• Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels

    Released by: Pathfinder Pictures
    Released on: October 15, 2002.
    Director: Michael Roush
    Cast: Jill Miller, Gwen Somers
    Year: 2000
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    The Movie:

    This is an odd one. Basically, Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels is a story about a small, seaside fishing town that gets overrun by a gang of zombies bent on mandatory hair removal. The gang is lead by a very well constructed female biker woman who controls this hairless army of the undead.

    When the town’s lingerie shop owner gets involved, she takes it up on herself and her man (oh, and his best friend too) to take down the zombies and save the world from a hairless future. Like I said, it’s an odd one.

    One of the more unusual horror spoof films that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels is chock full of the staples of the genre – cheesy dialogue, goofy monsters, and lots and lots of gratuitous nudity. Did I mention the nudity? Cause there’s a lot of it.

    So, if you dig horror spoofs and/or lots of gratuitous nudity, you’ll probably dig the film. It’s certainly got some funny scenes (though admittedly, the humor probably won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it is after all, a very subjective thing) and it’s fairly well made compared to the rest of its ilk. It’s competently directed, the acting is about as good as the story needs it to be, and it’s got a lot of boobies on display.


    The fullframe presentation on the disc looks really good considering the source material. No compression problems worth noting and only slight grain in a few spots pop up. Colors are accurate and detail is sharp. Overall, this is a very solid transfer.

    The audio track on the DVD is just fine. Though the low budget conditions under which the film was made prevent it from ever sounding perfect, it does sound very good and with only very minimal hiss here and there.

    Besides the obligatory menu and scene selection, Pathfinder has included a full-length commentary with director Mike Roush and a few of the films cast members. They seem to have had a good time making the movie and recording the commentary as well, and some interesting information is revealed along the way.

    The Final Word:

    Pathfinder continues their string of eclectic releases with a solid job on this disc. It looks good, it sounds good and most importantly, it has a lot of gratuitous nudity.