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Steve Marshal
09-20-2011, 12:51 AM
Please tell us that what is the best TV show in your opinion.Your answer must be logical with a statement.

Ian Jane
09-20-2011, 08:48 AM
You go first.

Barry M
09-20-2011, 09:17 AM
Is there a show about electric dog fences? That one.


Todd Jordan
09-20-2011, 09:54 AM
I like the little Boston terrier that shows up at the end. He knows that kid is a dumbshit. I hope they don't use that collar on the little guy. :(

Ian Jane
09-20-2011, 10:20 AM
I guess, in all seriousness, if I had to vote for the best TV Shows of all time I'm going with Twin Peaks and The Prisoner. Twin Peaks because it freaked me out and was the first show to really suck me in and want to know what happened week after week. The first season more so than the second but regardless, it was a pretty big deal at the time and had a pretty profound impact on me.

The Prisoner I obviously didn't catch first run and wound up watching as a kid with my grandfather - BUT I don't think I saw the whole series then. It wouldn't be until I was in my 20s that I'd actually sit down and watch it from start to finish, at which point I was old enough to realize just how brilliant and original and bizarre it really is. I could watch that show over and over again and probably take something new away from it each time, and there aren't many shows I can say that about.

Honorable mention goes to Tales From The Crypt and Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Todd Jordan
09-20-2011, 10:47 AM
My two favorite shows ever?

Arrested Development - Just one amazing joke after another, clever too, and every single cast member had great comic timing. Just a perfect show.

Deadwood -aside from the interest in the era it takes place in, it was an unforgiving show with incredible characters. Swearingen is for my money the BEST television character ever. The actor was fantastic in that role. Deadwood is gritty, nasty, and probably more true to life than most westerns.

Neither show overstayed their welcome (although finality to Deadwood would be nice) and there was not one bad episode in the three season each show ran.

Ian Jane
09-20-2011, 10:49 AM
I'm with you 100% on Deadwood. Arrested Development I love, but the third season was way too rushed and it suffered for it. I know they were trying to tie up loose ends with no time to really flesh it out the way that they had been, but it hurt the show.

Robin Bougie
09-21-2011, 04:36 AM
I don't think I could do an overall pick, since it is comparing apples, catalopes, oranges, and grapes once you start comparing various genres within the scope of the television medium. The same way it is hard for me to decide which is better, my fave comedy film or my fave drama film.

Probably break it down like so:
Best Drama series:
Best humour series:
Best News or Documentary series:
Best series not made in North America:

I'd also probably have to do separate picks for "current" and "all time" -- especially since the OP didn't specify which.

09-28-2011, 03:07 PM
Is this a current show or ever? The first post isn't very specific

Currently? Sons of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter has a seven season arc that he already has planned and I personally feel each season tops the previous one, my only worry is the time will come for it to end and FX won't want to lose their baby so it may outstay it's welcome

Ever? Monty Python's Flying Circus

Completely changed my view on comedy which, in turn, changed my view on the world

Newt Cox
09-29-2011, 07:15 AM
Current is Sons of Anarchy tied with The Walking dead. Both are well written series ,with a decent cast.

Ever-Tie between Twin Peaks and Freaks and Geeks. Twin Peaks to me is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. And Freaks and Geeks was the perfect tv show. Now I was in high school in the early 90s. But I went through lots of the same things that the lead actress on F&G went through.