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Ian Jane
10-18-2012, 12:24 PM
Howard Chaykin's art is pretty rad. Few people draw women in black stockings as well as he does and he did great things with The Shadow and Blackhawk revamps. Black Kiss is twisted and great and taboo busting and he's not afraid to push peoples' buttons.

Ian Jane
10-18-2012, 12:26 PM


10-18-2012, 01:12 PM
Yeah, he is a master of drawing sexy ladies in stockings. I was a big fan of American Flagg, Time² and his take on The Shadow back in the day.

Ian Jane
10-18-2012, 01:38 PM
All good picks. Some of his Cody Starbuck stuff is fun too and his 70s DC stuff.

10-18-2012, 02:31 PM
I also liked his Power & Glory comics in the 90's. I picked up his Cyberella series for cheap as well as his Blade miniseries but have never gotten around to reading them. And I'm looking forward to reading Black Kiss 2 when it gets collected.

Ian Jane
10-18-2012, 02:46 PM
I'm waiting on a collected Black Kiss 2 as well. Power & Glory was pretty twisted. I still have those kicking around somewhere.

Malibu's Bravura line had some cool stuff before it went kaput.

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Ian Jane
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Ian Jane
12-07-2012, 03:12 PM
The Marked Man serial Chaykin did for Dark Horse Presents has been collected and was released Tuesday.

Anyone check this out? Worth getting?


Marshall Crist
12-07-2012, 11:33 PM
I'm pretty geeked on Altas Comics, and enjoyed his Scorpion character.


12-08-2012, 01:16 PM
1) That last image of the vampire lady in post #11 is from Bite Club - I think Chaykin wrote that but that's a Frank Quitely drawing (anther rad artist who deserves his own thread).

2) I had one of the issues of DHP with a Marked Man story - don't remember anything about the story but do recall that the coloring was ugly. Had an almost airbrushed look which Chaykin uses but this seemed over the top.

3) Atlas comics are so great. It bums me out that there was only one issue of Demon Hunter as it is awesome.

Marshall Crist
12-08-2012, 03:20 PM
3) Atlas comics are so great. It bums me out that there was only one issue of Demon Hunter as it is awesome.

Agreed, but in a way (for me) part of the fun of Atlas is that it is so finite.

I wish their relaunch did it for me.

12-08-2012, 06:23 PM
Yeah, it just sucks that of all the titles Demon Hunter was only a single issue. I could have used two more.

Here's my "cover" of it...


12-08-2012, 07:42 PM
Yeah, it just sucks that of all the titles Demon Hunter was only a single issue. I could have used two more.

Here's my "cover" of it...


Wow, what a small world. I just stumbled on your blog yesterday (totally independent of my activity here), based on your cover of Chester Brown's Yummy Fur comic. For the record, I love that 're'-cover.

EDIT: Oops, I just realized it's an artist's consortium. Oh well, never mind.

Ian Jane
12-09-2012, 11:11 AM
That is pretty cool, TT Boy.

Ian Jane
05-17-2013, 10:10 AM
Chaykin will be working on a new Buck Rodgers series for Hermes Press coming out in August.



Andrew Monroe
07-24-2013, 02:22 PM
Got the first issue of Satellite Sam today - looks like a pretty cool book (it's b&w inside btw). Matt Fraction and Chaykin. I can take or leave Fraction sometimes but I might dig him more outside the Marvel Universe. Review here (http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/07/03/repeat-review-satellite-sam-1-by-matt-fraction-and-howard-chaykin/).


07-27-2013, 06:42 PM
I picked up the Black Kiss 2 trade and gave it a read this week. The story starts decades before the events in the original series and provides an origin story to Beverly and the Dagmars. The middle of the series feels like filler, but is full of perverse sex and violence to get you over the hump, so to speak. When things finally start moving again the plot finds itself leading up the to events depicted in the original series and then the last few chapters act as a sequel to the original. The events in the first volume get glossed over in a couple of sentences so you might want to reread the original series if you haven't perused it in a decade or so. Overall its a great looking book and a decent read if you are a fan of the original. The sex is turned up to 11 compared to the first series so it makes me wonder if Chaykin felt he had to amp things up for modern readers or if he felt he had to use some restraint when he created the original series. Anyway, chicks with dicks. The end.

Ian Jane
09-18-2013, 05:37 PM
Stylish and well drawn booty.


Ian Jane
03-04-2014, 11:07 AM
Press release!


Fraction and Chaykin explore sex and death in 1950s New York City

The Golden Age of television conveyed a mythologized, idealized vision of America to viewers: happy nuclear families, astounding adventures, manufactured innocence served up to a captivated audience. But was there darkness behind the glow of the small screen? In SATELLITE SAM, Matt Fraction (SEX CRIMINALS, Hawkeye) and Howard Chaykin (BLACK KISS, AMERICAN FLAGG) tell a story of what went on off the sets of 1950s television rife with sex, death, and corruption. The series' first collection, SATELLITE SAM VOLUME ONE, will be in stores in March.

In 1951, Carlyle Bishop, the star of the beloved serial 'Satellite Sam,' turns up dead in a filthy flophouse. Carlyle's son Michael has a hunch that his father's death was anything but natural, but the only clue is a box full of photographs of women in various states of undress - and Mike can't bring himself to stay sober long enough to make any sense of it.

For Fraction and Chaykin, SATELLITE SAM is a chance to tell a murder mystery while simultaneously divesting the 1950s of its mantle of moral purity.

'It's a detective story, a history of television, and a record of addiction, sex, and depravity during a time when the antiseptic shine off Ozzie and Harriet obscure what was really happening in the world,' said writer Fraction. 'And these are just a few of the many joys that come from telling a story about television while it was being invented as a mass medium in New York City.'

