View Full Version : INTENSITY & SOLE SURVIVOR (Dean Koontz Mini-Series)

Shawn Francis
04-05-2012, 01:24 PM
Any fans of those late 90s Dean Koontz mini-series adaptations of his novels, INTENSITY and SOLE SURVIVOR? FEARnet is running them on their On Demand channel in HD! Yes, they've been widescreened and look pretty damn good. Right now both parts of INTENSITY are up, with only Part 1 of SOLE SURVIVOR on right now. I imagine Part 2 will eventually be up. You can't get these on DVD yet, and the last time FEARnet ran these two a few years ago, they only ran 'em full frame. I actually got those recordings, but am currently in the process of re-recording INTENSITY. Anyone who's got a recorder and this channel, I recommend snagging these two as quickly as possible.