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    Mark Tolch

    Certain Fury

    Well...worthwhile is definitely subjective haha. Go to last post

    Mark Tolch 09-26-2017 10:46 AM
    Jason C

    Certain Fury

    Laugh out loud review. Thanks Mark

    I picked this up a while back and it's been high on my watch... Go to last post

    Jason C 09-26-2017 09:56 AM
    C.D. Workman

    One Million B.C.

    I watched this on my 60 inch and that weird combing effect was evident throughout. Obviously this... Go to last post

    C.D. Workman 09-25-2017 03:12 PM
    Maureen Champ

    Woman Hunt / TNT Jackson

    What's a point to crop TNT Jackson, when it was released on widescreen (if I remember correctly)... Go to last post

    Maureen Champ 09-25-2017 02:43 PM
    Jason C

    Woman Hunt / TNT Jackson

    I have a VHS rip of Woman Hunt. It's fun. I've been hoping for a decent upgrade. Bummer that... Go to last post

    Jason C 09-25-2017 10:20 AM