• Malickis Happy Corn Club Hell Bent On World Domination

    Malickis Happy Corn Club was a band from Niagara Falls, Ontario in the mid-1990’s that released an exceptional body of work in a very small amount of time. The dream of the band is to release all the previously recorded music and make it available to a worldwide audience, to both enrich the music world, and open doors that were not available to the band in the past. The basic concept of this is to raise enough money for an impressive album release of the band’s music, and grow from there.

    This campaign will show the realities of trying to conjure up the support and financial backing for an independent band. Win or lose, Malickis Happy Corn Club is determined to make a significant mark in the music industry.

    The goal of this campaign is to raise $10000 for promotional purposes, as well as releasing the band’s music worldwide on a digital platform (digital music downloads), and CDs. Things like pro. mastering really cost money. If things are a success, the band will eventually press vinyl. A portion of the money will definitely go into T-shirts, to help generate more money to help with the band’s release, and future releases, recordings, etc. Be sure to look at the PERKS available as noted.

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    Devil Story

    The old man blasting his shotgun endlessly becomes absolutely hypnotic. Go to last post

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