• King Frat

    Released by: Five Star Entertainment
    Released on: 8/21/2000
    Director: Ken Weiderhorn
    Cast:Tom Tully
    Year: 1979
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    The Movie:

    Ah, the fart joke. The most timeless joke of all time. And also the inspiration for King Frat, a film so obviously inspired by the success of Animal House that I was surprised to find out that the lead characters name was Gross Out, and not Bluto.

    Our story revolves around the misadventures of the Pi Kappa Delta sorority house. These guys like to drink, make crude jokes, play bad practical jokes, peek in on girls, and fart. A lot. In fact, I would go so far as to say that these are the fartiest movie characters I’ve ever seen in a feature film.

    Anyway, to their surprise, the local paper decides to hold the first annual fart contest, in which contestants fart into a fart-o-meter which measures the magnitude of their farts, and compete for a $500.00 cash prize. Seeing as the Pi Kappa boys are always low on funds because all the do is drink and fart, they get Gross Out to enter figuring with the help of Chief’s magic Native American fart elixir, there’s gonna be no competition for him.

    Well, things for wrong when Bucky, Gross Out’s ex-girlfriend, shows up and is able to out fart him, as a local dog wanders in out of nowhere and drinks the magical fart elixir, which is so potent it causes his farts to propel him through the air.

    Pretty much everything that happens after this is unrelated in any way except that it features the boys playing pranks, farting, and getting into trouble with a more conservative sorority whose members obviously don’t appreciate fart jokes.

    King Frat is a stupid, stupid movie. Seriously stupid. It’s basically just one big fart joke, and if you don’t appreciate fart jokes, you’re likely going to hate it. I watched this with someone who isn’t quite the connoisseur of fart jokes that I am, and this person was thoroughly unimpressed. I have to admit though, that I do find fart jokes funny and this movie made me laugh a few times. Sure, it’s really poorly done, all the Pi Kappa members look like they’re about forty years old, it’s sexist, it’s very politically incorrect and probably offensive to a lot of people but I still laughed.


    King Frat is here in a poor but watchable fullframe transfer. I have no idea what aspect ratio this was shot or composed for, but there doesn’t appear to be much, if any, picture information missing from the sides. Colors are kind of flat and there is grain and print damage noticeable throughout, but you’ll be able to follow the movie easily enough.

    Five Star Entertainment has decided that King Frat is worthy of a fuzzy and soft Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack. Dialogue sounds a bit muffled in a couple of spots but for the most part, despite the hiss and occasional popping that creeps up, things are easy enough to understand. Just be prepared to turn the volume up a few notches, as the levels seem somewhat low.

    Oddly enough there are trailers on the disc for Shogun Assassin and Psychic Killer, but nothing for the feature itself. There is also a small and uninteresting still gallery. This is all wrapped up under some really ugly menus.

    The Final Word:

    Region free capable fart joke aficionados rejoice, now King Frat can be yours thanks to the magic of DVD. All others, plug your nose and stay far, far away.