The creative team researched television's early days in preparation for the series, getting a feel for the era and for the people who lived real lives while inventing an idealized and fictionalized image of families and relationships.

'We'd been talking about SATELLITE SAM for a while, but what really got it going was a long Winter's day Matt and I spent wandering New York, feeling the city's ghosts, its lost and found architecture, ending up at the Paley Center, where we watched kinescopes of long dead men and women, acting out children's fantasies, while living complex lives off-camera,' said Chaykin. 'To say that I'm both having the time of my life collaborating on this project, and getting my ass kicked in the process, is to grossly understate the case.'

SATELLITE SAM VOLUME ONE by Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin

ISBN 978-1-60706-852-5


144 pages, black and white

Collects SATELLITE SAM #1-5

In comic book stores March 3, bookstores March 18

Available for pre-order now


"No one does sordid and illicit better than the combined talents of both of these creators. Chaykin brings just about everything to this comic that he's known for: carefully executed panel layouts, layered storytelling, a hunky lead character, and right there on the opening pages plenty of fishnet stockings and leather teddies. Fraction brings the spark of an engaging idea and peppers it with authentic dialogue amidst a cool setting, but it's Chaykin that ignites it and cooks the whole thing up with a flavor and feel that's unmistakably his."
-Comic Book Resources

"It's a testament to Fraction and Chaykin's talents that a book spanning such an intricate series of storylines can keep us consistently interested and involved; the sense of forward momentum that this story has built up is impressive. At the same time, the emotional dimension of this story can't be denied. Satellite Sam is about as much fun as you can have while feeling like you're seeing something you shouldn't, and one of the more involving, implicating comic-reading experiences to be had."
-Multiversity Comics


Ian Jane
04-10-2014, 12:24 PM
Press release!


The dark and raunchy SATELLITE SAM turns up the heat with retailers by offering a scandalous new incentive comic stores won’t be able to resist. Retailers who order ten or more copies of SATELLITE SAM #8 will be able to indulge in the SATELLITE SAM TIJUANA BIBLE—free!

In the spirit of Great Depression-era Tijuana Bibles, SATELLITE SAM indulges in the explicit and the definitively adults only content in the format of those classic and illegal bootleg comics—at the same time the cast of SATELLITE SAM #8 receive it themselves.

When asked to comment on the TIJUANA BIBLE, Chaykin said evasively: “Actually, as I recall this was Matt's idea—I just got innocently sucked into a maelstrom of filth.”

Fraction however, had a different take: “I have long-dreamed of producing a piece of filth with Howard Victor Chaykin, my number-one international pornographer of choice,” he began. “That we had a place in Satellite Sam where a classic Tijuana Bible could appear in both story and the real world as a special (‘special’) thank you to retailers and readers that are on this dark little journey with us was the cherry on top.”

“A perfect combination of (sort of) youthful integrity and (young) elder opportunism,” quipped Chaykin.

SATELLITE SAM #8, featuring the TIJUANA BIBLE as a story point, arrives in stores on 5/7, and will be available for $3.50. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code FEB140626. Retailers who order 10 or more copies of SATELLITE SAM #8 will receive 10 copies of the SATELLITE SAM TIJUANA BIBLE for free.

SATELLITE SAM #7 (Diamond Code JAN140613) is available now to order.

SATELLITE SAM, VOL. 1 (ISBN 978-1607068525) is available in stores and to order with Diamond Code NOV130453.


Christian Bates-Hardy
04-10-2014, 01:00 PM
Stylish and well drawn booty.


I bought this cover at Midtown Comics last summer in a B&W edition. No one draws an ass quite like Howard Chaykin.

Todd Jordan
04-10-2014, 03:44 PM
I want that dirty comic! My grandfather had a small stack of those in his desk drawer that I used to sneak peeks at. So vile and disgusting and awesome.

Ian Jane
04-17-2014, 10:50 AM
I want that dirty comic!

You can have one.

England cannot. (http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/04/17/satellite-sams-tijuana-bible-not-for-british-eyes/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter)

Todd Jordan
04-17-2014, 12:38 PM
You get me one.

Ian Jane
04-18-2014, 07:45 AM
If I can, I will.

Ian Jane
11-20-2014, 10:49 AM
Chaykin did a variant cover for the upcoming release of The Black Hood #1.


Ian Jane
12-18-2014, 09:45 AM

Newt Cox
12-18-2014, 01:28 PM
After wanting to read it for a long time,I read Black Kiss and then Black Kiss II earlier this week. Thankfully nothing in Black Kiss had been spoiled for me.

What I am wondering is was it a hit in comic shops? I was about 14 or so when it came out. And besides some articles in the fan press I heard no one talking about it.

Ian Jane
05-04-2016, 09:59 AM
HOWARD CHAYKIN To Teach 2-Day Intensive Workshops In NYC, PHILLY & SACREMENTO (http://www.newsarama.com/29115-howard-chaykin-to-teach-2-day-intensive-workshops-in-nyc-philly-sacremento.html)

Oh man, this would be fun. If you've ever had the chance to meet Chaykin at a con or anything then you know the guy is a character, he's got a pretty wicked sense of humor. He's also crazy talented. I'm not sure I could justify dropping $500 on it, but if I had money to spare I'd consider it.

Ian Jane
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Ian Jane
06-13-2017, 03:40 PM
2nd print cover for Divided States Of Hysteria #1.


Ian Jane
07-11-2017, 10:00 AM
Once a shit disturber, always a shit disturber it seems.