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Bruce Holecheck
05-09-2018, 09:32 AM
From my Cinema Arcana FB Page (https://www.facebook.com/cinemaarcana/):

“He’s seen the future. Now he has to kill it!” Tony Maylam’s action /sci-fi / horror romp SPLIT SECOND (1992) finally makes its way to domestic Blu later this year, courtesy of the MVD Rewind Collection! In the way off year of 2008, cantankerous detective Rutger Hauer and fresh-faced rookie Neil Duncan find themselves hot on the trail of a heart-munching serial killer – the same one who ripped open Hauer’s original partner years earlier. As they slosh through a partially-submerged cyberpunk London looking for clues, they come to suspect this murderer may not exactly be from our world.

Promoted by Fangoria during production, SPLIT SECOND didn’t gain much traction until its VHS release and cable play, where those who bothered to watch found a fun, action-filled genre programmer with some laughs, some splat and plenty of things blowing up. And sometimes that’s really all you want. Issued on DVD by HBO in the early 2000s, the disc went out of print and fans have had to resort to overseas options for their viewing pleasure. Thankfully MVD are here to give the film its belated Stateside HD debut, and while the disc itself is still a little ways off—production of bonus features is just now being looked into—it sounds like we’ll hopefully see it by year’s end.

And just in case you thought that’s the only sci-fi actioner MVD has up their sleeve, the company has also confirmed their acquisition of Albert Pyun’s NEMESIS (1992) and its sequels! Watch this space for details.

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