• Amber Lynn Box Set

    Released by: Video-X-Pix
    Released on: 9/6/2008
    Director: various
    Cast: various
    Year: 1985 and 1985
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    Few fans of 80s porn can discuss the era without mentioning the name Amber Lynn. Enthusiastic, sexy, beautiful, and slutty, she’s not only one of the greatest starlets from the decade of excess, but represents one of the greatest of all time. This set is comprised of four films featuring the blond goddess, all of which saw individual releases from Video-X-Pix.

    The Initiation of Cynthia (1985) Directed by Allen Stuart.
    Cynthia (Colleen Brennan) and her husband Bill (John Leslie) lead a seemingly average life with seemingly average sex. Bill needs to go away on a business trip for the weekend and so leaves her to take care of herself. Soon after he leaves, a business associate named Stephan (George Payne) shows up, and since Bill is gone for the weekend, Stephan decides to take advantage of the situation. He mesmerizes Cynthia with a shiny trinket and then balls her good.

    Meanwhile, Bill shows up at his buddy’s house in the city (Jerry Butler is his buddy). Jerry has some chicks coming over for some action before they head out to t he bars and a show, and while they wait on Jerry’s furry couch they smoke weed, drink Buds, and make up their own dialogue from the sound of it. They do a good job of it too. Sounds pretty much like what a couple of guys who know each other would act while waiting to get laid. Hey, here come the ladies: Linda (Amber Lynn) and Cathy (Kathryn Moore). Clothes fall off and screwing ensues.

    After Stephan is done with Cynthia, he invites her to show up at his club, “Club Stephan” (clever name). She shows up with a shaved hoo-hoo (No! Bad Colleen!) and gives oral loving to three dudes, one of which looks like Fred Lincoln…probably is. Then Stephan opens the club to all the swinging members (while the people are mingling, someone shouts either “fast forward!” or “that’s boring!” and either is funny). Stephan announces a new member will be initiated that evening, but first, some lesbo warm-up fun courtesy of Amber and Sharon Kane.

    Then they bring out Cynthia, tie her to a wooden “X”, and violate her while loud classical music plays. They whip her into a sexual frenzy with the help of some cheesy video effects. Things are getting steamy, then Stephan steps in and starts talking, ruining the mood. He opens the floodgates and then Colleen, er Cynthia, starts pointing out the people she wants to fuck and starts banging anyone who can keep up (porn pun). At one point she’s getting dp’d, and the guy on bottom squeezes the ass of the guy on top, then realizes it isn’t her ass. Too funny. Hubby Bill and pal Jerry show up for a show, only to find out there’s an orgy going on that so the drop trou and get to work on the anonymous red-head. Neither realizes it’s Bill’s wife, but the smarter one, Jerry of course, figures it out but keeps Bill in the clouds. Better he doesn’t know whom he’s screwing. The next day Bill returns home to Cynthia and neither has any idea what the other did.

    Although this one is really a Colleen Brennan picture, Amber is as hot as ever. Colleen is in top form as well and both women make their sex scenes sizzle. Aside from the great sex, it’s fun watching John Leslie and Jerry butler hanging out and shooting the shit. Everyone does a great job in the acting department and the movie is just plain entertaining. It’s a great shot-on-video 80s stroker. The only extra on the disc is a trailer for Chuck Vincent’s “Roommates”, which runs a little over three minutes.

    She Loves the Four-X-Feeling (1986) Directed by Allen Stuart.
    In this one, John Leslie and Jerry Butler play themselves (actually everyone in it uses their first names). John has just flown to New York City from Los Angeles, bringing in tow a chick he met at the airport (Kathlyn Moore) to Jerry’s apartment. The same apartment from The Initiation of Cynthia in fact, but who cares. Jerry has to leave right away, as they need a stunt cock down on the set to do some insert shots, so while he’s gone John and Kathlyn get acquainted by swapping gonad juice. Once they finish, they talk a bit more about John’s and Jerry’s jobs and he tells her about a project the two studs are working on and would she be interested in maybe being in a porno. She says sure thing, and she has a friend named Amber (Lynn) who is hot to trot and might like to do it too.

