• Scorpion Releasing To Debute The Carpenter & Satan's Blood In Nov!

    On November 8th, Scorpion Releasing and Katarina's Nightmare Theater presents THE CARPENTER and SATAN'S BLOOD!

    In THE CARPENTER, WINGS HAUSER builds a hallucinogenic house of horrors in this bloodcurdling thriller! Alice is experiencing a breakdown. Her cold, unsympathetic husband is cheating on her. She is having vivid psychotic nightmares and the only thing keeping her happy is setting up house in her newly-acquired country estate. But the home -- and her shattered nerves -- are in need of repair. Until Alice discovers the perfect man for the job. In the delirious dead of night, a strange solitary worker (Wings Hauser - VICE SQUAD, TOUGH GUYS DON'T DANCE) is inexplicably renovating her house. And he is willing to kill those who come between him and his house as well as those who threaten Alice!

    Special Features:
    Play with or without Katarina's Nightmare Theater
    Brand New 16x9 1:78 Uncut widescreen master
    Reversible sleeve with and without Katarina's banner


    Terror, sex and Satanic rituals are on a one-way ride to Hell in SATAN'S BLOOD, one of the most horrific and sexiest thrillers from Spain! In this occult chiller, Andy and Anna are a bored couple who decide to go for a drive in the country. On the way, they meet another couple who claim to know them from many years before. Despite their uncertainty, Andy and Anna agree to visit the mysterious couple's country house and end up staying the night. Thus begins a twisted night of sex, satanic rituals, and gruesome horror. Pray for daylight.

    Special Features:
    Play with or without Katarina's Nightmare Theater
    16x9 1:66 widescreen from a HD master
    Still Gallery
    Reversible sleeve with and without Katarina's banner

    MSRP for THE CARPENTER is 19.95, MSRP for SATAN'S BLOOD is an affordable 14.95.

    Katarina Leigh Waters is a former WWE Diva, and current star of Impact Wrestling, as well as an actress in several upcoming projects.

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    1. Todd Jordan's Avatar
      Todd Jordan -
      Satan's Blood....I dig that cover. I want that disc.
    1. Horace Cordier's Avatar
      Horace Cordier -
      Its a good movie - one of the best of the initial wave of sex-sleaze horror films that came after the loosening of Franco's iron grip of censorship in Spain.