• Cult 70s Porno Director: Zebedy Colt

    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released in: 2006
    Director: Zebedy Colt
    Cast: Zebedy Colt, Nancy Dare, Spaulding Gray, Marlene Willoughby, Gloria Leonard, Jean Jennings, Susan McBain, Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall
    Year: Various

    The Movies:

    A sort of 'enfant terrible' of the seventies smut movie scene, Zebedy Colt (sometimes credited as Zebediah Colt or Zepety Colt) had a penchant for making some of the finest and nastiest roughies to emerge from the era but was somehow able to infuse a certain sort of artistry into his work, despite the content and the obviously limited means with which he had to work with. Colt supposedly died in 2004 but his work remains popular thanks to his knack for pacing and for truly depraved set pieces. Alpha Blue Archives had the good sense to compile three of his features for the fourth entry in their Cult 70s Porno Director series of releases (alongside the ranks of such notables like Doris Wishman and Ray Dennis Steckler!), here's how it all plays out...

    The Farmer's Daughter (58 Minutes, 1973)

    The earliest of his directorial efforts (credited as his first feature... whether or not this is true is debatable) stars a few notable performers of the time. In addition to showing up in front of the camera himself, Colt case Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Spaulding Gray and Susan McBain in this grizzly pornographic take on the home invasion/Last House On The Left style of horror film.

    Clocking in at a lean, mean hour in length, the film tells the story of group of escaped thugs, lead by Gray, that terrorize a farmer and his hot daughters and force them to do despicable things at gun point. There's rape, incest, brutality and perversions galore and the film has a rough, primal and at times almost amateurish feel to it that makes it quite uncomfortable viewing. The thugs, brandishing rifles, force the mother (Gloria Leonard) to have sex with her three daughters and at one point the father (Colt himself) finds himself on the receiving end of some oral gratification thanks to his youngest girl. Twisted stuff. And did I mention the rape? Cause there's lots of rape in here, most of it at gun point and done with a whole lot of verbal and physical abuse.

    While I suppose you could make the argument that maybe the film is supposed to be a parody of some of the rough horror movies that were popular at drive-in's and grindhouses around the country at the time, this one is play pretty much completely straight and is devoid of any humor or really any socially redeeming content whatsoever. If sleaze is what you're after, this one definitely delivers.

    Shot at some remote farm location presumably somewhere outside of New York City, which usually served as Colt's base of operations, this one ranks up there with some of the nastier films in Colt's regimen, and considering that this is the man who made Sex Wish (where he plays a psychopath rapist) and Unwilling Lovers (in which Colt plays a retarded man who enjoys raping corpses), that statement does count for something. Despite all the wanton and completely gratuitous sleaze in the film, it is well made when you consider its target audience. It delivers on all counts everything that Colt likely wanted it to - he set out to make a rough and nasty fuck film and that's exactly what Farmer's Daughter is. Interestingly enough, while he doesn't come out and justify what happens to the girls at the hands of the ex-convicts, in an opening scene we do see them completely humiliating the ranch hand and so in that regard he does set them up as bitchy little things who are hardly as pure as they'd like to think they are.

    SHARON (69 Minutes, 1976)

    The second feature stars Jean Jennings, Susan McBain, Jamie Gillis, and Colt himself and while it never reaches the levels of depravity that Farmer's Daughter hits, it's still got its fair share of filth to give. Directorial credit for this Harvest Moon Production is given to one Navred Reef and a title graphic alerts us to the fact that this one was shot on location in Atlanta Georgia, the most exotic of locales.

    It starts with a girl named Susan (Jean Jennings) telling her dad (Colt) to get out of the shower. His response? He opens the curtain and jerks his cock for her before pulling her into the shower with him, commenting on her tits which are now showing right through her white wet t-shirt, and singing 'Oh my darling Dixie Twirler.' This is not a normal family relationship. From there he slides into her and fucks her in the shower at which point he declares 'World War II was never like this!' They move to the living room and carry on where they left up, as quick as they can be, before momma gets home. As twisted as this scene is, Jennings is hotter than a three dollar pistol and she's obviously into the scene.

    From there we meet Sharon (Susan McBain), who misses her bus home from school. She has to walk home, but a stranger pulls up and offers her a ride. She accepts, and they smoke some weed on the way. Once she's high, he decides that rather than take her home he'd rather take her to a party that he knows of. They arrived, and the party goers are getting down to a really bad cover of 'Dancing In The Street.' When they arrive, Gillis is on the couch with two girls and a scary fat guy is drinking Bud out of a can. More weed is smoked and an orgy breaks out and Sharon wanders around and checks out the action. She sees some guy/girl action, some girl/girl action which soon turns into a three-way, and another three way in which Gillis shares a brunette with another guy. After a bit more orgy action, Sharon gets too hot and has to take matters into her own hands. She's interrupted by another girl who is only too happy to help her.

    Meanwhile, Susan is sitting on her bed alone, still horny from the earlier events. She strips and masturbates, finally deciding to shove a dildo up her ass and then her baton up her snatch. Daddy has just come home and his pal Leroy is tagging along. They walk in on Susan doing her thing, and as you can imagine, they decide to help her out by having a three way with her (Daddy comments that it's funny what a little vodka and beer will do to your libido, while his daughter goes down on him!).

