• Desiree Cousteau & Friends “Big & Natural”

    Released by: Video-X-Pix
    Released on: 1/27/2010
    Director: various
    Cast: various
    Year: 1980s
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    The Movie:

    You just saw that DVD cover and you still need to read this to decide whether or not to pick this one up?! Desiree Cousteau...the bubble-headed, brunette goddess with the perfect body shows her ample talents and zest for screwing in this compilation from Video-X-Pix. Of course being a compilation, there is no story; just wall-to-wall flesh flogging from other releases under the DVD label. So let’s get right to it.

    Scene 1
    Desiree and Annette Haven get busy with one another in a sauna, and then John Holmes enters the scene and splits them in half on a bench in the locker room. From Female Athletes.

    Scene 2
    Desiree rides older dude Aaron Stuart in this scene from Delicious. She’s in top form in this one and is, um, delicious.

    Scene 3
    Jennifer Welles gets schlepped after a bubble bath by some feather-haired blonde guy. Not sure of the movie this scene is from, but she is hot. Damn. Hot damn.

    Scene 4
    Annie Sprinkle gives a self-love display complete with vibrator. As usual, she gives it her all.

    Scene 5
    Gloria Leonard gives David Morris a hard time in some sort of ramshackle office.

    Scene 6
    Vanessa del Rio gives some old codger a show and fucks some skinny dude in front of him. The skinny dude just can’t make love to her in front of the old pervert and storms away, but it takes him ten fucking minutes to come to that conclusion. From the film Temptations.

    Scene 7
    Hershel Savage and Kenny Loggins give some chick the hairy double salami treatment.

    Scene 8
    Brittany Morgan screws some lucky guy on a bed in front of a painting of two naked chicks from Sexpot.

    The stand-out scenes are the first two, both with Desiree of course, but Jennifer Welles’ scene should provide for some good wanking too. Though they are all good scenes, more Desiree would have been welcomed. A quick search of the distributor’s website shows that this compilation and Delicious are the only movies they sell with one of the most amazing women in porn (although she is in Female Athletes, too), so maybe that’s part of it. Yeah probably. At any rate, you can’t go wrong with this one if you’re looking for a quick fix and we can all be thankful that Desiree has such interesting friends.


    The aspect ratio on this one is 4:3 throughout. The material looks like a mix of film and video, and while it doesn’t seem “re-mastered” it certainly could look a lot worse. Twenty bucks says you probably aren’t too worried about the video quality so long as you can see the goods, and that certainly is the case. The audio is fine, a 2.0 Dolby Digital track, with no issues to report. The disc seems void of any authoring issues.

    The extras are of the normal variety for a Video-X-Pix release. There are trailers (Inside Jennifer Welles and Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan), a two-minute slide show from various VPX releases, and a “Ron Jeremy Interview” (4:23).

    The Final Word:

    It’s a compilation…there’s not much to say about it other than there’s some great faces (and body parts) to behold and should meet the needs of those who seek it out.