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Ian Jane
07-01-2013, 10:49 AM
OK, so it's been announced that Massacare Video is bringing these to DVD sooner rather than later. Work has begun on the extras...

"Just a quick update about the Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone release. Not only did we find the mysterious Chester N. Turner, we have also tracked down the starlet of both films, the lovely Shirley Latayna Jones!

Here is a photo of Chester and Shirley with the original Hollywood Home Theater VHS of Black Devil Doll from Hell and the BC Video release of Tales from the Quadead Zone!

This was the first time Chester and Shirley have seen each other in over 20 years, this was a weekend us at Massacre Video will never forget!"


John Lyons
07-01-2013, 03:36 PM
I really applaud what Louis is doing with SOV stuff.
Movies like these represent a fascinating cinematic subculture that really died out in the late 90s and it's nice to see someone really treating them with great respect.

07-02-2013, 01:48 PM
yep, gotta agree...Nice to see these guys getting some love and respect while they are still with us........

Ian Jane
08-16-2013, 01:07 PM
From the Massacre Video facebook page:

"Now some Black Devil Doll from Hell news, we have the masters ready for both BDDFH and Tales from the Quadead Zone! Keeping in mind there were 1/2inch masters out of Chester Turner's personal collection, they are far from perfect but they are the best these films are going to look! Compared to the bootlegs that everyone is use to seeing, these actually have color and minimal video noise.

We are also wrapping a documentary titled "Return to The Quadead Zone: A Retrospective of the films of Chester N. Turning" which will be a must see for the fans of both films.

Chester and I are both very excited to debut both films at the Cinema Wasteland convention in Strongsville, Ohio this October. So make sure to come and meet the legend himself!"

Alison Jane
08-16-2013, 02:04 PM
I have this somewhere... Never watched it.

Paul Casey
08-16-2013, 05:57 PM
Seen Doll and enjoyed it. Really looking forward to getting my greasy mitts on Quadead.

John Lyons
08-16-2013, 06:35 PM
Those movies are great funny. I'm happy to say that I had the pleasure of having dinner with Chester and Louis a few weeks back. Chester is a cool and very friendly dude.

Ian Jane
08-20-2013, 11:15 AM
Louis posted this last night...

"Hardboxes for BDDFH and Quadead Zone are completed. Two covers each, 66 of cover A and 34 of cover B. These will look great printed! :)"

"Transferring the Quadead master tape. By no means does it look perfect, but it's the best it's going to look!"


Ian Jane
08-23-2013, 10:18 AM
Update! (http://massacrevideo.com/site/august-update/)

Now onto Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone news. We finished the DVDs for both films and also have finished a 45-minute documentary titled Return to the Quadead Zone: The Films of Chester N. Turner. The documentary features interviews with director Chester N. Turner and actress Shirley L. Jones. It is a rare insightful look into these two obscurities.

The Black Devil Doll from Hell and Tales from the Quadead Zone releases will feature an array of cool editions!
-VHS releases of both films with a run of 150 each. We decided to go a little past 100 units on these two due to the amount of emails we have gotten that displayed interest in them. To make the VHS releases 100 times cooler, actress and artist of the original Tales from the Quadead Zone BC Video VHS release, Shirley L. Jones, will be hand drawing custom cover art for both releases.
-Hardbox releases for both films, with two separate covers for each. Cover A for both films will be limited to 66 copies and Cover B will be limited to 34 copies. These are first come, first serve, so be sure to check back for more information on both of these.
-The standard DVD will include both films in two separate DVD cases with a cardboard slipcase.

They also note at the above link that they've now signed with CAV to handle distribution.

Ian Jane
09-18-2013, 10:09 AM
Massacre Video will have these available at Cinema Wasteland.



Ian Miller
09-18-2013, 06:35 PM
OK, I think I might be getting excited about this!

Paul Casey
09-19-2013, 09:24 AM
That shirt is awesome beyond belief.

Ian Jane
10-04-2013, 01:06 PM
Official release date is 11/12/13. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FJFJ5YS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00FJFJ5YS&linkCode=as2&tag=cognitrespon-20)

BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL: Wholesome Christian woman, Helen Black, is browsing through a local antique shop when she spots a ventriloquist doll. She is oddly drawn to the doll and decides to purchase it after being forewarned about the dolls mysterious past. Unbeknownst to her, the doll is Black Devil Doll from Hell. The devil doll comes alive and gives Helen her heartfelt wish, a wish she may soon regret!

Food For?: A tale about hunger and it's effect on one poor family and one family member's soultion to this devastating problem! A tale you will never forget.