    Back at the party, Sharon hops into bed with the guy who gave her the ride in the first place, and they get it on. once they're done, in echoey narration, she tells him how when she was younger she was molested by a lumberjack and how her sister got fucked by a salesman (Ashley Moore) at the Dixie Motel. We see both of these scenes in flashback. After the flashback we see Sharon share a guy with another girl, sucking him to a big finish. After that she finally gets dropped off at home, and tosses her copy of The Joy Of Sex into the trash, as she no longer needs it.

    VIRGIN DREAMS (72 Minutes, 1977)

    The third and final film on the disc stars Jean Jennings and Susan McBain again, as well as Terri Hall, Gloria Leonard, and of course, Colt himself. The late Wade Nichols shows up in this Cinema 100 Presentation. The movie starts by zooming in on Nancy (Jennings) who is laying in bed naked. The sheets are slowly pulled off of her body, as a male narrator talks about how bad he wants her body.

    Two pairs of male hands caress her naked form as the narration continues and we realize she's having an erotic dream. She sucks both of the men (we never see their faces) and the narrator starts to get pretty frenzied, telling her to 'suck it suck it suck it' and sounding all the world like some sort of maniacal super villain. She wakes up screaming, but soon goes back to bed - seems she's been having strange dreams like this a lot.

    We then learn that she's vacationing with her boyfriend, Danny (Wade Nichols), and her parents (Colt and McBain). They talk and we learn that she's got some real hang ups when it comes to men and sex in general. Mom and dad aren't too happy that their daughter is such a prude so they decide she needs a sexual education. Once they agree on that, McBain gives Colt head in the garden while some classical music swells up to insane levels.

    She wakes up and meets Danny at the pool but is shocked to find him skinny dipping. She chastises him, but he finally convinces her to take off her top. She obliges but he can't get her to go any further, no matter how hard he pleads. She wants him to love her but she won't put out until they're married (this doesn't stop her from dropping the clothes and standing naked in front of him). They sort of meet half way at this point - he pulls it while she stands there nude with her eyes closed.

    Later that day she dreams about Danny chasing her naked through the garden and then sitting on a motorbike and whacking off (you need to see this - it's pretty funny). He goes down on her and then he bangs her doggy style out there in the woods beside the chopper. She wakes up all hot and bothered, completely distraught.

    Mom and dad talk to her but it does no good, she's just messed up about all of it. She goes back to sleep and has a dream about her dad banging her mother and another chick, and then a later dream about fondling naked penis paintings in the nude. One of the painted schlongs turns into Danny's member and she swallows it down to the short and curlies before full on boffing the guy. This turns into a lesbian scene which in turn, turns into an orgy with a few participants all taking turns touching and fondling her on a big brass bed out in the middle of the lawn. Back in the physical world, still asleep, she moans and gets on all fours and bends over like she's really taking it.

    Now sexually reawakened but still physically asleep, she wakes up, finds Danny sleeping naked on the couch, and wakes him up by sitting on his face. She blows him and they screw, finally moving to the pool where she sucks him some more and he finally gets to slide it into her via some nifty underwater action that really does look pretty cool, what with her golden locks flowing all over the place.

    When it's all over, she meets with mom and dad over a drink on the patio, tells her the good news, and then falls back asleep for one more dream in which she dances among flowers in a pretty blue dress licking her lips before the title card finally comes up that says 'The End.'

    Unfortunately it's been brought to my attention that this print of Virgin Dreams is cut by roughly ten minutes and that a fairly lengthy S&M between Colt and Leonard is missing.


    All three films on this DVD are presented fullframe, as most readers probably expected. While it's hard to say for sure if they were shot this way or not, we can make a reasonable assumption based on how things look that fullframe is the intended aspect ratio for both of the film on this disc. Compositions on both films seem to be okay, and they've been taken from what appear to be a reasonably good sources. The images are scratched and beaten up but watchable.

    Of the three films, Virgin Dreams definitely looks the best with Farmer's Daughter and Sharon coming in somewhere behind it in terms of quality. All three are completely watchable despite the flaws in the source material and for a tape to DVD transfer, Virgin Dreams actually looks genuinely good with nice color reproduction and a lot more detail in the image than you'd probably expect to see. The flesh tones look like flesh tones and the picture isn't nearly as washed out. The other two films are definitely rougher, lacking the definition and nice colors of Virgin Dreams, but they'll do if you know what you're in for and your expectations are held in check.

    For the three features on the disc, it's mono all the way. While the quality isn't mind blowing, everything is audible but be prepared to turn the volume up a bit as the levels are lower than normal. The funky score and wonderfully inept dialogue comes through just fine, however and while this isn't a remarkable set of mixes, they get the job done well enough.

    Well, considering there are three features on here it's probably not worth complaining about, but this release is completely barebones aside from the menu screen. It's a shame that there aren't any trailers here for any of the three films but who knows if they even still exist.

    The Final Word:

    This one has it all - the sheer depravity of Farmer's Daughter, the age related perversions of Sharon and the unusually playful sexiness of Virgin Dreams. The presentation isn't half bad considering the source and the performances and cast lists for all three features are pretty damn solid. Of the Cult 70s Porno Director series releases, a strong line through and through, the Zebedy Colt disc is definitely in the top tier.