• 42nd Street Pete’s Corrupt Desires Triple Feature

    Released by: After Hours Cinema
    Released on: November 6, 2012.
    Director: Kim Christy/?/?
    Cast: Colleen Brennan, Ron Jeremy, Marc Stevens, Lynn Stevens
    Year: 1983/197?/1974
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    The Movies:

    This latest triple feature from After Hours Cinema and 42nd Street Pete offers up three sleazy slices of porno from the past with all the scuzz and fuzz you could hope for front and center. Here’s a look at what you’ll find hiding beneath the confines of the menu screens of this DVD…

    Corrupt Desires (1983):

    Our title feature was directed by Kim Christy and starts off with some awesome eighties style graphics. Shot towards the end of the era where porno movies were actually made on film, it starts with a scene in which a dude named Claude (Ron Jeremy) is giving it to a girl named Minette who likes it rough. They finish up just as a broad named Pamela (Rhonda Shantell) shows up looking for him. Minette lets her in and she’s annoyed that she isn’t going to have any time alone with Claude. Claude decides two chicks are better than one and after an awesome scene of dialogue where Claude spews random psychological nonsense, they have a three way. The girls seem more interested in each other than in Ron, but you can’t really fault them for that.

    From there Claude sends Pamela to go visit a guy with a goofy European accent named George (Jerry Davis). She agrees and when she arrives at George’s place it’s just in time to see him get some action from his hot wife, Colleen Brennan. What happens next? Another three way! And then a black chick shows up and it turns into an orgy as Colleen and the black chick get in on while George bones Pamela from behind and watches the girl on girl fun unfold.

    Pamela splits and on the way back to wherever it is she’s heading she passes a dude who needs a lift – his name is Jeff and he’s credited as Johnny Canada on the IMDB for whatever that is worth Pretty rad name. She stops to pick him up and takes him back to her place. She’s out of scotch so she offers him ‘a nice piece of snatch instead.’ Seems like a fair trade. He eats her and then they get it on and right in the middle of their tryst some random dude with flowers (Marc Gold) shows up at the door. He watches though the window but gets busted and the hitchhiker just kinda disappears. Turns out this guy is delivering flowers from Claude but she doesn’t want them – she’s pissed at Claude. She proves this by blowing the dude and having sex at the side of the pool where there are some cool panther statues.

    Cut to the big final scene where Pam and Claude are walking, holding hands, down a serene country lane. Claude sweet talks her and reassures her that he’ll give her all the kinky pleasure she needs. Then we see Pam diddle herself in bed when a blonde chick shows up. Or at least we think it’s a blonde chick – know where this is going? If you know what type of fetish porn Christy would make a name for himself with in the following years, yeah, you do. But Pam is a sport, she’ll fuck guy, girl or whatever lies in between with equal enthusiasm and if Claude should show up and get in on the action before it’s all over with, so be it. Nuff said!

    Sex-Crazed Lumberjacks (197?):

    When you think sexy, you think lumberjacks, right? Right! This one starts off with footage of… logs, and trees and stuff. A hippy guy and his hippy girl head out into the woods to fuck but he can’t get it up despite her best efforts – and she really does try but at least he’s willing to give her some fun as best he can and eventually things start to improve as he gets hard and we realize he’s got a massive fucking wart on his cock, big enough to make Marc Shannon jealous. But then things get far worse when two lumberjacks appear out of the woods and threaten to slit the Mr. Warty Dick’s throat while they have their way with his lady friend. This footage goes back and forth between hardcore sex and shots of logs.

    The two victims split once they’re able and find a house not too far away. They arrive just in time to interrupt the residents who are in the middle of enjoying some quality alone time. The raped girl gets to rest while the lady of the house makes it with the warty dude on the couch. He finishes up and feeling reenergized he decides he’s going to head out into the woods to find the rapist lumberjacks. While he’s out doing that, the lady of the house and the hippy chick experiment a bit – cue the requisite girl/girl scene with a book called ‘Afro Mythology’ prominently displayed on the shelf beside the bed.

