• Pig Destroyer - Book Burner

    Released by Relapse Records
    Released on Oct. 22nd, 2012

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    I first heard Pig Destroyer back in 2000, when Relapse put out 38 Counts of Battery, a compilation of previously released, and hard to obtain material. I was instantly a fan, a title I wore even more proudly when they released their first full length in 2001, entitled Prowler in the Yard. That album was the audio equivalent of a psychopath's confession, full of twisted records and an unyielding, and unpredictable sonic attack. Needless to say, I've been a fan ever since.

    Cut to 2012, and I am extremely delighted to hear that I will be getting to take a listen to Book Burner, the latest offering from Pig Destroyer. Eagerly awaiting to hear what the demonic trio hard in store for us, I hit play and laid back for the ride. Right away, from the opening track, "Sis," the album sent the same chill up my spine that I got when I first listened to Prowler 11 years ago. The psychopath is back, and this time more mature, more focused, and more calculating.

    This is an extremely tight record, from beginning to end. From the crystal clear production, to the intricate yet chaotic bombardment from the band itself. This band, featuring Scott Hull, JR Hayes, Blake Harrison, and new drummer Adam Jarvis play a unique twist on some very classic grindcore. The influence of bands like Napalm Death and Brutal Truth are apparent, along with a twist of bands like Coalesce and Converge. The album is tight and precise, yes, but it is never afraid to wander into areas of thrash and punk. Hayes abrasive, midrange vocals still fit the sound perfectly; a pained, chaotic voice having an outburst being caught on tape. He proves once again that he is one of the best vocalists in the running, and Scott Hull shows he's still one of the top riffmen in the game. Jarvis's drumming attacks the listener like a machine-gun, keeping the pace while Harrison's bass keeps the tempo while locking in a solid groove alongside Hull's shredding. The band is at the top of their game on this one.

    There are many standout tracks on this one, including the title track, "Baltimore Strangler", and "The Bug", my personal favorite; a groovy thrasher with an opening quote from my favorite author Henry Miller.

    The complete track listing is as follows, 1. Sis/ 2. The American's Head/ 3. The Underground Man/ 4. Eve/ 5. The Diplomat/ 6. All Seeing Eye/ 7. Valley of the Geysers/ 8. Book Burner/ 9. Machiavellian/ 10. Baltimore Strangler/ 11. White Lady/ 12. The Bug/ 13. Iron Drunk/ 14. Burning Palm/ 15. Dirty Knife/ 16. Totaled/ 17. Kamikaze Heart/ 18. King of Clubs/ 19. Permanent Funeral

    All in all, Book Burner is a devastatingly awesome grind record. It takes all those classic elements we love, with the unique, perverse twist that only Pig Destroyer can give us. Extreme music fans in the know already have this album on their shopping list, and those grind, death metal, and even hardcore fans who have somehow remained in the dark about this band? They need to educate themselves quickly. They'll thank themselves when they do.