the doors opened. That way I could put my Ultimo Gallos mask on. He gave me the signal and I tossed on my mask. Then the crowd started pouring in. I had various wrestling dvds for sale,WWE dog tags,WWE mini figures,a few t-shirts and a few flags. Plus had taken 4 of the dvds that I have been bringing to shows for over a year now that were not selling. Tossed them plus a mini figure and a Jeff Hardy Coloring book into a brown drawstring bag. Called them Mystery bags and was asking $5 for them. Which is a decent deal since the DVDs in it I sell for 5,the mini figure I sell for 2 and the coloring books sell for a buck. About 15 minutes after the doors had opened I had sold enough stuff to cover not only my gas but my pre-show and post show meals.

I look over and there is Michael Elgin sitting at his table and no one is going over. In this area most wrestling fans only watch WWE and TNA. So had no clue who Elgin was. I went over and got him to sign two ROH dvds I own he has matches on.17997

While at Elgin's table saw he had brought some of his NJPW shirts with him from his last trip to Japan. Asked how much and if he had my size. He was wanting 25 bucks a shirt,which isn't horrible. So asked him to set to the side one for me and I would get it after the show.

Started looking around and all the chairs on the floor are full and the bleacher behind where I was set up were getting full. Doing a quick count there was around 250 people at the show. So really good for EGO.

Sold all my WWE dogtags. Get them in bulk for 50 cents,each package includes 3 dog tags and a plastic chain. I goto home depot buy beaded chains. Toss two dog tags on it and charge 2 bucks. Also sold almost all my WWE mini figures. Get them in bulk for 50 cents each and sell them for 2 bucks. Plus sold every Jeff Hardy Coloring book I had.

Once the show started I was going all over the gym filming the matches. So my friend was busy running my table. The crowd was very loud and hot. With a few times where I thought a fan was gonna attack one of the heels/bad guys.

Intermission hits and Jay,the promoter,gets on the mic."Hey everyone right now for $5 you can come into the ring and get a picture with NJPW/ROH superstar Michael Elgin!" After about 10 minutes no one has went to get a picture taken. Jay came over to my table,slipped me a 5 and whispered to me "Newt go get a line started." So I went over,and since they had no stairs had to roll into the ring. Positioned myself and Mr Elgin so our backs were to the crowd,took off my mask and got a picture with him. 17998

I put my mask back on look up and there is now a line of about 20 people. As I walked away Mr Elgin whispered a quick "Thanks Newt". So back to my table I went. Ended up selling a bunch more stuff.

The semi main event was local guy Rey Fury vs Gary Jay. Gary Jay is building a good name on the indy wrestling scene.
Watch the first few minutes of this video to see how much the crowd hated Gary Jay. I thought at first the one lady confronting him was a plant. But found out after the show that she wasn't.

The main event was Elgin vs Jon Davis. Davis is another guy that is making a name for himself by traveling all over the deep south. It ended up being a damn good match. Once it was over I headed over to Elgin's table to buy a shirt. He went into his suitcase to get the shirt out and I was pulling my wallet out when he tells me "No charge consider it payment for letting me use your chairs." So SCORE for me.17999
Myself wearing the Elgin shirt and my Dr Wagner Jr mask.

Looks like sometime this summer a group of 10 of us are going down to Kiln MS. Which is where the worst indy fed in MS runs weekly shows. The plan is for all of us to sit front row in masks. And MST3K the entire show. I will be sure to take pics and video when we do.

Ian Jane
05-26-2017, 09:26 AM
Sounds like a good time. Newt, I always get a kick out of this thread and really enjoy the updates.

Barry M
05-26-2017, 11:12 AM
"Newt go get a line started."


Newt Cox
05-27-2017, 04:46 AM
Sounds like a good time. Newt, I always get a kick out of this thread and really enjoy the updates.

Thanks man.

No clue right now when I will hit another show. Did talk to Hollywood Jimmy last night and he asked if we were coming up for his annual Memphis Legends show on Labor Day weekend. Told him as long as Koby is willing to drive I will be there.

