• Love-In Arrangement, The

    Released by: Video-X-Pix
    Released on: 8/21/2006
    Director: Charles Larkin
    Cast: Arcadia Lake, Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Merle Michaaels
    Year: late 1970s
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    The Movie:
    Stand-up comedian Lenny Morgan is being sued by his long-tome girlfriend Dolly Lee, in a palimony case that’s gained national attention. A little bit of exposition gives the viewer enough of an idea that at one time they were in love, but now they hate each other and their split-up got brought to the court room. Yes, this is a courtroom story, played more as a comedy. The lawyers are cartoonish types, asking their questions with thick New York accents and wearing suspenders, and the movie has lots of jokes to make your eyes roll back.

    Aside from some narration by a newsman covering the story, witnesses take the stand and present their testimonies, of which always end in people boinking. One story involves a pool hall orgy (a cue ball pops out of Vanessa’s cootchie. Another involves a pair of panties with a spurting penis printed on them. And get ready for some horrible stand-up comedy as Lenny shows us what he’s got (which isn’t much) as he opens up for Miss Rusty Pipes.

    Then stay tuned for a pussy party held by Samantha Fox and Bobby Astyr. Everyone is dressed like cats and there’s plenty of Tender Vittles to go around, as well as some litter box soiling. Once a guy dressed as a five-foot talking pussy shows up, which prompts a “pussy power” chant, the freakish and incredible party turns into an all-out orgy, which is no surprise. Later Ron Jeremy, Lenny’s agent, steps up to the witness bench and tells of hooking Lenny up with a set of twins (they’re not), and how he schtupped Dolly Lee more than once. Then we get to hear, well see, the important testimony where Dolly tongue-punches Lenny’s fart box. Ugh. The case takes a turn everyone saw coming and it all comes out in the wash.

    This one’s pretty fun, even it if is pretty stupid. Most of the girls are attractive, the sex is hot at times, although a bit gooey, and the acting is pretty good. Well, the guy playing Lenny isn’t up there on the top shelf, but most of the others do a good job. There’s some pretty off-the-wall stuff going on to keep things interesting and the soundtrack is catchy. The theme song, Disco Heaven (there’s no where I’d rather be…) is one of those porn movie songs that stick with you. And the range of music is pretty wacky, going from a song probably called “Eat It Baby” to some familiar cinematic score, to rockabilly-type stuff.

    As far as the sex goes it all in there: guy-on girl, two girls on one guy, two guys on one girl, a bunch of guys whacking off on a girl’s chest, orgies, too much asshole licking and way too much taint action. But as said, it’s pretty hot for the most part and Vanessa looks awesome as always.

    This one looks like it was shot on film, and is grainy, but seems to be from a good source. No lines or print damage of note. Things are a bit murky and the Video-X-Pix logo pops up from time to time in the bottom-right of the picture. It’s not there long and isn’t a distraction. All-in-all it looks average and that works fine. The audio is a 2.0 Dolby track and sounds good. Nice balance, easy to understand, and no problems to report. The only extras on the disc are some trailers: Take Off, Bel Ami, Blonde Goddess.

    The Final Word:
    A fun porno that, while certainly no classic, manages to be entertaining and sometimes erotic, and just loopy enough to put it in a category above “run-of-the-mill”. It’s worth checking out on a number of different levels.

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      Disco Heaven (from The Love-In Arrangement).mp3 For those who like porno songs.
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      Todd Jordan -
      My wife worked in the movie as the assistant art director. I had no idea.
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