• Dwarves, The – The Dwarves Are Born Again

    Released by: MVD Audio
    Released on: 5/3/2011
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    It’s amazing how, more than a quarter of a century since they first formed, The Dwarves are still amazingly crass, offensive and juvenile and it’s nice to know that, as fucked up as the world can be at times, some things don’t change. That’s not to say that there hasn’t been a very noticeable evolution as their discography has grown over the years, but the politically incorrect, sexist, perverted drug-fueled lyrics and fuck you attitude remain the rock-steady constant throughout their work, and for that we owe them our thanks.

    Respect The Dwarves, slut! Because, as the opening track proclaims, The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever. The opening track also offers up the suggestion ‘let’s get high and fuck some sluts, do what we will not what we must’ and you can take that advice to the bank because it’s only rock n roll and if that offends you then you have no business listening to such mighty music in the first place. More so than on other recent efforts there’s something sort of primal to this latest release, an unabashed and unashamed slab of eighteen tracks crying out to the glories of suicide, self love, substance abuse, fucking, and quite simply being The Dwarves. Decadent egotists? You bet, but when this much ass is kicked with such ruthless efficiency you can let that slide and maybe even get in on it.

    Having come a long way since their early garage band roots, toying with elements of metal, electronic, hip hop, power pop, hardcore, countrified twang and pretty much any other musical genre you might care to mention, the band has - in this incarnation made up of the front man Blag The Ripper, masked and frequently naked guitar player HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, The Fresh Prince of Darkness, bassist Rex Everything, and drummer Gregory Pecker – managed to create their own identifiable sound out of… everything.

    The lyrics, more self aware here than ever before (see Working Classhole as a prime example, a track that debates the merits of holding a regular job versus trying to make a living as a musician), still bite and still provoke. At one point Blag screams ‘I am the Jesus Christ of sin and vice’ and in another track he sings about fucking your mom (“So I must declare that I’m up your momma’s twat, I’d be lying if I said she was hot, but she’s ready and she’s willing and I’m able to say!”) and about being so low that, yes, suicide seems a viable alternative, something a lot of bands aren’t often too keen on getting into, lyrically. A lot of the songs are just about getting fucked up and rocking out, something that The Dwarves have been doing for the better part of thirty years now, and something which they have honed to an art form.

    With The Dwarves Are Born Again, the band has create an album that is instantly identifiable as their own and which is slathered in a thick coat of Dwarvsey goop, but which doesn’t really give you the impression that they’re going through the motions. The album sounds fresh, it sounds unique and most importantly it sounds good. Little quirks, like a voice over from Space Ghost himself, Gary Owens, an answering machine message or two, and some female backing vocals give the album a bit of unexpected fun and former band members Vadge Moore and Sgt. Salt Peter pop up on the album as well. With eighteen tracks coming in at roughly half an hour, the band aren’t screwing around here – this is just pure, unbridled rock and roll in all it’s dirty glory.

    Not only is the CD great, but the overall package is pretty awesome as well. MVD have gone all out with the deluxe edition and not only packaged it with some typically obnoxious cover art (once again with naked ladies and a little person in an offensive pose) but have also included lyrics for every track and best of all a career spanning DVD that features concert clips from throughout the band’s career, an amusing old interview spot in which Blag can’t help but keep moving his eyebrows up and down any time the camera is on him, a half dozen clips of various violent altercations from different live shows played around the world, and a whole whack of uncensored promo videos that the band have made throughout their career. This DVD alone is worth the asking price, and anyone with any taste whatsoever really ought to own one. The DVD is available with the CD and with the LP version, so keep physical media alive, screw the download version and buy a physical copy to get the disc, it's better that way.

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    1. Kevin Coed's Avatar
      Kevin Coed -
      Small correction - The Fresh Prince of Darkness plays guitar - Gregory Pecker is the main drummer guy on the album.
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      Thanks for that. The album credits are confusing and the press release doesn't even mention Pecker at all.