Anyways if y'all want to see more of my footage just search for DIY Mississippi Filmworks on youtube. I just recently uploaded the 50th match to my channel. And have been going back thru my archives and adding matches that either I never uploaded or I had on another YT channel that got shut down.

Newt Cox
05-27-2017, 04:53 AM

It wasn't until after the EGO show that I realized that pretty much every fan in MS knows who I am. Talking to the EGO promoter found out that after I went up and got a pic with Mr Elgin right at 40 fans did the same. So I am happy that both EGO and Mr Elgin managed to make some money off it.

I need to find the picture and scan it,but back in 2010 the day before Halloween I went to a free outdoor show in town. Which was either Kamala's last match or one of his last 3 matches,Kamala has had to have both legs removed cause of diabetes.During intermission Mitch "Snakeman" Toretta was in the ring with his 8 foot python. And for $5 you could go get a pic with him. I had gotten my father to come to the show,so he wanted me to get a pic with Mitch and the snake.

That was also the same show where I got to meet and become friends with Barry Wolf. Yall that read wrestling magazine will know what Pro Wrestling Illustrated is.Every year they make a list of the top 500 wrestlers in the world. And for the past 15 years or so whoever gets the 500 spot makes it part of their gimmick. Well in 2010 Barry Wolf was number 500. During intermission I was talking to him,having just seen him vs Ron "Fatt Hardy" Horn 3 weeks earlier. Barry was thanking me for doing a show review on my blog. When someone came by and said "Hey Mr 500." So I ended up getting Barry to sign the show poster "Mr 500 Barry Wolf the one man Wolf pack."

And since this is kind of a movie forum got a way to connect Barry to movies. He was an extra in the recent film Free State of Jones. So now he is introduced as Free State of Jones Barry Wolf. I haven't seen the entire film but the one scene were Barry is easy to spot has him sitting there eating peanuts. So now on commentary we joke about how he "Won the Planters Peanuts Oscar for Best Extra in Film."

Newt Cox
05-27-2017, 05:14 AM
Ok no idea why I hadn't posted this before. But I mentioned the Women's Hardcore match I saw were one lady used a broadsword as a weapon. I had uploaded it to youtube not long after I got home from that road trip. And the next day the promoter of that fed messaged me asking me to take down any footage I had uploaded from the show. "Brother we make lots of money off DVD sales. So please take down any full matches from the show you have uploaded." What I never understood is he is the one that invited us all out to film and do commentary.

Now that it has almost been 3 years since the show happened I have been slowly uploading the matches.

VIP Wrestling
Arlington TX
Labor Day Weekend 2015
Claudia vs Bree Ann

This was Claudia's retirement match. What sucks is before the show we all saw her hiding the sword under the ring. After the show I was talking to Claudia for a bit. Asking her if she thought she would miss wrestling."Now I won't miss the injuries and stuff. But I will miss this." Then she showed me what looked to be right at 400 bucks in her cash box. "Gonna miss all the extra money I make off pics and gimmicks."

Newt Cox
02-04-2018, 06:28 AM
Bayou Indie Wrestling was the big fed in my area of the country for about 2 years. Then they had to take a 3 year hiatus.Had their return to my town show tonight. it was cold and rainy as fuck. Doors didn't open until 7pm. The ring truck not only blew a tire somewhere in LA. But also ran into a wreck that delayed it 2 hours.

But still fans were there at 4pm wanting to know when they could come in. Was told they sold 275 tickets and there was about 250 in the crowd. Plus 20 or so either vending,filming or other non-worker jobs.

Highlight of the night was looking over and see that some skinny older lady is trying to attack the heel wrestler as he goes back to the locker room. Then realizing the old lady is a friend of a friend. Rushed over turned my camera on and got 12 seconds of it. She claims he hit her and she is sueing. He got so much heat he didn't come out at intermission. Took 3 of the face wrestlers talking to the lady to get her calmed down enough that she could be trusted.

