• Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon

    Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon

    Released by:
    Impulse Pictures
    Released on: September 11, 2012.

    Director: Kichitaro Negishi

    Yuki Kazamatsuri, Ayako Ota
    Year: 1981

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    The Movie:

    Directed by Kichitaro Negishi for Nikkatsu in 1981, Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon follows, not so surprisingly, a teacher named Sakiko Kurata (Yuki Kazamatsuri) who, in the midst of some tempestuous lovemaking with her beau, gets a random phone call about a student named Sueko (Ayako Ota). It seems that this young lady has gotten into trouble with the local authorities for playing around as a prostitute and she’s asked Sakiko to help her. It takes Sakiko a little while to remember, but after flipping through a couple of yearbooks and identifying the girl, she agrees.

    Sakiko soon meets up with Sueko, who explains that she’s not a prostitute at all because she doesn’t ask the men she sleeps with for money. Instead, she does it for the thrill, enticed by meeting and sleeping with complete strangers she meets on the street. As the older and younger woman reunite and start to discuss the details of Sueko’s exploits, Sakiko starts to remember some connections to her own past, particularly to Sueko’s father and the smell of paint thinner that he carries about him.

    It makes sense that the Nikkatsu Roman Porno films would dabble in the sexy school teacher genre. It’s a common enough kink/fantasy that it would seem a commercially viable option to churn out a couple of entries in the line catering to whatever particular crowd would find this appealing. Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon does what it does well, but those hoping for the constant coupling of the mature and the nubile may be disappointed in that aspect of this particular film – don’t go in hoping for girls in schoolgirl uniforms doing dirty deeds, this one is more cerebral than that. It does cater to the inherent fetish of the idea of the student/teacher relationship, but does so with some surprisingly good performances while telling a genuinely interesting story.

    If this is more of a sex filled drama with some coming of age story aspects thrown in for good measure, so be it. The film actually manages to get quite intense towards the end and some of Sakiko’s flashback sequences are fairly unsettling. The movie is well acted with Yuki Kazamatsuri doing a great job of relaying her characters genuine confusion and with Ayako Ota cast as the perfect Lolita, easily able to convince any man to go along with her. Both women are quite beautiful but also deliver very strong work here. The film is well shot, some great camera work frames the copious sex scenes, quite a few of which takes place in public areas, quite nicely. The score is a good one as it complements the mood and the atmosphere of the film very effectively. Those who appreciate artsy drama with liberal doses of graphic sex would do well to check this one out.


    Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon looks good in this 2.35.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer even if the movie isn’t nearly as colorful as a lot of the other entries in the line have been so far. Lots of grey building interiors and dreary locations are used, so don’t expect this one to really pop in that regard. Color reproduction does look accurate, however, as do skin tones and there are no issues with any serious print damage. Some scenes are a bit soft, not uncommon with eighties era sex films, but black levels are pretty decent. All in all, this seems like it would be an accurate representation of what this movie should look like.

    The Japanese language Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono track is crisp and clean. The levels are well balanced and there are no issues with hiss or distortion. The score sounds good, the dialogue is well balanced and everything sounds just fine. The optional English subtitles that are provided are free of any typos and easy to read.

    Extras on the disc are limited to a menu, chapter selection and the film’s short original theatrical trailer. Inside the case is an insert containing original poster art for the feature and liner notes from film scholar/author Jasper Sharp that give us some welcome input on the whole ‘naughty schoolteacher’ subgenre that existed in the Roman Porno line in addition to some background details on the cast and crew responsible for this one.

    The Final Word:

    Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon may be as heavy on melodrama as it is on heavy breathing and bumping and grinding but it’s a well made movie with a solid story and some good acting on the part of the two lovely female leads. Impulse’s DVD is light on extras but the liner notes are as good as always. If you’ve enjoyed the Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection line so far, it stands to reason you’ll enjoy this one as well.