• Video-X-Pix Acquires The Films of 'Henry Paris' - Metzger Films To Get Platinum Elite Treatment!

    Video-X-Pix is proud to announce the addition of the first four legendary ‘Henry Paris’ films to its historic collection of golden age adult films.

    Made in the mid 1970s by famed director Radley Metzger using the pseudonym ‘Henry Paris’, these films are regarded as being among the greatest adult films ever made.

    The films, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974), Naked Came the Stranger (1975), The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976), and Barbara Broadcast (1977), will be added to the Video-X-Pix Platinum Elite collection – the industry gold standard for the re-release of classic adult films of the golden era

    By partnering with Radley Metzger, Video-X-Pix will release the ‘Henry Paris’ films in high definition re-mastered form, with a wealth of extras including the first commentaries and interviews that Metzger has done for these films, and a series of material that will shed light on the work of this important ground breaking director.

    When asked about the acquisition, Video-X-Pix president Steven Morowitz was very vocal: “We are honored to have been entrusted by Radley Metzger to present these films in their definitive versions. This venture will confirm Video-X-Pix as the pre-eminent company in this market. I am so damn proud of this license deal and partnership with Radley. He is probably the most influential and well known erotic filmmaker of all time, having directed many critically acclaimed features of the 1960s and 70s.

    Radley is one of the nicest ‘old school’ guys I have ever met and each time I meet with him, I like him more and more. So far working with him has been nothing but wonderful.

    I have not been happy with the way in which the most recent versions of these films have been released to the public. I have been a huge fan of them for years and I am finally going to get my chance to bring them to the 21st century consumer…. and one of my goals is to focus on the mainstream market: I want Henry Paris to be a household name. Toward that end I have been working with several film historians, critics and even fans to help analyze each of these films in order to properly restore them.

    A huge point of discontent on the film forums today is the fans’ rejection of original vintage films being cut and re-edited. The fans want to see them uncut, in high-end collector’s editions, with HD transfers, many extras including the involvement of the director, cast and crew. My goal is to restore each of these films, bring a new awareness of these jewels and introduce them to a new audience.”

    Speaking about the deal today, Radley Metzger expressed his pleasure saying, ‘It’s exciting to have these titles in the proper hands. I look forward to working closely with Steve during the restoration process’”

    The company is also planning public showings of the films and considering striking new 35mm prints for film festivals which will be attended by Radley with appearances by a number of the featured stars. Further details will be announced in 2011.

    Started in 2007, the Platinum Elite collection features uncut and re-mastered high definition versions of the films together with a wealth of extras including director and performer commentaries, detailed liner notes, featurettes, and stills from the original production. Currently the Platinum Elite Collection includes Maraschino Cherry (1977), the fifth and final ‘Henry Paris’ film of the series, as well as, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981), Blonde Ambition (1981), and The Passions Of Carol (1975).

    Video-X-Pix was founded in New York in 1965 and soon became the most successful East Coast producer of sexploitation films; for the next thirty years it was one of the biggest adult film production companies in the world. Now, branded Video-X-Pix, it is considered the most prestigious company for the re-issue of classic adult films.