Ok picture time.

Show's poster. Chase Stevens didn't face Terrele Tempo. He faced Apocalypse Adam Asher instead. Seems a few guys had issues cause of the bad weather and pretty sure one guy worked twice.Once in white trucks and plain white mask as The Pro. Then a 3 way match under his normal ring name.

All the junk I had for sale. By the end of the night had like 12 DVDs left. Sold everything else. Had the laptop playing various BIW matches i had filmed 3 and 4 years ago at the same civic center.
Ultimo Gallos and Koby "Quarters" Rutland,lead announcer for SWA promotions TV show.

The bald guy in demin looked like a redneck Henry Rollins. But I could never get a good picture of him.

Ian Jane
02-04-2018, 10:51 AM
I wanna go to a wrestling match with Newt.

Newt Cox
02-04-2018, 10:22 PM
I wanna go to a wrestling match with Newt.

If you are in the area we are always needing people to watch the table and set up chairs. Just get ready to sit around for hours waiting for the doors to open to the crowd.

Ian Jane
02-05-2018, 10:02 AM
Sounds awesome, haha. I'm not usually in the area but you never know. Life is at the point now where we might actually get to travel a bit once summer ends.

Newt Cox
02-05-2018, 04:36 PM
Ok update to waffle waitress vs TNA SUPERSTAR Chase Stevens....

Waitress' daughter contacts me late last night.Tells me a friend has it all on video. Get sent really blurry cellphone footage. Chase is leaving ringside area. 12 year old gets up in his way is mouthing off to him so to scare the kid back Chase kicks an empty chair. That slid hit the waitress lightly in the leg. But lady is going to get a lawyer today.

Anyways. While we were waiting 4 hours for the doors to open found an empty conference room. Tossed up a Big Ramp Enterprises sign on the wall and did a shit ton of promo videos. Then made a trip to the van. Came back and I tossed on my mask and did a quick vid with Ramp.


And here's the opening match from the show. John Saxon is a deep south vet. Was NWA world tag champ years ago. The Pro I think was a last minute replacement. Mostly cause him and a guy in a later match had the same tattoos. Sorry for the shit quality shot this match using my tablet.


Newt Cox
02-05-2018, 06:44 PM
Sounds awesome, haha. I'm not usually in the area but you never know. Life is at the point now where we might actually get to travel a bit once summer ends.

Yea my area of MS is horrid in the summer. Best time to visit is Jan thru March. Unless it is raining it is usually nice outside.

Newt Cox
02-05-2018, 07:42 PM

Chase Stevens vs Apoc Adam Asher. Chase is the one that got attacked by the waffle waitress. Filmed this using my new camera. To me the video looks way better but the sound isn't as good.

Got the main event uploading right now. But will be a bit before it is ready for viewing.

Newt Cox
02-08-2018, 01:57 PM

Best match of the night the team of DTF,Down to FIGHT!, (Dirty Andy Dalton/Bam Bam Malone) vs Double Danny (Danny Ramon/Danny Chance).

Newt Cox
05-17-2018, 03:27 AM
Gearing up for a show this Saturday. BIW is running my town again. But this time the other guys that I usually do video work with will be in Hot Springs AR for a show with Ric Flair. So this time I am gonna have to sell gimmicks,film matches,do commentary and help out as extra security.

The last month I have found piles of copies of The Wrestler on DVD and Blu Ray cheap,usually 3 bucks to 5 bucks. Pricing the Blu Rays at 10 bucks and the DVDs at 5.

Gonna try to get some pics before and after the show. And do some interviews before the show.

Ian Jane
05-17-2018, 08:45 AM
Post it all here once you're done!

Paul L
05-17-2018, 01:10 PM
Gearing up for a show this Saturday. BIW is running my town again. But this time the other guys that I usually do video work with will be in Hot Springs AR for a show with Ric Flair. So this time I am gonna have to sell gimmicks,film matches,do commentary and help out as extra security.

