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Ian Jane
03-07-2018, 02:37 PM
"Stunning and stacked German sex film superstar Ingrid Steeger stars in Erwin C. Dietrich's THE YOUNG SEDUCERS, a rollicking and ribald blast from Euro-erotica's smutty past. Framed like a semi-serious minded social issues film, Dietrich's charmingly carnal opus sees a gaggle of tabloid reporters musing over the phenomenon of randy young women targeting dirty old men for sex, with each new scandalous story re-enacted for the audience in frank and explicit ways.Buxom and perpetually horny young lasses seek sex on buses, in classrooms, on the football field, backstage and everywhere and anywhere they can lock their legs around any willing men - and women - who will satisfy their lusts. Plenty of soft-core shagging and exposed female flesh soak the screen in this, the first of three funny and filthy dirty ditties that make up THE YOUNG SEDUCERS trilogy, all of them lensed by the leering eye of legendary Swiss director/producer Dietrich (ROLLS ROYCE BABY, Jess Franco's JACK THE RIPPER and BARBED WIRE DOLLS).

Full Moon is proud to present this lost erotic curio in a gorgeous, digitally remastered, fully uncut presentation culled from Dietrich's own 35mm negative. THE YOUNG SEDUCERS will rock your world!

THE YOUNG SEDUCERS is now available on remastered DVD via Amazon and Full Moon Direct and available to stream via Full Moon's Amazon channel and Full Moon Streaming."



Ian Jane
06-11-2018, 03:35 PM
There's a DVD release of the 2nd film happening now...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Switzerland!

Notorious producer/director Erwin C. Dietrich (billed under his nom de plume Michael Thomas) strikes back harder than the Empire with this sex-tastic sequel to his classic exploitation epic THE YOUNG SEDUCERS!

THE YOUNG SEDUCERS 2 (aka Blutjunge Verf├╝hrerinnen 2) once more stars statuesque German sex film superstar Ingrid Steeger, who top-lines a cast of often disrobed international actors that are called to enact the sweaty fantasies of a perpetually horny author. As with the first film, Dietrich (ROLLS ROYCE BABY, also available from Full Moon) forgoes nagging contrivances of plot and character development in favor of a non-stop cavalcade of hot and hilarious couplings that skirt hardcore but never quite cross the line, always tempering the tempestuous encounters with laughs because, y'know...sex SHOULD be fun!

The name of the game here is young dames, who lock their sites on their older male sexual conquests and go to great lengths to get them. And get them they do, naturally, in every position and in every location (and of course, Dietrich once again exploits some typically breathtaking European locales for his lurid goings-on) within shagging distance. Dietrich would return again for a third go around with his nubile horny heroines, but THE YOUNG SEDUCERS 2 is widely considered the finest in the trilogy...

Full Moon is proud to present this delightfully smutty sequel in a gorgeous, digitally remastered, fully uncut presentation culled from Dietrich's own 35mm negative. THE YOUNG SEDUCERS 2 aims to please...and please...and please...and...

Get the film on DVD from Amazon or Full Moon Direct. You can also stream or purchase the picture via Full Moon Streaming or our Full Moon Amazon channel.


06-11-2018, 05:45 PM
This echoes my happy buying spree that lasted about 3-4 years when Ascot released all those Dietrich blus. I'm glad they are now finding a market in the US though. They really should release these on blu as well as dvd though. Seems a wasted opportunity.