View Full Version : ON SET WITH JOHN CARPENTER, by Kim Gottlieb-Walker

Paul L
11-21-2014, 12:58 PM

I received this book, published last month, yesterday. It's a fantastic volume of Gottlieb-Walker's still photography on the sets of Carpenter's films, from HALLOWEEN, though ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE FOG and HALLOWEEN II, to CHRISTINE. The images range from promotional stills (mostly shot using Dean Cundey's lighting, Carpenter says in the foreword - and this shows in the famous still of the hand reaching out of the mist, from THE FOG, for example) to on-set candids and portraits.

Aside from comments by Carpenter and Gottlieb-Walker, there are also comments by some of the people included in the images - eg, Nancy Kyes.

It's a great volume and quite nicely-priced. I bought mine for £16 from the Book Depository in the UK, but I'm sure other stockists have it for a similar price.