    The two women show up later and the guys have them pose while they take Polaroid pictures. Afterward the photo shoot they decide to go out on the town, but wouldn’t you know it? Amber can not find her top. So John and Kathlyn leave to get a good seat in a restaurant, leaving Jerry and Amber to catch up. Instead they slam ham and it’s hot. They both look like they are really into each other and have a real chemistry going. Oh and Jerry’s has filthy socks. Clean your floor, man.

    A little while later, Jerry is out doing something leaving John at the apartment, sitting on that furry couch from The Initiation of Cynthia. Colleen (Brennan), Jerry’s neighbor, stops by unannounced in a bathrobe. She tells John that she knows what Jerry does for a living and says Jerry bet her she wouldn’t shave her snatch. She came down to show him, but since he’s not there she’ll show it to John. She recognizes him from the porn world, so he’s a professional and she doesn’t mind showing a stranger her shaved nether regions. You can guess where this all leads, but what you may not have guessed is that this is another very hot and steamy sex scene. Colleen Brennan is an amber goddess and she looks like she is really enjoying herself, and not just screwing for a buck.

    Finally, it’s time for some on-set action. Jerry and John’s shot-on-video project (making this sort of a movie within a movie) in under way with Kathryn on a bed waiting for direction from the two men. They can not seem to come to an agreement on what the male performer’s motivation should be and after an argument come to a decision to let the two actors in waiting do whatever comes naturally to them. They do the deed, John and Jerry are happy, and life is grand.

    There are only four sex scenes in this entire movie, only one in the first 30 minutes, but they all deliver. Specifically Amber and Colleen’s scenes, as both ladies simply command attention from your big head and your little head. The dialogue sounds like it was all improve and at times sounds like they struggle with what to say, but it’s kind of cool really. And this one gives some insight into the production of adult film, just a little, but it’s neat to listen to the two male leads talking about it and explaining things. This one has a release date a year later than Initiation, but it HAD to be shot at the same time. The ugly hairy couch show up again, Jerry is wearing the same clothes, and Colleen has her shaved snatch again. But thankfully, everyone seemed to have some real chemistry going between each other and it’s nice to see these ladies in their porno prime. Extras include trailers, a slide show, an interview with Ron Jeremy, and a “VXP Demo Reel”.

    Shacking Up (1985) Directed by Joe Sarno, under pseudonym Jeff La Touch
    This is the story of three college roommates having a get together after all these years, with a fourth roommate, Amber Lynn, being the magnetic one they were all drawn to sexually. With her they had some wild times and years later Amber seems to have the same effect.

    The movie starts out with Tiffany Clark, Jerry Butler, and a third guy going at it. Seems random. Then Rachel Ashley narrates the story and sets it all up for us. In college they were wild, crazy and horny. They shared each others men, pleasures, and each other. And now they are all successful in their own way. Karen Summer and Tiffany join Rachel and are discussing such times, but Karen isn’t so eager to get together with Amber, who slept with Karen’s husband. There’s still bitterness after all these years. To get her back, she goes and screws Amber’s ex-husband (Paul Thomas) and then rubs it in the face of her own ex-husband (George Payne). Amber returns to NY and immediately starts screwing Payne. On to freckle-boobed Ashley and Karen, who get it on for no particular reason and are joined by some random dude, who at one point sounds like a Taun-Taun from Star Wars groaning.

    More long walking scenes with Rachel as she tells more of the story, then she screws Amber’s ex (Payne). Then more long walking with some talking, and an orgy ensues. Well, not really an orgy, two girls and a guy in one room, a guy and girl in another. Lastly, after more walking and talking, Amber and Karen, despite the rift between them, have hot lesbian sex on that fucking furry couch that shows up in the movies already talked about. Suddenly Amber is riding the HELL out of some dude, I mean the HELL out him, while Karen and Tiffany help her out. It’s pretty darn hot actually, despite the furry couch that must be horribly disgusting by this point. During the times Rachel is narrating she mentions her business being ignored by the distraction of all the sex, but in the end she doesn’t care. She just can’t ignore the sex organs of the others.