The last month I have found piles of copies of The Wrestler on DVD and Blu Ray cheap,usually 3 bucks to 5 bucks. Pricing the Blu Rays at 10 bucks and the DVDs at 5.

Gonna try to get some pics before and after the show. And do some interviews before the show.
Excellent. Please share the pics.

Newt Cox
05-17-2018, 09:47 PM
I will post all my pics and vids once the show is over and they are uploaded.

I filmed this earlier as a kind a commercial for DIY Mississippi Filmworks.


I think I have explained this before in the thread. So sorry if this is a repeat.

At shows I wear a luchadore mask and go by the name Ultimo Gallos. Who is my "cousin" from Saltio Mexico. The story is he sneaks across the border and comes to my house. Usually breaks into it. Then the day of the show steals my car and video equipment.

Already got a few people that saw the video asking me to "Please hold onto that DVD for me. I want it"

So I figure i should make decent money this show. The other guys I goto shows will are missing this one so I will be one of the few people selling anything.

Newt Cox
05-20-2018, 03:28 AM
Ok just got home from the show about 30 minutes ago.

Got a few pics and piles of videos. Gonna start uploading the vids tomorrow.


That is a pic I took about 10 minutes after the doors opened. Show drew 260 or so people.

That is me on the left and Wesley Crane on the right. Was the first time I saw Wesley. He comes out wearing a Leatherface like skin mask,covered in blood and was creepy as shit.

Sold enough gimmicks that I made about 80 bucks.

Only bad thing is on my way home,about a mile from my house,my car died. I think it is something electrical. So gonna put my car in the shop Monday.

Ian Jane
05-20-2018, 08:57 AM
Car problems are the worst - hopefully the $80 covers it!

That dude does look creepy...

Newt Cox
05-20-2018, 05:32 PM
Car problems are the worst - hopefully the $80 covers it!

That dude does look creepy...

Wait till you see his entrance and all.

I doubt the 80 will cover it. I am betting it is the computer in the car going out. But thankfully I got right at 900 in my savings account ,that I put aside for car issues.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 12:32 AM

Second match on the card. Both newcommers to MS indy wrestling and BIW.

Matt Riot,face,vs Wesley Crane,Heel.

During intermission and after the show Crane sold a pile of merch and had a bunch of kids want pics with him.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 12:35 AM

Opening match

Danny Chance,face with the mega beard,vs Jake O'Brien,pasty white redhead heel.

Decent Match the crowd likes Danny. My dad keeps making jokes about Jake"That guy looked like a fat jar of mayo."

Found out after the show Apoc got Jake booked. Mostly cause Apoc didn't want to drive all weekend lol. So he used the old "rookies drive" rule. But was nice and they used Apoc's truck. Got a cool shirt off Apoc that I need to get a pic of. Also got a Button off Wesley Crane I need to get a pic of.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 12:37 AM

Apoc vs Steve Anthony
Winner is the #1 Contender for the BIW Southern title.

Apoc is a crowd favorite since the time a few years ago he smashed his nose to pulp on the floor. Anthony is great but is always gonna be a heel in Brookhaven. The BIW Southern title is the big title in BIW. Their secondary title is the BIW Deep South Heritage title. Which use to be the NWA Deep South Heritage title.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 12:39 AM



The main event

BIW Southern champ Vordell Walker vs BIW Deep South Heritage Champ Dirty Andy Dalton

My fat fingers were sweaty and slippey by this time. So I kept slipping and hitting the pause button. Might have missed 10 to 20 seconds of the match total.

Vordell ended up winning the Tecmo Bowl tournament that was going on in the locker room. Dirty Andy Dalton was selling shirts and panties that were black with dirty written on them in white. Then had glow in the dark cum splats on them.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 12:40 AM
Ok that is all the vids for tonight. I got a few short pieces of BTS stuff I will upload tomorrow. And two matches. One is the Apoc vs Steve anthony match,but was filmed with a HD camera and it was a buddy using my camera. Then the other is John Saxon vs the debuting Cowboy Randy Wayne.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 04:11 AM

Yea I got another match up.

