• Zombie Babies

    Released by: Independent Entertainment
    Released on: September 25th, 2012
    Directed by: Eamon Hardiman
    Cast: Kaylee Williams, Ruby LaRocca, Missy Dawn, Shawn C. Phillips
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    The Movie:

    This movie is a prime example of everything I love about low-budget horror movies. The type of movie where sheer ridiculousness, offensiveness, scatological and perverse humor, and hot chicks bombard your senses so you never even get a chance to notice its shortcomings. This flick never pretends to be anything more than it is, it KNOWS what it is. It knows that it is a low-budget splatter flick whose only purpose is to make you laugh, and make you squirm.

    The plot centers on a group of young couples who take advantage of the low rates at the "Abortathon" at a local Hotel & Casino.The promotion includes the late-term procedure, and a weekend stay at the establishment, which our heroes are more than happy to partake in. Happy, that is, until the zombiefied remains of their aborted children start offing the grownups in repulsive and twisted ways.

    Needless to say, the premise of the movie itself is just about the most offensive thing most people can think of, and that's kind of the point. This is EXACTLY the kind of low-budget, un-PC splatstick that many of us have come to love over the years. Case in point, the film does feature a character that chokes to death as a zombie baby defecates in his mouth. Tasteless? Of course. Is that the point? Yes! The fact of the matter is, when it comes to this kind of direct-to-video trash, there are those that love it and those that don't. Personally, I love this kind of stuff, and think it's hilarious.

    Does the film have flaws? Of course it does. It's shot on HD and the quality of the shots go from damn solid, to godawful. Numerous scenes involve some very dodgy green screen projections for backgrounds, and the sound recording in numerous scenes is simply terrible. The effects are also extremely dodgy, lo-fi, and cheesy looking. These should all be strikes against the movie, but they just aren't. This flick survives on being bizarre, perverse, wacky, and truly funny in scenes. It's twisted desire to offend coupled with it's over the top performances easily let it transcend the limitations it has. Plus, the women in it are pretty attractive and they get nude, which is always a bonus in these flicks.


    The movie is presented 16x9 and looks to have been shot in HD. The transfer looks great at times, and it looks rough at times, and this is due to the production of the movie itself. Not much care was put into being consistent in lighting, etc. Same goes for sound, some scenes the audio is crystal clear and the dialogue is perfectly audible. Other times sound is muffled or buried beneath echo and distortion. We also have a few scenes where it is definitely clear the dialogue was looped over in post, and the sound does not match the lips on screen in the least. As most of us know, these are all common problems in no-budget movies, and while they're definitely present in this flick, it's not the worst offender I've seen. In the extras department we get a behind-the-scenes featurette and a commentary, which give us a bit of insight into this demented lil epic and you get to see some on set hijinks, once again lending weight to the age-old statement that low-budget horror movies are the most fun to work on.

    The Verdict:

    This movie delivers exactly what it promises; it's a gory, offensive, hilarious, twisted, and perverse z-grade trash flick that wants to gross you out and crack you up. That's all it tries to do, and personally, I thought it succeeded. Yes, it's flawed. Yes, it's inept. So what? This is the kind of direct to video trash that would have felt right at home on the shelves in Mom & Pop video stores back in the 90's. This kind of un-PC dreck was made for VHS. If you're a fan of z-grade, shot on video/HD gore flicks with a twisted sense of humor, you owe it to yourself to check this flick out. Just order a pizza, send your brain on a vacation, and press play. You WILL have fun.