    Mr. Wart finds a pool hall he figures might be where the bad guys are hiding out. He asks around and gets referred to the logging office. Oh, that was easy. He heads that way and sees a man with a ponytail getting head from a chick in lingerie who is just sort of there. They fuck but Mr. Wart waits until they’re done to knock on the door. Once he does, they let him in and they have a conversation about the situation that is just horribly written and very likely made up on the spot. From there, the ponytail guy decides he’ll help Wart find the raperjacks and they head to a titty bar where girls dance on tables and male patrons talk over one another. Ponytail guy takes one of the dancers to the back room and bones her and then the movie ends. Ummm….. what? Really? Yeah, it just stops. We’ll never know how it all ends.

    Lady Traffic Cop (1974)

    When this one starts sans opening credits of any kind, we see a lady cop (Lynn Stevens) on the beat in a park where she arrests a vagrant (Marc Stevens) and brings him into the station. Once there she takes off his overcoat and exposes his stripped undergarments – but of course, those soon come off. This lady cop means business! Mr. 10 ½ is pretty loaded but she helps him out of those pesky clothes and before you know it she’s got his dong down her throat while he mumbles away about this, that and the other thing. Once they finish up, she tosses him into a cell and he passes out.

    From there the phone repair man shows up. It seems that this station has some trouble with their lines. She’s not really all that happy to see him but he is definitely happy to see her. They bicker and argue and then he leans her back and gets her uniform off while he gets her in some sort of choke hold and sucks her titties. She starts to get into it and she gives him oral while Stevens watches from the other cell and takes matters into his own hands. From there they fuck on the desk, game over.

    She heads back out onto the street and does some stupid cop shit for a while. She brings in a female panhandler for questioning but we know where this is going – the two get down with some quality lesbian loving while Stevens once again does his thing from the other cell. When they’re done, that panhandler gets tossed into the cell with Stevens and of course, those two screw with I Fought The Law playing in the background as Lynn plays with herself and watches. While all of this has been going on, a man and a woman have been lying in bed arguing with each other. Someone calls the cops on them and guess who answers the call? She heads out but gets raped by Eric Edwards on the way. He’s just hanging out in a car that Lynn’s narration says has black windows but which doesn’t actually have anything except normal see through windows. This is also a ridiculously willing rape scene, the kind that makes Straw Dogs look like some sort of feminist statement. As Lynn is getting boned in the car, the arguing couple are getting it on too – and then the movie just sort of ends.

    At fifty minutes long this one doesn’t over stay its welcome. There’s not much of a story here but the sex is decent, Marc Stevens once again shows a knack for comedic acting and we get some mediocre NYC street footage to ogle.


    All three films are presented fullframe, which is how they were shot and how they are meant to be seen, and taken from original film prints. How does the picture quality stack up? Reasonably well, actually. There’s plenty of scratches and age related debris to get worked up over if you’re into that type of thing but the discs are well authored and don’t show any compression problems. While this won’t win any awards for video quality, they’re all perfectly watchable.

    Audio chores are handled for the three films by way of a trio of Dolby Digital Mono soundtracks. There’s nothing fancy about any of these mixes but they get the job done. Expect a bit of hiss, a snap, crackle and pop here and there, and periodic fluctuations in the levels, but none of this is particularly detrimental. Sure, it’d have been nice if more clean up was done on the A/V side of things but there’s something to be said for maintaining the sleazy charm of productions like these.

    There are no extras on the first disc outside of menus, feature selection and trailers for other After Hours Cinema releases. Inside the keepcase that holds the two discs is a booklet of liner notes from 42nd Street Pete that offer up some information on the history of the three movies contained in this collection.

    The Final Word:

    Not a single one of the movies on this triple feature is ‘good’ but each one is definitely entertaining in its own goofy way. Colleen Brennan is always a treat and Marc Steven is always hilarious. Ron Jeremy is always hairy and trannys are always surprising. Maybe not an essential release but for those who enjoy low rent vintage porno movies, yeah, there’s plenty of fun to be had here.

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      John Lyons -
      I'm pretty sure what they're calling 'Lady Traffic Cop' is actually BADGE 69.Usually AHC is good about releasing public domain (or unregistered) films but CORRUPT DESIRES is fully protected. It even has a PA number! Could this have been legitimately licensed???Type of Work: Motion PictureRegistration Number / Date: PAu000786202 / 1984-08-27Title: Corrupt desires / produced and directed by Kim Christy.Description: 1 videocassette (VHS) (72 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.Performer: Presented by Avanta.Copyright Claimant: Kim Christy FilmsDate of Creation: 1983Authorship on Application: Kim Christy Films, employer for hire.Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.Names: Christy, KimAvanta.Kim Christy Films