Jeremiah vs Antonio Garza

Jeremiah is a local guy,lives about an hour away,and worked for years as Jeremy Awesome. Was bombing,more cause he was stuck working for the shit feds in Mid MS,then one day at his work he got an idea for his new gimmick,

He is a huge horror fan. Has a Horror mount Rushmore tattoo on his stomach. That is Jason,Leatherface,Freddy and Michael IIRC,haven't seen it in forever since as Jeremiah he wrestles in overhalls. Well at his work a few years ago all the other guys "were talking no stop about that stupid Duck Dynasty show." Well BIW besides running my town runs the town the Duck Dynasty family lives in. So Jeremy made himself a horror version of one of them. It got him mega over and now he works for feds all over the south.

Antonio Garza usually works Georgia/Alabama/Texas or Mexico. But BIW brought him in for a LA/MS weekend double shot. Garza asked me before the show how big a crowd and if the crowd spent money. Told him that usually there is at least 225 to 250 and they will spend,but it is mostly parents buying stuff for their kids.

He sold 5 lucha masks before the show started and I have no idea how many more during intermission and after the show. His cheapest mask was 25 bucks and I know he sold at least one of the more expensive ones.

Ian Jane
05-21-2018, 09:01 AM
That Crane guy definitely puts on a show, haha. Looks like a good time.

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 04:47 PM
It was a fun night. Made even better today when I got my car back. Had to replace the battery. So there went 115. The the shop didn't want to charge me anything but I made them take a 20.

Crane was great. And will be back in August for a BIW show in Natchez. Then back in Nov for the next BIW show in Brookhaven.

Ian Jane
05-21-2018, 05:44 PM
$20 for any car repair is a deal - glad it worked out.

And definitely update us on future exploits!

Newt Cox
05-21-2018, 07:32 PM
I shall. I wanted to take more pics this time before the crowd came in. But was busy catching up with some guys I hadn't seen in years. Plus there was a Tecmo Bowl Tournament going on that had everyone's attention.

Newt Cox
05-23-2018, 01:44 PM

John Saxon vs Randy Wayne

Saxon is a 25+ year vet. Works mostly MS/LA/AL/TX. And every few years re-invents himself. Randy Wayne I had never seen before. But he did come over and buy a dvd off me before the doors opened.

Paul L
05-23-2018, 06:06 PM
I love this thread. It makes me smile. Thanks for sharing, Newt :) Please keep it up.

Newt Cox
05-24-2018, 02:39 AM
Yall are welcome.

I need to find my flash drives with my pictures from 2010 thru 2013.

Newt Cox
10-26-2018, 01:39 AM
Gearing up for the Nov 3rd BIW show.

Thanks to the Fed that runs the Jackson area being jealous that BIW draws a bigger crowd and doesn't lose money most shows some shady stuff has happened.

1. The Jackson fed's big show is the Great Southern 8. 8 wrestlers each from a deep south state in a one night tournament. This is the only show the past 3 years they always make a profit off of. So they are having the show the same day as BIWs show in my town.

2. The Jackson fed also booked the most over heel in BIW for the GS8. Thankfully the heel is great guy. So he asked to lose in the first round,then will leave and haul ass to the BIW show to be in the main event.

Also one of the local vets has retired. He was suppose to be in the main event. Then announced his retirement a week ago.

Good news is Wesley Crane is coming back.

Gonna try to get pics and vids of the pre show set up. And plan on videoing every match.

Ian Jane
10-26-2018, 08:55 AM
Looking forward to your write up!

Newt Cox
10-27-2018, 01:57 AM
Looking forward to your write up!

Thanks man. From talking to the promoter ticket sales are doing well. Been told to expect a bigger crowd than the last show. But the bigger the crowd the more money I can make at my table.

