• Blue Underground Releasing Fifty Shades Of de Sade April 23, 2013!

    Coming April 23, 2013 from Blue Underground!

    Fifty Shades Of de Sade (4-Disc Limited Edition)!

    Four Controversial Explorations of Extreme Sexuality Based on the Notorious Works of the Marquis de Sade!

    Includes the following four movies:


    Romina Power (18-year-old daughter of Tyrone Power) stars as Justine, a nubile young virgin cast out of a French orphanage and thrust into a depraved world of prostitution, predatory lesbians, a fugitive murderess (Mercedes McCambridge), bondage, branding, and one supremely sadistic monk (an outrageous performance by Jack Palance). It’s a twisted tale of strange desires, perverse pleasures and the ultimate corruption of innocence as told by the Marquis de Sade.

    Starring Romina Power, Maria Rohm, Klaus Kinski, Mercedes McCambridge, and Jack Palance. Directed by Jess Franco.


    Marie Liljedahl (the luscious star of INGA) is Eugenie, an innocent young woman taken to an island paradise where she is initiated into a world of pleasure and pain controlled by the sinister Dolmance (Christopher Lee). But when she surrenders to her own forbidden fantasies, Eugenie becomes trapped in a frenzy of drugs, sadomasochism and murder. Can a frightened girl in the grip of carnal perversion find sanctuary in the orgies of the depraved?

    Starring Marie Liljedahl, Maria Rohm, Jack Taylor, and Christopher Lee. Directed by Jess Franco.


    Esteemed author Albert Radeck is the toast of the Berlin literati and the object of his stepdaughter Eugenie’s affections. However, when his doe-eyed little darling unmasks her sophisticated father figure as a sex-crazed psychopath obsessed with perpetrating the perfect crime, she transforms from innocent ward to a willing accomplice. The deadly duo seduce and destroy everyone in their path – until Eugenie’s charms spark a jealous rage in Albert that threatens to consume them both.

    Starring Soledad Miranda, Paul Muller, Alice Arno, and Jess Franco. Directed by Jess Franco.


    Innocent orphan Therese seeks her fortune in a wicked world where no virtue goes unpunished. While she strives to preserve her precious “virtue,” Therese finds every inch of her flawless form systematically sullied as she runs afoul of depraved young nobles whose hounds have a taste for human female flesh; a surgeon with a scalpel in one hand and a whip in the other; men of the cloth who keep their female flock shorn and branded with a red hot iron; and a Count whose concubines must give him their very blood! Will Therese finally learn “how delicious it is to be a whore?”

    Starring Alice Arno, Yves Arcanel, Chantal Broquet, and Marco Perrin. Directed by Claude Pierson.

    Extra Features:

    EUGENIE Extras:
    -Perversion Stories – Interviews with Director Jess Franco, Producer Harry Alan Towers, and Stars Marie Liljedahl & Christopher Lee
    -Theatrical Trailer
    -Poster & Still Gallery
    -Jess Franco Bio

    -Franco De Sade – Interview with Writer/Director Jess Franco
    -Theatrical Trailer


    -Deleted Scene
    -Alternate Scene
    -French Trailer
    -English Trailer

    -The Perils And Pleasures Of Justine – Interviews with Co-Writer/Director Jess Franco and Producer Harry Alan Towers
    -French Trailer
    -Poster & Still Gallery
    -Jess Franco Bio

    Item# BLU-DV-3012 • UPC: 827058301299 • SRP: $29.98 • 417 Mins.
    1.66:1/16x9 & 2.35:1/16x9 • Dolby Digital Mono • Genre: Erotica • 1968-1972 • Not Rated
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    1. Randy G's Avatar
      Randy G -
      Is this on bluray?
    1. Scott MacDonald's Avatar
      Scott MacDonald -
      Quote Originally Posted by Randy G View Post
      Is this on bluray?
      I don't see a mention of 1080p in the specs....
    1. Randy G's Avatar
      Randy G -
      Figured as much, but I was hoping as I'd love to have both of the Eugenie films on blu.
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      Nope, DVD only.
    1. VinceP's Avatar
      VinceP -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
      Nope, DVD only.
      Are you sure? The item number has "BLU" in it.

      EDIT: Nevermind, I guess that's for BLUE Underground. DAMMIT!
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      Yeah, I checked directly with Blue Underground's PR rep on this. It's a reissue of the existing DVDs. But there are some supposedly pretty big Blu-ray announcements coming from them in 2013 (and not just reissues on the new format but actual new acquisitions).
    1. Randy G's Avatar
      Randy G -
      I'm excited to hear what their new releases are but I hope it doesn't delay the release of Eugenie on Blu!
    1. John Bernhard's Avatar
      John Bernhard -
      With a retail of 29.99 this will likely be available for under 20 ( which makes it a great deal if you don't have these discs already). Lookign forward to their moves in 2013.
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