• Electric Eel Shock At The Studio At Webster Hall, October 12 2012.

    Japan's premiere ambassadors of heavy metal played at The Studio At Webster Hall on Friday, October 12, 2012 - playing in the middle of a bill featuring Math The Band and headliners Peelander-Z. Aside from an unusually aggressive fat old guy in a Green Lantern shirt trying to start fights with people for reasons known only to him, the show went off without a hitch. While Peelander-Z was the big draw of the night for most of the people in attendance, with no disrepsect meant there was definitely a certain segment of us who knew the real reason to part with the $10.00 cover charge - the mighty EES!

    The forty-five minute set featured most of their better known tracks. The band walked on stage to the sounds of Sabbath's Iron Man (something they have done every one of the five times this writer has seen them) and then hit the ground running. Naked Drummer 'Gian' Ito played as he always does wearing only a sock while bass player Kazuto Maekawa kept time leaving frontman and guitar player Akihito Moirmoto to do his thing.

    Aside from established EES classics like Rock N Roll Can Rescue The World, Beat Me, Bastard and Do The Metal (the closer of their set) they also played a couple of tracks off of their new three song E.P., Attack America II. Thankfully they don't seem to have changed their sound much at all with the new material, it's still straight up metal done with no pretension by a band that obviously loves what they do and who give 110% at every show. They don't hit the states as often as it seems like they used to but if they come to your town, check them out, buy some merchandise and supporting one of the best bands in the entire universe.

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      Rock 'n' Roll Can Rescue The World!
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      How was Peelander-Z?And I think Bill brings out the silverback in people at shows.