View Full Version : New Starship Troopers flick

Alex K.
11-09-2016, 08:26 PM

It's being listed as a reboot but could it be considered a reboot if it's truer to the source material than the previous film? The article has a terrible clickbait title, you instantly think it's going to be terrible because it involves the writers of the Baywatch film. But, the writing duo behind that flick also worked on... Drum roll... Freddy VS Jason and the Friday the 13th Remake. So I remain optimistic because of that.

Matt H.
11-09-2016, 11:06 PM
The FRIDAY remake is underrated.

Alex K.
11-10-2016, 01:25 AM
The Friday remake is very high on my list of all time favorite Friday the 13th movies. I think I'd actually put it at #3 just after Final Chapter and Jason Lives.