• Cobra Skulls - Bringing the War Home EP

    The latest offering from the Cobra Skulls builds nicely on the upbeat tone they set with 2009's full-length album, American Rubicon. Mixing politics with impossibly catchy hooks, riveting bass lines, and an energy that shows up in full-force during their should-be-famous live sets, this EP finds itself with a point to make in solid punk rock playfulness. They even throw in their cover of Bad Religion's I Give You Nothing, one of the better attempts from the tribute album Germs of Perfection from SPIN (cough, cough) magazine. The debt to that seminal band is clear here, too: The despair found in Cobra Skulls' songs here is contrasted nicely with the energized stance and driving guitars and drums that bring it all together.

    The trio appear quite ready for their next full album and, after listening to Bringing the War Home, you will be, too.

    Released on Fat Wreck Chords, 01.18.2011

    Track listing:

    Doomsday Parade
    ICE In the Night
    Hot Sand
    Give You Nothing
    Life In Vain
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    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      I like the Bad Religion cover and really dig Hot Sand. Nice review, Nolando