    Not too much to talk about story-wise (do pornos ever really have much to talk about story-wise?), but that last scene with Amber and the two other chicks and that really hairy guy is worth the price of admission alone. Ms. Lynn looks like she’s really getting off and she is quite intense. Kudos to that hairy dude for lasting more than 20 seconds. It is definitely one of the best Amber Lynn scenes, at least to this writer’s senses. Extras for this one are pretty simple: trailers for Inside Jennifer Welles and Misbehavin’.

    A Taste of Pink (1985) Directed by Joe Sarno, under pseudonym Louis Roman.
    This one starts out with a lesbian scene between Amber Lynn and Karen Summer that is seen in Shacking Up on that white furry couch, which turns into a 3-way with some random cock.

    Cut to two ladies talking in apartment, one just arriving in town and staying with the other. The apartment owner is sister to Amber Lynn, and talks about her in ways most sisters do not talk about each other. She comments how jealous she is of her sister and her “hot wet cunt”. Ok...

    The sister goes on to tell stories about her sisters sexcapades and we see Amber looking a bit younger going at it on some golden bed. More bad acting ensures between the two friends that culminates with lesbo adventuring. Another random scene with Amber and Paul Thomas. Then the two friends have a 3-way in what looks like the same bedroom used in Shacking Up. Then the sister tells another tale involving Amber, Rachel Ashley, and Tiffany Clark, as well as that hairy guy from Shacking Up on a different couch. Well, probably the same nasty couch with a different cover. Was this scene shot the same weekend? Probably. This scene lacks the intensity of the similar scene in the aforementioned movie as Amber takes the sidecar and isn’t the focus of the scene.Then more random sex with one of the bad actor friends. Cut to another random scene with Amber, some other blond, and an older lady. And lastly another 3-way with the two uninteresting friends and someone who knocks on their door. That’s it.

    Easily the weakest of the four movies in this set, it’s looks like a bunch of scenes left over from other movies thrown together with a lame “my sister does it all” story, along with pretty boring sex with involving the two friends who never once have contact with the sister. This one’s probably for the Amber completest. No one else is really mention-worthy. Extras on this one are a couple of trailers: Expose Me, Lovely and Female Athletes, the latter of which plays twice for some reason.


    The video looks like it was taken from tape sources, most of them look as good as one can expect from a tape source, other than A Taste of Pink which has some shaky spots. Like, literally, the screen shakes. They’re all more than watchable and at some points if the lighting was good the video looks much better. The audio is from the same source, and at times sounds muffled, and there’s some hissing in some places, but really it’s nothing to complain about. Don’t pick these up expecting an amazing picture and incredible sound, because you won’t get that. Instead you’ll get four porno flicks that probably play than home video consumers have experienced them before. The extras are pretty slim (mentioned in each writeup above), mostly a couple of trailers per disc other than Four X Feeling.

    The Final Word:

    Amber Lynn! Amber Lynn! Amber Lynn! What else needs be said? Four movies featuring her assets and talents, three movies of which really deliver the goods. A Taste of Pink not so much but still, it’s Amber. Fans will not be disappointed and there some other performers added to the mix that add the spice just right to make this box set well worth the price.
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    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      They got a lot of mileage out of that couch.
    1. Paul Casey's Avatar
      Paul Casey -
      Nothing like a sweet pair of striped athletic socks and two handfuls of your buddy's ass.
    1. Todd Jordan's Avatar
      Todd Jordan -
      I watched Initiation of Cynthia again. That's a fun one.
    1. Robin Bougie's Avatar
      Robin Bougie -
      Sweet! It's the first porn movie I ever saw -- and I watched it a BUNCH of times! I've got large sections of the dialog memorized.
    1. Robin Bougie's Avatar
      Robin Bougie -
      Did you notice the guy that I'm about 95% sure is Bobby Spector (Bill Landis of Sleazoid Express Fame. RIP) in the socks and sunglasses who can't get a hard on as Colleen blows him at the sex club?
    1. Todd Jordan's Avatar
      Todd Jordan -
      Well that's an awesome first porn. Naw, I don't know Bill Landis by sight. Could be him...how anyone could not get hard by just WATCHING Colleen at work is beyond me.