• Motorhead - The World Is Yours

    Released by: UDR
    Released on: 2/8/2011

    Lemmy, at 65, is now what the British call a “pensioner” - but he sure as hell is not ready for any retirement home. He’s mad as hell and full of piss and vinegar and not all that thrilled with mankind in general.

    Thank God.

    While many refuse to acknowledge the clear merits of MOTORHEAD’s post-Fast Eddie Clarke career the fact remains that today, the Head still deliver albums that range from good… to great.

    “The World Is Yours” is on the upper end of the scale, second only to the amazing “Inferno” from 2004. But while “Inferno” mined a thrashy and slightly vicious vein, “The World Is Yours” has the distinct flavor of turbo-charged boogie mixed with some old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. If Chuck Berry went “metal” its quite possible that “Rock 'n' Roll Music” from this album would be the result.

    One of this record’s great strengths is the variety on display. “Brotherhood Of Man” with its grinding riff and doomy aura is a worthy companion piece to “Orgasmatron” and “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” sounds like Eddie Cochran mainlining Red Bull. Lemmy’s bass is prominently mixed right up with the guitar and it
    sounds wonderful. And a quick note of praise for guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee who are both stellar musicians. This is a trio that runs like a well-oiled machine.

    MOTORHEAD continue to deliver and this album is the proof. The American limited edition version comes with a bonus dvd with some live tracks from Germany’s Wacken festival in 2006. Video and audio quality are good.
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    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      I'm going to see MOTORHEAD on Friday, really looking forward to it! Nice review, Horamce!
    1. getbent's Avatar
      getbent -
      I saw them in March at the old Avalon Theater in Boston. Great show! Don't pass up a chance to see them live (what with Lemmy being a "pensioner" and all), even the casual fan can't help but enjoy...best CD they've put out since 2000's "We Are Motorhead"(although "Down On Me" off "Inferno" is one of my favorites)
    1. Zane C.'s Avatar
      Zane C. -
      As mentioned, saw the mighty Motörhead in support of this record. They truly are a force! I love how Lemmy and crew are still rockin'! I also loved how the banter was kept to a minimum - "We are Motörhead - we play rock n roll"!

      Then it was on.

      I came away from the gig happy, having seen a band I've admired for a long time live. I would gladly go see them again! Hopefully Lemmy is still able to tour for a while!