Darcy Parker
10-27-2018, 06:06 PM
Awesome Newt! I hope it does great thing for you!

Newt Cox
10-28-2018, 06:19 PM
Awesome Newt! I hope it does great thing for you!

Thanks. Recovering from last night's party. Watch a drunk guy,dressed as the Crow, dance like Crispin Glover in Friday 13th pArt 4.

Newt Cox
11-04-2018, 05:16 AM
Show was a blast.

Drew 280 people. I sold 70 percent of my stuff. 5 matches. Filmed every match. Plus got pics and vids of all the pre show stuff.

1.Bam Bam Malone vs ???-Will get the missing names later
2.Alex vs Kiki-Both ladies are rookies and tried their best.
3.Danny Chance vs Gino ???-Both guys are from Tx. But to cheer on Danny the crowd kept chanting USA....it's Mississippi.
4.Steve Anthony/the Nightmare known as Jerimiah vs The Ring Wrecker Vordel Walker/Apoc Adam Asher
5.BIW Deep South champ Dirty Andy Dalton vs 50 Calibur Barrett Brown-Was a 2 outta 3 falls match.

Also pre show got some promo/short interview vid with Danny Chance and Apoc.


Newt Cox
11-04-2018, 05:17 AM
Show was a blast.

Drew 280 people. I sold 70 percent of my stuff. 5 matches. Filmed every match. Plus got pics and vids of all the pre show stuff.

1.Bam Bam Malone vs ???-Will get the missing names later
2.Alex vs Kiki-Both ladies are rookies and tried their best.
3.Danny Chance vs Gino ???-Both guys are from Tx. But to cheer on Danny the crowd kept chanting USA....it's Mississippi.
4.Steve Anthony/the Nightmare known as Jerimiah vs The Ring Wrecker Vordel Walker/Apoc Adam Asher
5.BIW Deep South champ Dirty Andy Dalton vs 50 Calibur Barrett Brown-Was a 2 outta 3 falls match.

Also pre show got some promo/short interview vid with Danny Chance and Apoc.


Newt Cox
11-04-2018, 04:31 PM

3rd match of the night

The Amazing Danny Chance ,from TX,vs The Latin Lover Gino,from TX But billed from Mexico.

Was Gino's first time in town. Danny is a crowd fave. Really laid back guy. Cleaned up at his gimmick table. Had 3 different shirts and lots of pics,stickers, etc.

Ian Jane
11-05-2018, 09:55 AM
Some day I'm gonna travel to your neck of the woods and go to one of these matches.

Newt Cox
11-05-2018, 06:15 PM
Some day I'm gonna travel to your neck of the woods and go to one of these matches.

Kick ass. Next year May 4th weekend is a huge show.

Newt Cox
11-06-2018, 01:20 PM

2nd match

Alex Garcia vs Kiki Vibez

Newt Cox
11-06-2018, 01:24 PM

4th match

Steve Anthony and the Nightmare known as Jerimiah vs The Ring Wrecker Vordell Walker and Apoc Adam Asher.


Newt Cox
11-07-2018, 02:04 PM

Playlist with entire show in order.

Getting all my pre show footage and pics sorted. Should have them up soon.

Newt Cox
12-25-2018, 10:55 PM
Thanks to my sorta brother in law got a new piece of gear for shows.

https://i.ibb.co/jW8Bryk/2018-12-25-20-24-14.jpg (https://ibb.co/ZYftMBz)

Darcy Parker
12-26-2018, 01:37 AM
Looking good, Newt! Merry Christmas!

Newt Cox
12-26-2018, 05:38 PM
Looking good, Newt! Merry Christmas!

Thx sir. Merry Xmas.

Newt Cox
01-30-2019, 04:32 AM
Feb 9th is the next BIW show in my town. Got tickets Tuesday night.

As always will film matches and take pics.

Ian Jane
01-30-2019, 09:51 AM
I somehow missed the Christmas outfit post.


