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Ian Jane
09-20-2012, 01:47 PM
From the Alternative Cinema press release!

The Outrageous and Unrated DVD and Digital Version Swimming to Stores December 11, 2012


September 12, 2012 - In the tradition of TREMORS and SHARKTOPUS comes the newest entry in the annals of rampaging monster movies! SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST tells the story of a small town terrorized by a prehistoric creature and the fearless citizens who defend it.


In 1999, a team of animal biologists investigating a rash of wildlife killings disappeared in the lonely woods near a small town. Years later, a local resident claims to have killed a prehistoric carnivorous creature living in the snow. Now, someone - or something - is making lunch of the locals.
As curiosity-seekers and crypto zoologists descend on the small town, drawn by the legend of the Snow Shark, Mark - sole survivor of an earlier attack - leads an armed and dangerous posse into a deadly battle.

Dive into Snow Shark, the outrageous and spine-tingling tale of the world?s greatest predator, frozen for thousands of years, freed by an earthquake, and really, really hungry.

The first (and proudly micro-budget) feature film from 26-year-old writer-director Sam Qualiana, who may be best known to indie horror fans as the lead in PORKCHOP II: RISE OF THE RIND, received support from a variety of independent genre veterans: producer Richard Chizmar (Cemetery Dance Publications), award-winning horror novelist and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson (SLIME CITY MASSACRE), Michael Gesel, Michael Faust and John Maclay. Brett Piper (SHOCK-O-RAMA) and Mark Polonia (SPLATTER BEACH) tackled post-production, and creature FX were supplied by John Renna and Arick Szymecki and Andrew Lavin of Anomaly FX.

Greg Lamberson states in the SNOW SHARK'S production press release,

Qualiana originally made a Snow Shark short seven years ago. After winning the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival's 'Filmmaker to Watch' award for his short crime drama No Road Out, he decided to remake the Snow Shark short using the skills he had developed in the intervening years. Reaction to the project was so positive he turned it into a feature instead and started shooting on weekends, before the script was completed, to beat the spring thaw.

SNOW SHARK was acquired by media licensing and marketing company Independent Entertainment in the midst of a series of theatrical and festival screenings that include the Buffalo Screams Film Festival, the Bronx Week Film Festival, and the HorrorFind Film Festival.

Available to digital and home entertainment markets for the first time, SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST is presented with behind-the-scenes material, short films and outtakes.

DVD Technical Information and Specs
Street Date: Dec. 11. 2012
Pre-Book: Nov. 6, 2012
Director: Sam Qualiana
Stars: Sam Qualiana, Michael O'Hear and Jackey Hall
Production Company: Metroshia Productions
SRP: $14.98
UPC: 878746012096
Aspect Ratio Feature Film: 16x9
Number of discs: 1
DVD Format: 9
Rating: Not Rated
Audio: 2.0
Total Run Time: 162 min

Disc Breakdown:
SNOW SHARK feature film
SNOW SHARK short film
A LOVE STORY short film
Trailer Vault


09-20-2012, 01:50 PM
The Outrageous and Unrated DVD and Digital Version Swimming to Stores December 11, 2012

At first I read that as "The Outrageous and Unwanted DVD"...had to wonder if that wasn't taking truth in advertising too far...lol

Ian Jane
09-20-2012, 02:20 PM
I thought Sam Qualiana was hilarious in Porkchop II. Piper and Polonia have had their hands in some interesting movies too.