• Hewhocannotbenamed – Sunday School Massacre

    Label: MVD Audio
    Release Date: June 8, 2010
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    Pete Vietnamcheque, better known to music fans as Hewhocannotbenamed, has been entertaining adventurous listeners for years as the guitar player for The Dwarves where he, along with vocalist Blag Dhalia and a revolving door of supporting musicians have kicked out a series of eclectic albums since 1986. That’s right, 1986. The Dwarves have been around almost twenty five years at the time of this writing but don’t really show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Nor should they, if the quality of He’s solo debut is anything to go off of.More a straight up rock and roll album than a ‘punk’ album per se, Sunday School Massacre is a solid twelve tracks of guitar heavy riffs, rock solid rhythms and oddball growly vocals that all comes together in the way that a good record should. The fact that fellow (former) Dwarves members The Fresh Prince Of Darkness and Salt Peter join He on guitar and bass respectively probably helps, as familiarity can be a wonderfully dangerous animal when it comes to making good music. Guest spots from the aforementioned Mr. Dahlia and Dwarves alumni Wholly Smokes and putting Andy ‘Dutch Ovens’ Selway on drums for the duration were also probably good moves on He’s part. These are guys who work well together, their legacy with The Dwarves stands as a testament to that.

    More of a throwback to the early Dwarves recordings, with its fairly simple and almost garage rock influenced sound, Sunday School Massacre treads into weird lyrical territory with songs about suicide, medication and the merits or demerits thereof, superheroes, sex, hatred, and other assorted and as sundry topics. With the words and music credit going solely to Hewhocannotbenamed, it goes to reason that he was the one who spearheaded the project and the appropriately rough guitar sound he brought to the band that earned him his stripes is still very definitely here in large and lovely doses. Even when the album borders on bubblegum pop with the seventh track, Toxine, it never gets wimpy or overly saccharine. The album finds that perfect mix between funny and twisted, thought provoking and brain damaging.

    Rough enough to rock but polished enough to sound good, Sunday School Massacre winds up kicking no small amount of ass – but what would you expect from a guy who calls himself Hewhocannotbenamed and runs around on stage like a lunatic in a luchadore mask (long before Rey Mysterio made it cool) slaying fools with one killer riff after another? The fact of the matter is, this album rocks and you should listen to it.
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    1. Kevin Coed's Avatar
      Kevin Coed -
      A minor point, but his name is usually abbreviated to Hewho rather than just He. Or you could just call him Connie....
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      I prefer to call him Bertha.
    1. Kevin Coed's Avatar
      Kevin Coed -
      Then I shall call you 'Bob'.