Newt Cox
01-31-2019, 12:56 AM

Newt Cox
02-10-2019, 07:35 AM
BIW returned to my tiny town Saturday.
https://i.ibb.co/MfhLR7T/49465125-271737006844593-8797751880311635968-n.jpg (https://ibb.co/BGPRgBD)
iron man 3 last movie (https://movieplotholes.com/iron-man-3)

Been building up stuff to sell. Normally I have one tub of stuff. Hit a few good finds the past few days,so had the tub plus 2 canvas bags.
https://i.ibb.co/FKQqw1D/20190209-180005.jpg (https://ibb.co/pxHrzTL)
iron man 3 last movie (https://movieplotholes.com/iron-man-3)
That is right after it got set up. Since there was a huge ring crew,12 people instead of the normal 5,I didn't have to help set up chairs. Got various small clips of pre show stuff. Working on editing it all together.

Was also a fun show cause for the first time in a year CEO of Bodyslam Media Productions drove down to film and do commentary. Koby "Quarters"Rutland ,imagine Bash from the Netflix GLOW series.
https://i.ibb.co/TbvfXPc/20190209-165702.jpg (https://ibb.co/F0xrv86)
iron man 3 last movie (https://movieplotholes.com/iron-man-3)
Quarters and a few others have started up a Lucha libre fed outside Jackson. Their first show is May 4th 2019. Koby just got in the Hoodmark world title so brought it to the show.
https://i.ibb.co/6PHNzLY/20190209-182529.jpg (https://ibb.co/r6xvYNk)
iron man 3 last movie (https://movieplotholes.com/iron-man-3)
Then from out of nowhere Felix Navi Dodd appeared and declared himself the first Hoodmark champ.


Koby and I made quick signs with the two video companies names on them. And wandered towards the makeshift locker room was. We look down the hall and see 50 Calibur Barrett Brown. Known Barrett since 2013. And the past year he has gotten to be fairly well known. And now spends most weekends doing long hours in a car. This weekend he was in Illinois on Friday for AAW,keep in mind that Barrett is from South Texas. They left the AAW show at midnight and drove all night to Brookhaven MS. Barrett was loading his vehicle up as I left. I would guess he got on the road tonight at 10:45pm. He is heading to Natchez,which is a bit over an hour away. Then late tomorrow night will start the long drive back home.

First match
Winner gets a shot at the BIW Deep South heritage title,currently held by Barrett Brown.
BIW 2018 Rookie of the Year Danny Chance
The debuting King Rob Love

2nd Match
Apoc Adam Asher vs Paul Titan

Apoc is a southern wrestling vet. Mostly working Tx. Paul Titan is best known for working in Booker T's reality of wrestling fed that runs the Houston area and has a weekly tv show.

Titan was selling plastic kids horned helmets and light up swords and Axes. Dude made big money at his table.

Hope to have the rest of the matches,a great promo/fan interaction with King Rob Love and a vid made up of pre show footage.

Ian Jane
02-10-2019, 11:18 AM
Rad. Looks like, from the videos, there was a reasonable turn out.

Newt Cox
02-10-2019, 04:34 PM
300+ biggest crowd BIW has done in town. Should have the rest of the matches up by Monday evening.

Newt Cox
02-14-2019, 05:00 AM

Playlist with all 5 matches in order.

Starts off with the promo vid Barrett did for me,already posted it here. Also already posted the first 2 matches.

3rd match
Steve Anthony vs Anthony Andrews
Andrews is a Houston TX based guy. Steve is a huge heel in Brookhaven.

4th match
Current champ 50 Calibur Barrett Brown
Frankie Superkick Thomas with Me Brittany, who all the wrestlers and most of the other BTS people know as the Cockupine.

Was told right before this match ended "make sure you are ready to film once Barrett celebrates!"

So was prepared and captured a great incident.

