View Full Version : Wild Things (1998)

Dom D
02-21-2018, 05:35 PM
I think this one might be due for a reevaluation. I missed it back in the day and it's been vaguely in the back of my head as something to catch up on for years without ever being an urgent need. Finally saw it last night and got to say, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

It's one of the last of the 80s/90s neo-noir erotic thriller genre. The twist, upon twist, upon twist nature of it though pulls it more into line with 60s style giallo than any other film from that cycle that I can think of. The teenage characters and the campiness pull it a little too close to Cruel Intentions for my liking but the general air of cheerful sleaze is enough to banish that comparison.

I have a slight issue with watching Matt Dillion these days. I really enjoy him as a presence but his mannerisms are incredibly similar to his brothers (freakishly in fact) and after years of watching Entourage everytime Matt appears on screen I can't help thinking "hey it's Johnny Drama!" It's a sensation that's damned hard to shake.

Anyway have I gone nuts or is this damned good fun? Not as much fun as One Night At McCools but still a fine slice of Hollywood-ised sleaze for the cineliterate trash fan?

Tom Clark
02-21-2018, 06:46 PM
"You skanky bitch!"

A 90's trash classic. Wonderful cast, slick direction and gleefully lurid storyline. This type of film needs to make a comeback but I don't see it happening given the pathetic cultural climate in America at the moment.

Randy G
02-25-2018, 04:37 AM
This is a particularly inspired piece of neo-noir trash. Compulsively re-watchable.

The Silly Swede
02-25-2018, 08:04 AM
I liked it when it first came out, then felt it was only cause of the sex scene. Took a long time to rewatch it, but when I found it for the equivalent of $1.25 at a charity shop I bought it to revisit it, and like Dom says, it is actually pretty darn good. Not a masterpiece or anything but nice sleaze in a mainstream presentation.

Paul L
02-25-2018, 05:47 PM
I remember keenly anticipating this when it first came out because I was a fan of McNaughton (owing to HENRY, natch, but also his work on HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET). The film was much more 'slick' than I was expecting but it had that mid/late 90s erotic neo-noir vibe that I miss greatly.

Ian Jane
02-26-2018, 10:37 AM
I remember the trailer and TV spot for this when it was a new theatrical release but have never actually seen it.