• AC/DC - Back In Black review

    Back In Black
    Atlantic Records

    I honestly have nothing to say about this album, it's somehow managed to stay in my collection for years without being disposed of. It's the second best selling album of all-time and you all know what it sounds like so there's nothing I can say that will add anything enlightening to it. It's not like any of you have never heard of AC/DC. They should have split up after Bon Scott died

    Seriously, I listened to a Clarence Carter 45 while writing this review
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    1. Jeremy Wallace's Avatar
      Jeremy Wallace -
      I totally disagree with the statement that they should have broke up after Bon. No doubt that Bon's stuff was beyond brilliant but Brian's stuff is just as rad. AC/DC had two incredible singers. But one has to wonder...What would have Back in Black sounded like if it were recorded with Bon as intended?