The Brothers: A tale of hatred and revenge of supernatural proportions. Two brothers, Fred and Ted Johnson, brothers whom have hated eachother from birth. Fred dies of an apparent heart attack. Ted Steals his body from a funeral home to carry out a strange and bizarre deed that results in a chain of evens that Ted could not have foresee in this life or the next.

Unseen Vision: A tale about Bobby, a dead little boy whom keeps brining his mother strange books to read to him...books that can't be found in this world!

Special Features:

Reversible Covers
Audio Commentary With Chester N. Turner And Shirley L. Jones
Return To The Quadead Zone' Documentary
Alternative Hollywood Home Theater VHS Cut Of Black Devil Doll From Hell
Stills Gallery


Alex K.
10-04-2013, 05:55 PM
Nice. Are they going to release a digital version?

Ian Jane
10-05-2013, 12:59 PM
Not that's been announced yet.

Early copies are available at Cinema Wasteland this weekend.

Ian Jane
10-07-2013, 09:31 AM
Nice. Are they going to release a digital version?

Just got confirmation that currently they have no plans for digital releases.

Tom K
10-08-2013, 09:03 AM
I picked up the box set this weekend and met Chester and Shirley...Very cool people!

Missed out on the shirt though...I do most of my shopping on Sunday...

Ian Jane
10-14-2013, 11:40 AM
Daily Grindhouse has the first review I've seen here (http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/dvd-review-films-chester-novell-turner/).

Ian Jane
10-21-2013, 02:53 PM
Diabolik has this in stock and is shipping early. (http://www.diabolikdvd.com/category/Blaxploitation/Black-Devil-Doll-From-Hell-%5Bsl%5D-Tales-From-The-Quadead-Zone-DVD-%28Massacre-Video%29-%28NTSC-All-Region%29.html)

Ian Jane
10-22-2013, 09:17 AM

Ian Jane
10-26-2013, 09:35 AM
Without wanting to go into too much detail, this set is rad. Shirley Jones is hysterical in the interview and Chester Turner comes across as such a nice guy that you just sort of want to give him a hug.

This set is awesome. I mean, the transfers aren't good, but they're as good as they realisitically can be, but the movies are amazing and the extras are too. Massacare Video really did a great job unearthing these.

Ian Miller
10-26-2013, 02:44 PM
Mine is in transit, can't wait to get my sweaty mitts on it! I've been trying to remember just when it was that I first learned of BDDFH, was it an early Psychotronic issue? Deep Red, maybe? It seems like it was forever before I finally got to see it via a fellow Maniac. Sure to not be everyone's cup of video sludge, but for me it's hilarious yet still manages to be somewhat disturbing, a rare occurance in SOV horror features that I have seen. Excited to see the Casio-only version also!

Ian Jane
10-27-2013, 11:58 AM
I'm not sure where I first heard of it either but I definitely did get a DVD-R of it years back. The quality on it was so bad though.

Alex K.
10-27-2013, 01:53 PM
How long is the docu, Ian?

Not trying to be a dick but neither film is a favorite of mine. They're the kind of films that are more fun to talk about then actually watch and I think most dudes would agree with that. If the docu is maybe an hour long or really, really good then I'll bite. But to be honest I'd rather just buy the docu by it self.

Ian Jane
10-27-2013, 04:32 PM
It runs 35 minutes or so.

Ian Jane
10-29-2013, 09:04 AM
I can't make a midnight screening on 11/1/13 but for those who can, this is playing in Brooklyn and Chester Turner will be in attendance.


Tom K
10-29-2013, 09:21 AM
Oddly enough, I was on a plane to Austin, TX with Chester on Friday...

Ian Jane
10-29-2013, 09:27 AM
That is odd. Did you get to talk to him at all?

Tom K
10-29-2013, 09:34 AM
No...At first, I wasn't really sure it was him...I met him at Wasteland and talked to him there, but I still wasn't sure...

After we got off the plane, we saw him again and I asked my wife if it was him...she thought it was, then I took out my phone and looked at my pics...was him...lol...

If I see people, I generally don't want to bother them.

He must have had a screening there or something...he wasn't at that Housecore thing I went to...

Ian Jane
10-29-2013, 09:38 AM
Louis at Massacre Video has been touring the movie with Charles along for the ride, so that was probably what was going on there. According to the Massacre twitter feed there was a screening at the Austin Film Society last week.

Tom K
10-29-2013, 09:55 AM
Ah, that makes sense...Didn't see Justin though...

Ian Jane
10-29-2013, 03:31 PM
Tom, he saw your post and messaged me - he wasn't on the flight but yeah, that was Chester.

