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Dom D
03-05-2013, 04:33 PM
Some low budget Aussie genre films I've been watching recently. I try to keep up with what's happening locally. There haven't been any masterpieces that I've seen but these were the most recent viewings:


CRAWL: This one comes with big wraps having won a bunch of awards and garnered comparisons to No Country For Old Men. I assume it was the drectors mother who made the comparison. The China Bros have put together a home invasion flick that references the Coens so directly that it often made me uncomfortable. It's a pretty dopey film where nothing anybody does makes a heck of a lot of sense. It's also padded to hell with a lot of sequences that have nothing to do with the plot being jammed into to bulk out the run time. This despite clocking in at a mere 80 minutes. Bit mystified by this film.'


This film is micro budget but was the most enjoyable of the group. Surprisingly mainstream story for a no budget flick, it's the sort of story you could see Hollywood doing without too much of a stretch. Very likeable, and amiable with a bit of heart. Has two serious issues: The first 15 minutes are god awful. Triggs front loads the flick with some personal philosophy that comes off sounding horribly naive and generic but once he's got it off his chest he doesn't come back to it. And secondly the central conundrum of the film doesn't feel like much of a conundrum. Seems like the hero should be able to sort it easily but instead is making a hash of it. Never mind, pretty impressed all up.


Mixed bag here. A $500,000 budget bbrings a few familiar faces to this film where the young director shows some serious snatches of talent. A few moments of really great screenwriting here and there that just get lost in a morass of pointless plotting and juvenalia. Tarantino and Clockwork Orange influences are put right up front and centre but disappointingly this is more just about person A jamming something into person Bs eye and then having person person B vomit blood. Which sounds more fun than it is because those scenes wind up being seperated by 20 odd minutes of sub Tarantino dialogue that seems interminable. Still alot of talent here if it can be harnessed.

Todd Jordan
03-05-2013, 07:07 PM
How about Come and Get Me? I need to watch it for review.

Dom D
03-06-2013, 02:12 AM
Haven't seen it. To be honest I just can't watch another low budget torture film.

Dom D
03-06-2013, 02:23 AM
BTW go through the user reviews for that film on imdb. Reviews mark it out as either diabolical or the greatest film ever made. Click on the greatest films ever made ones and the reviewers in question only have 2 reviews. One for this and one for Suns other movie. Could Australia have found their own Nick Palumbo?