View Full Version : Fuck you Warner Bros.

The Silly Swede
08-14-2011, 04:09 PM
For these reasons:

1. Your DVD's that I have bought have UNSKIPPABLE "anti-piracy" trailers.

2. You have 5 gazillion country options, and when I have finally chosen Sweden I get trailers subtitled in my own language.

3. Despite this insanely long and annoying menu, the subtitle choice do not carry over to the main feature, so I have to chose swedish all over again. Every other manufacturer, local or big-time hollywood, can make this happen. Have I once klicked on "Swedish" the film will be subbed in swedish no matter how many detours via menues, trailers or bonus features I go by on my way there.

4. At the beginning of DVD you had cardboard boxes instead of amaray (or similar) cases. These are marginally higher then other cases, which makes storing in bookshelves unneccessarily annoying.

5. You are to fucking cheap to print different covers for different countries. So instead of one readable text on the back of the case, with the story of the film, I get four, tiny, unreadable ones in four different languages. YET!!!! You manage to print "Rental only" on rental copies.

That is all for now.