For anyone else in the NYC area, there's a signing going on at Forbidden Planet Friday at 7pm. I can't make the screening but I think I'm gonna hit up the signing.

Ian Miller
10-29-2013, 06:28 PM
Have him inscribe "if you like your terror adult and strong"! Those animated menus crack me up.

Ian Jane
11-02-2013, 10:12 AM
Met Chester last night, Louis from Massacre Video too. John Lyons was also kicking around. A good time. Will post the interview with Chester shortly. He could not have been a nicer man.


Tom K
11-02-2013, 10:46 AM
Nice!! Told ya he was super cool!!

Ian Jane
11-02-2013, 10:49 AM
He was. Also mentioned to him that you'd spotted him on that flight - 'Well why didn't he come say hi?' haha.

John Lyons
11-02-2013, 11:36 AM
Yup. A fun event all around. The screening was great too. Good turnout and receptive! More than one would expect from a Brooklyn hipster crowd.

Ian Jane
11-02-2013, 02:59 PM
Ahhhh yeah.


Paul Casey
11-02-2013, 04:14 PM
Awesome interview!! Seems as nice as everyone has mentioned.
Who was that redhead in the back? She looks fun.

Ian Jane
11-02-2013, 04:22 PM
No idea who she was. She might have worked at the store. And he was absolutely as nice as everyone says. Had a big smile on his face the entire time. Was really charming to see him interact with fans like that, he is obviously blown away by all of the attention he's getting these days.

John Lyons
11-02-2013, 06:29 PM
Awesome interview!! Seems as nice as everyone has mentioned.
Who was that redhead in the back? She looks fun.

The girlfriend of the guy who does Massacre's artwork.

John Bernhard
11-04-2013, 07:56 PM
Released in 2011 but believe they are still available

If Chester is not in on this I apologize

Alex K.
11-04-2013, 08:21 PM
Great interview Ian!

Damin J. Toell
11-04-2013, 10:06 PM
If Chester is not in on this I apologize

I don't think Chester has anything to do with that. It's for the late-2000s film BLACK DEVIL DOLL, not Chester's BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL.

John Bernhard
11-04-2013, 10:18 PM
Looks like I get to apologize anyways...sorry for the spurious post.

John Lyons
11-05-2013, 12:09 AM
Released in 2011 but believe they are still available

If Chester is not in on this I apologize

Yeah, Chester knew nothing about the 'remake,' let alone the doll. From what I hear, he's not too thrilled about either.

Ian Jane
11-14-2013, 09:40 AM
From the Poisoned Mind Records facebook page:

"At the pressing plant as we speak! Our inaugural release of the Chester Turner shot on video masterpiece Black Devil Doll From Hell! Available for the first time on any format featuring mind blowing cover artwork by the mighty Shagrat of Acid Witch! Keep a look out on this facebook page and on our instagram page ( @poisonedmindrecords ) for continued updates! Also head on over to Massacre Video and pick yourself up a copy of the movie!"


Ian Jane
11-14-2013, 04:36 PM
Ha, the New York Times has an article here (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/17/movies/chester-novell-turner-and-black-devil-doll-are-back.html?_r=0) about this release.

Ian Jane
01-16-2014, 10:49 AM
If you've ever wanted a Tales From The Quadead Zone T-shirt, now is your time to shine.



Paul Casey
01-16-2014, 11:05 AM
That's such a great shirt. Thanks for the heads up!

Ian Miller
01-16-2014, 02:22 PM
If you like your tee shirts adult and strong, that is!

Ian Jane
01-22-2014, 11:48 AM
There's an article here (http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-chester-turner-borrelli-20140121,0,3425294.column) about Chester Turner's career resurrection but you have to pay to read it so yeah, fuck that. I'll just assume it's a rad article and get on with my day.

Ian Jane
01-22-2014, 12:34 PM
Never mind - this link works (http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-chester-turner-borrelli-20140121,0,3425294.column).

Tom K
01-23-2014, 09:28 AM
Was just gonna post that story...It is very cool!

Ian Jane
11-28-2014, 10:17 AM
Massacre Video is streaming Tales From The Quadead Zone on Vimeo here (http://vimeo.com/98299119) - for free - for most of the day.

Ian Jane
07-10-2018, 05:59 PM
For those of you in the Chicago area...


07-10-2018, 06:45 PM

Ian Jane
07-11-2018, 07:15 AM
Right? If I were in Chicago I'd be all over this, haha.

07-12-2018, 10:25 PM
I’m tempted — but scared at the same time! Haha!

Ian Jane
07-13-2018, 08:51 AM
Do it, so we can live vicariously through you!