Main Event
For the BIW Southern championship
Current champ The Ring Wrecker Vordell Walker
The Blackwater Butcher Jeremiah aka the Nightmare known as Jeremiah.
And Jeremiah's chain is banned from ringside.

Overall it was a good show. With really only 3 negatives.

1.the crowd was kinda dead. Biggest crowd so far for a BIW show. But they were quiet.
2.There was at least one obvious mistake in every match.
3.I only made 60 bucks. Most BIW shows I make at least 100 bucks profit.

Newt Cox
05-19-2019, 04:11 AM
Got home a few hours ago from the newest BIW show in town. Got a bunch of pre-show footage. And every match and promo.

Had the first ever in BIW Womens tag team match. Plus the main event,that BIW has building up to for a year,was a dog collar match that went all over the civic center and saw blood all over the place.

Will add the matches and pictures as I get them uploaded.

Ian Jane
05-19-2019, 12:20 PM
Looking forward to it!

Newt Cox
05-20-2019, 02:24 AM
Looking forward to it!

Got 3 matches uploaded. Still got 2 matches,some after match promos and a bit of pre show footage of various people working out their matches in the ring.

Match 02
Dirty Andy Dalton vs Amazing Danny Chance
Andy is a second gen wrestler,his dad was famous deep south heel Frank Dalton. Andy has been wrestling 13 or so years. Danny Chance is a rookie and improves with every match. He is one of the most popular wrestlers in BIW and getting a match against a vet like Dalton is a nice sign that BIW sees a lot in Danny. Only drawback to Danny is his entrance theme is that Black & Yellow song. That gets stuck in your head for days.

Newt Cox
05-20-2019, 02:27 AM

This Bayou Indie Wrestling event was titled Making History. Because this match,the last match before the main event,was the first womens tag team match in BIW history. BIW has been around a bit over 10 years and has in the last 3 years started using more women wrestlers.

Match 04
Alex Garcia,in pink with long hair..she recently worked for Stardom in Japan and got a try out at the WWE performance center,teams up with Alejandro Lion,long frizzy hair ...TX and now deep south lucha libre star, to face Ali Bama,white lady who works a southern belle gimmick,and Reiza Clarke,very tall and super nice lady.

Newt Cox
05-20-2019, 02:34 AM

Main Event

Apoc Adam Asher,20 year TX and other southern states indie vet works during the week as a high school teacher and youth minister, vs The Nightmare Known as Jeremiah,works for the MS department of Highways and did most of his own tattoos including a mount rushmore that includes various slasher icons.

This dog collar match is the blow off to a year long feud. Every show BIW has had either these two have faced each other or Jeremiah has interfered in Apoc's match. So these two guys had a Brutal Bloody Brawl all over the Lincoln County Civic Center. And used stuff like wooden tables,chairs,trash cans and even a table full of condiments. Lots of the older fans at the show were comparing it to the infamous Tupleo Concession Stand brawls.

Before the match started the promoter told the 2 guys working security and myself "Keep close to them and try to keep the crowd back."

If all goes right I will have the other two matches up tomorrow.

They are

Match 01-The King Rob Love,TX based guy doing a I am a King from vaguely Eastern Europe country..who the crowd has dubbed Burger King and/or Dairy Queen, vs the debuting Cam Cole.


Match 03-BIW,formerly NWA,Deep South Heritage Championship

Current Champ 50 Calibur Barrett Brown,has done some extra work for WWE and spends every weekend traveling from TX to places all over North America to wrestle, vs Bam Bam Malone,a younger TX based guy...who wrestles a bit like Mike Awesome.

Ian Jane
05-20-2019, 09:01 AM
Ha, this looks like crazy fun.

Newt Cox
05-20-2019, 08:22 PM

Playlist of all 5 matches in order with some post match promos and stuff.

Hope yall enjoy.

Ian Jane
05-21-2019, 08:33 AM
I'll check it out after work.

Newt Cox
05-21-2019, 07:52 PM
Thanks. People are loving the main event dog collar match. It was a great southern style brawl.